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Fractals, diffusion, and relaxation in disordered complex systems; 2v.


Fractals, diffusion, and relaxation in disordered complex systems; 2v.

Coffey, William T. and Yuri P. Kalmykov.



1298 pages



Advances in chemical physics; v.133, parts A & B


In their preface to this work, editors Coffey (electronic and electrical engineering electrical engineering: see engineering.
electrical engineering

Branch of engineering concerned with the practical applications of electricity in all its forms, including those of electronics.
, Trinity College Trinity College, Ireland: see Dublin, Univ. of.
Trinity College

Private liberal arts college in Hartford, Conn., founded in 1823. It is historically affiliated with the Episcopal church, though its curriculum is nonsectarian.
, Ireland) and Kalmykov (mathematics and physics of systems, U. de Perpignan, France) note that ever larger data windows are becoming accessible for bringing greater refinement to experimental data, with the result that fractional diffusion and kinetic equations have become powerful tools for the description of anomalous relaxation and diffusion processes for complex systems such as glasses, liquid crystals, polymers, proteins, biopolymers, living organisms, or even ecosystems. Their two-volume anthology is intended as a state-of-the art survey of this field and contains, roughly speaking, four experimental and seven theoretical chapters. The first volume contains papers on dielectic relaxation phenomena in complex materials; evolution of the dynamic susceptibility in supercooled liquids and gasses; slow relaxation, anomalous diffusion Typically, in a diffusion process, the mean squared displacement of a particle is a linear function of time. Anomalous diffusion is used to describe a diffusion process with a non-linear dependence on time. , and aging in equilibrated or nonequilibrated environments; stochastic and physical models of power-law blinking quantum dots; and continuous-time random walk versus the generalized master equation. Papers in the second volume discuss fractal physiology, complexity, and fractional calculus Fractional calculus is a branch of mathematical analysis that studies the possibility of taking real number powers of the differential operator

; physical properties of fractal structures; fractional rotational diffusion Rotational diffusion is a process by which the equilibrium statistical distribution of the overall orientation of particles or molecules is maintained or restored. Rotational diffusion is the counterpart of translational diffusion, which maintains or restores the equilibrium  and anomalous dielectric relaxation in dipole systems; fundamentals of Levy flight processes; dispersion of the structural relaxation and vitrification vit·ri·fi·ca·tion
The process of using heat and fusion to convert dental porcelain to a glassy substance.

 of liquids; and molecular dynamics in thin polymer fields.

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Date:Dec 1, 2006
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