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Foster's U.S. sales show rebound in '92.

According to a report from Molson U.S.A., over 125,000 cases of Australian-brewed Foster's Lager have been shipped to California in the past several months.

The figure is a bright sign for Australian exporters who had seen beer exports to America drop significantly since Molson chose to brew U.S.-bound Foster's in Canada to save shipping costs and retain product freshness.

One industry analyst pointed out that the Australian-brewed Foster's can be distinguished in two ways.

One difference is the fact that Australian-producer Foster's is packaged in steel cans, while its Canadian counterpart is canned in aluminum. Bottled beer from Australia, meanwhile, is capped with crimp crowns, while Canadian Foster's is packaged with twist-off caps.
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Title Annotation:Fosters Brewing Group Ltd.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 25, 1993
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