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Pension energy; Divesting from fossil fuels misguided move. Editorial Sep 8, 2014 485
Carbon quagmire. Mole, Beth Sep 6, 2014 3463
Weak climate law aside, city can take real steps. Aug 15, 2014 859
By the contracting authority PO Trnovo: Replacement of existing worn out fossil fuel boilers with biomass boilers and heat supply for a period of 15 years within the framework of the project of RES. Jul 23, 2014 172
School divests from fossil fuels. Brief article Jul 4, 2014 170
No stopping fossil fuels. Kumar, Supriya Jul 1, 2014 1364
Let Them Eat Carbon. Jun 20, 2014 2582
TPPF releases new paper Fossil Fuels: The Moral Case. Jun 19, 2014 628
United Kingdom : ABERDULAIS waterwheel to aid NATIONAL TRUST's drive to halve fossil fuel use. Jun 16, 2014 211
We all engage in collateral damage to the earth. Jun 6, 2014 713
Think before you frack: ending our reliance on fossil fuels might mean digging deeper to find alternative solutions to our global energy crisis. Misleh, Dan Jun 1, 2014 2400
Climate change, money and the church. Jun 1, 2014 270
Scholars explore Catholic path to fossil fuel divestment. Roewe, Brian May 23, 2014 909
COAL PLAY; MP: Fossil fuels can play large role in our energy needs... if they are harnessed right. May 21, 2014 491
United Kingdom : Shell says fossil fuel reserves won't be 'stranded' by climate regulation. May 20, 2014 191
Survey: Financial Professionals Offering Fossil-Free Portfolios Up 50 Percent From 2013 To 2014. Survey May 14, 2014 822
Mauritius : Capacity development workshop on fossil fuel and renewable energy for Indian Ocean and African SIDS kicks off. May 13, 2014 422
Episcopal City Mission, A Boston-Based Non-Profit, Divests From Fossil Fuels. May 12, 2014 514
Climate rules to cost fossil fuels $28trn. May 5, 2014 333
Green steps to cost fossil fuels sector $28 trillion. Apr 28, 2014 579
Wash hands of oil? Apr 27, 2014 752
Vote asks UO Foundation to cut ties to fossil fuels. Apr 19, 2014 1320
United States : WORLD BANK is spending $1 billion on exploring new fossil fuels in 2013. Apr 11, 2014 319
Pennsylvania DEP Urges EPA to Consider State Differences When Developing Framework for Emissions Guidelines for Existing Fossil Fuel-Fired Power Plants. Apr 10, 2014 515
COAL RUSH! Trillion tonnes of fossil fuel off the coast of Wales. Apr 6, 2014 117
Time running out to meet global warming target: UN report. Apr 6, 2014 792
Let's consign fossil fuels to history; Views of Wales. Apr 2, 2014 438
Tribe at a crossroads: the Navajo Nation purchases a coal mine. Clay, Rebecca Fairfax Apr 1, 2014 4125
Don't for a second imagine we're heading for an era of renewable energy. Klare, Michael T. Mar 22, 2014 3178
Pumped up prices. Doherty, Brian Brief article Mar 14, 2014 171
Big savings in a small package; Homeowner builds 900-square-foot house with freedom from fossil fuels in mind. Rettig, Margaret LeRoux Photography By Tom Mar 7, 2014 968
Stop subsidy boon for energy. Tagwerker, Philipp Mar 1, 2014 698
Approaches in the utilization of Jatrophacurcas oil as feedstock for biodiesel synthesis: a review. Mohamed, Nurudeen Ishola; Kabbashi, Nassereldeen Ahmed; Alam, Zahangir; ElwathigMirghani, Mohammed Report Mar 1, 2014 4557
Reduction of CO2 emission throughout substitution of fossil fuel with biomass wood waste in the Polog region. Feb 20, 2014 467
Calif. District to sell off stocks in fossil fuel companies. Feb 17, 2014 136
New Study Says Diverting Pine Chemistry Co-Products to Biofuel Does Not Further Reduce Greenhouse Gases. Feb 12, 2014 849
Major Foundations to Divest Funds from Fossil Fuels and Invest in the Clean Energy Future. Jan 30, 2014 755
Fossil fuel tax breaks deflect energy crisis; Letters. Letter to the editor Jan 27, 2014 249
Non-fossil fuels rise in China. Jan 20, 2014 206
The limits of divestiture. Jan 16, 2014 685
Council could end energy investing. Jan 14, 2014 666
Clearing the air. Jan 13, 2014 1767
Lummi carver donates poles for anti-fossil fuel fights. Ball, David, P. Jan 1, 2014 854
10 C[O.sub.2] levels pass milestone: Panel affirms humans' role in warming. Wayman, Erin Dec 28, 2013 333
Indonesia : MINISTER - INDONESIA accelerates efforts to shift reliance from fossil fuel to abundant gas. Dec 26, 2013 201
Hot topic: Can you ditch the fossil fuels? The weather has turned decidedly chilly and it's time to think about how we're going to keep warm between now and spring - without harming our precious environment. Rin Simpson looks at some of the options... Dec 4, 2013 1461
Contract Awarded for Appraisal, three projects under the Climate Envelope 2013 on Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform. Dec 4, 2013 101
Spread news of divesting from fossil fuels. Letter to the editor Dec 2, 2013 211
Solar technology and implementations in Malaysia: a review. Wirun, Prayun; Tan, Chee Wei; Lim, Cheng Siong; Gan, Chin Kim; Sern, Goh Joon; Mohamad, Syahrul Hish Report Dec 1, 2013 8156
Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation Industry (U.S.): Analytics, Extensive Financial Benchmarks, Metrics and Revenue Forecasts to 2020, NAIC 221112. Nov 27, 2013 1223
The hot topic: Can you ditch the fossil fuels? The weather has turned decidedly chilly and it's time to think about how we're going to keep warm between now and spring - without harming the environment. Rin Simpson looks at some of the options... Nov 19, 2013 1630
Replacement of existing obsolete boilers using fossil fuels with biomass boilers and heat supply for a period of 15 years - the Information Centre Trent. Nov 18, 2013 142
So how much fossil fuel are we saving? LETTERS. Nov 14, 2013 181
A call to divest from fossil fuels: citing Jesuit values and Catholic teaching, students join nationwide push. Roewe, Brian Nov 8, 2013 1211
To get serious about climate change, stop subsidizing fossil fuels. Nov 8, 2013 946
Scientists work with Koreans to develop grass as fossil fuel. Nov 5, 2013 453
Fossil fuels forever: no peak within sight. Bailey, Ronald Brief article Nov 1, 2013 216
Section 1. Energy overview. Statistical table Nov 1, 2013 14031
China,France : REMOVE FOSSIL FUELS to allow renewable energy to grow. Oct 31, 2013 288, Green Century and Trillium Publish New Paper: Extracting Fossil Fuels from Your Portfolio: A Guide to Personal Divestment and Reinvestment. Oct 24, 2013 448
A rapid move from fossil fuels is needed; YOUR LETTERS TO THE NATIONAL NEWSPAPER OF WALES. Oct 19, 2013 356
1. Energy overview. Statistical table Oct 1, 2013 14446
Question: "Should we let the market determine our energy mix?". Parris, Brett Oct 1, 2013 397
France to cut fossil fuels by 30% by 2030. Sep 20, 2013 443
Cutting dependence on fossil fuels; Peter Leach Nercwys,. Sep 19, 2013 203
How to turn carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuel back into fuel. Sep 9, 2013 176
How green is my energy big factor in fuel choice. Freedenthal, Carol Sep 1, 2013 1419
Section 12. Environment. Sep 1, 2013 10234
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Market (Refinery, Associated Gas And Non-Associated Gas) For Residential/Commercial, Chemical, Industrial, Auto Fuel, Refineries And Other Applications - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast 2012. Industry overview Aug 27, 2013 2324
Fossil fuels destroying the planet. Letter to the editor Aug 11, 2013 125
'Electric cars won't get a lot greener by 2040, Nick ..petrol ones really will' AFTER CLEGG'S LIB DEMS FLOAT FUTURE BAN ON FOSSIL FUEL MOTORS.. Aug 8, 2013 634
The new "golden age of oil" that wasn't. Klare, Michael T. Aug 7, 2013 2400
Carbon emissions from fossil fuels to impact global warming far more than expected. Aug 6, 2013 244
Halt fossil fuel drilling in Arctic warn Welsh MPs; Climate change and spill fears. Jul 27, 2013 542
Banks financing dirty fossil fuel projects; LETTERS. Jul 22, 2013 149
Sterling College Completes Fossil Fuel Divestment of its Endowment Fund. Jul 17, 2013 467
Tom Steyer Challenges Senator Vitter To Contribute Fossil Fuel Contributions To Charity. Jul 8, 2013 947
A little energy saves a lot. Column Jul 1, 2013 907
Clean technology investors to make drilling less dirty. Jun 24, 2013 1045
Pollution Hurricanes: Use of Aerosols, Fossil Fuels Results in Fewer North Atlantic Hurricanes Says Study. Jun 24, 2013 325
Australian Miners Refuse to Support Move Away from Coal Despite Climate Commission's Call for Slowdown in Fossil Fuel Mining. Jun 18, 2013 373
The decarbonisation debate; Will decarbonising the nation''s energy supply be good for the North East? PETER MCCUSKER reports. Jun 12, 2013 2025
Renewables should be in place by 2050. Jun 1, 2013 352
Divestment debate: making the case for and against stripping endowments of fossil fuel investments. Domonell, Kristen Jun 1, 2013 1379
Energy systems in the era of energy vectors; a key to define, analyze and design energy systems beyond fossil fuels. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 136, Green Century & Trillium to Host Webinar on Fossil Fuel Free Investing. May 30, 2013 497
SRI Professionals Survey: Majority Of Retail, Institutional Investors Interested In "fossil Fuel-Free Portfolios". May 16, 2013 679
Wind can bring breath of fresh air to villages; As the public debate over wind farms continues to rage across Wales, David Clubb, director of trade body RenewableUK Cymru, here argues the tide is turning in favour of non-fossil fuel energy sources. May 1, 2013 786
The third option... Apr 28, 2013 717
Opinion: The Third Option - by Gwynne Dyer. Editorial Apr 25, 2013 907
Climate Change Talks. Apr 23, 2013 1125
Efficient use of fossil fuels must be a global priority. Apr 15, 2013 205
Are Hybrid Vehicles, Like The Prius, Leaf, Volt And C-Max, Really Environmentally Safe? How Much Fossil Fuels Do They Use? Apr 13, 2013 790
Geochemistry of fossil fuels; from conventional to unconventional hydrocarbon systems. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 221
Section 12. Environment. Apr 1, 2013 9614
Sustainable energy subsidies. Powers, Melissa Mar 22, 2013 10452
Is 350's carbon divestment campaign complete? Parenti, Christian Mar 22, 2013 1881
Fossil fuel still fastest growing energy source. Mar 7, 2013 870
Environment-friendly biodiesel production by transesterification of rapeseed oil: Effect of reaction parameters. Kiriliauskaite, Vita; Bendikiene, Vida; Juodka, Benediktas Mar 1, 2013 5166
Section 12: Environment. Mar 1, 2013 10708
Choose your future: a vision of sustainable America in 2100. Assadourian, Erik Mar 1, 2013 3305
Fossil fuels. Feb 19, 2013 146
First Wind Applauds Clean Energy Vision in State of the Union and Calls for Level Playing Field with Fossil Fuels. Feb 13, 2013 822
Provision of Fossil fuels. Feb 13, 2013 103
Fossil fuels. Feb 7, 2013 168
Canada : Canada has taken positive steps to reduce federal subsidies for fossil fuels. Feb 6, 2013 266
Section 12. Environment. Feb 1, 2013 10792
Fossil fuel subsidies cause everlasting expenses and pollution. Jan 14, 2013 496
United Kingdom : EDF Nuclear to replace fossil fuel in UK rail network. Jan 12, 2013 353
Life-cycle carbon from waste wood used in district heating and other alternatives. Lippke, Bruce; Puettmann, Maureen E. Abstract Jan 1, 2013 9394
Using life-cycle assessments to demonstrate the impact of using wood waste as a renewable fuel in urban settings for district heating. Puettmann, Maureen E.; Lippke, Bruce Abstract Jan 1, 2013 3072
Section 1. Energy overview. Jan 1, 2013 15645
Section 12. Environment. Jan 1, 2013 10786
Cool Energy Fuel Efficiency Breakthrough Can Reduce Fossil Fuel Use by 10%. Dec 17, 2012 766
What lies beneath; Fossil fuels retain central energy role. Editorial Dec 17, 2012 343
Subsidy double game. Dec 5, 2012 698
Section 12. Environment. Dec 1, 2012 10676
UN organizes conf. on advanced fossil fuel fechnologies. Nov 12, 2012 208
Indo-ASEAN workshop to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Nov 5, 2012 314
Collaborative entry into the offshore wind power market/Isiliejimas bendradarbiaujant i atviroje juroje esanciu vejo jegainiu rinka. Lehtovaara, M.; Karvonen, M.; Pyrhonen, O.; Kassi, T. Report Nov 1, 2012 5306
Section 12. Environment. Nov 1, 2012 10582
Let's move away from fossil fuels; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION... Oct 24, 2012 264
Fossil fuel here to stay, for now. Oct 24, 2012 240
Fossil fuel to lead the way. Oct 23, 2012 1214
Section 1. Energy overview. Oct 1, 2012 14449
Section 12. Environment. Oct 1, 2012 10936
Carbon capture can make our coal-fired power stations green; Coal has played a vital part in the nation's history over the last two centuries - and now a team of scientists from Wales may help shape the energy source's continued role in the 21st century. Professor Steve Wilcox, of the University of Glamorgan, explains. Sep 4, 2012 970
Dear EarthTalk: What are "agrofuels" and why are organizations like Friends of the Earth campaigning against them? Sep 2, 2012 547
Section 12: Environment. Sep 1, 2012 10509
Can the energy and enterprise initiative improve public health? Holzman, David C. Report Sep 1, 2012 1029
LightManufacturing LLC Announces the Availability of Industrial Heliostats, Replacing Fossil Fuels and Electricity. Aug 22, 2012 577
Section 12. Environment. Aug 1, 2012 10226
Section 12. Environment. Jul 1, 2012 10345
Soil properties, black root-rot incidence, yield, and greenhouse gas emissions in irrigated cotton cropping systems sown in a Vertosol with subsoil sodicity. Hulugalle, N.R.; Weaver, T.B.; Finlay, L.A.; Lonergan, P. Report Jul 1, 2012 9834
Dear Earthtalk: renewable energy production in the solar and wind markets currently receives about $7 billion in government subsidies annually, but is still not competitive against fossil fuels on a large scale. Morgan, Jack Jun 24, 2012 546
Research and Markets: Integrating Renewable Energy in Thermal Power Generation Essential for the Sustenance of Fossil Fuels in the Future Energy Mix. Report Jun 6, 2012 410
Travel Environment Watch - Asia / Pacific. Jun 4, 2012 392
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pipeline Integrity. Jun 1, 2012 142
The World's Choice: Burn 40% More Fossil Fuel or Boost Global Wind Power by 2030. Jun 1, 2012 359
Unbridgeable gap between transport policy and practice in Hungary/Vengrijos transporto politikos ir praktikos atotrukis. Szendro, Gabor; Csete, Maria; Torok, Adam Abstract Jun 1, 2012 4326
Section 12. Environment. Jun 1, 2012 10137
Pelletco Offers Groundbreaking Heating Cost Reduction Program to Northeast Schools. May 7, 2012 678
Concrete cure for carbon: CarbonCure Technologies of Halifax injects C[O.sub.2] directly into concrete moulds, thus sequestering the greenhouse gas within the finished product. Hamilton, Tyler May 1, 2012 1580
Section 12. Environment. May 1, 2012 10387
Growing recognition for the 'father of the fuel cell' They have been likened to miniature energy-generators that can heat homes, are helping to revolutionise car manufacturing and are hailed as a more efficient way to use fossil fuels. And as the humble fuel cell was recently catapulted back into the Welsh limelight, Graham Henry explains how the story started in Swansea. Apr 23, 2012 764
Industrial, Commercial Electric Vehicle Markets to Grow 420% by 2022 as Fossil Fuels Crisis Accelerates, According to New Market Research. Apr 18, 2012 754
Buy Coal? New Analysis from the Kellogg School of Management Shows Purchasing Fossil Fuel Deposits Best Way to Fight Climate Change. Apr 10, 2012 793
Renewable technologies and our energy future. Interview Apr 2, 2012 3608
State of the environment. Lowe, Ian Apr 1, 2012 518
INGAA chairman Ebel takes on significant challenges. Share, Jeff Interview Apr 1, 2012 2808
Conservatives against consumption: are fossil fuels responsible for moral and social decay? Bailey, Ronald Column Apr 1, 2012 1198
Comparing life-cycle carbon and energy impacts for biofuel, wood product, and forest management alternatives. Lippke, Bruce; Gustafson, Richard; Venditti, Richard; Steele, Philip; Volk, Timothy A.; Oneil, Elain Apr 1, 2012 9144
Life-cycle inventory of wood pellet manufacturing and utilization in Wisconsin. Katers, John F.; Snippen, Adam J.; Puettmann, Maureen E. Apr 1, 2012 5283
Carbon emission reduction impacts from alternative biofuels. Lippke, Bruce; Puettmann, Maureen E.; Johnson, Leonard; Venditti, Richard; Gustafson, Richard; Steel Apr 1, 2012 7261
Life-cycle assessment for the production of bioethanol from willow biomass crops via biochemical conversion. Budsberg, Erik; Rastogi, Mohit; Puettmann, Maureen E.; Caputo, Jesse; Balogh, Stephen; Volk, Timothy Apr 1, 2012 6185
Life-cycle assessment of bioethanol from pine residues via indirect biomass gasification to mixed alcohols. Daystar, Jesse; Reeb, Carter; Venditti, Richard; Gonzalez, Ronalds; Puettmann, Maureen E. Apr 1, 2012 9371
Life-cycle assessment of pyrolysis bio-oil production. Steele, Philip; Puettmann, Maureen E.; Penmetsa, Venkata Kanthi; Cooper, Jerome E. Apr 1, 2012 6569
Section 12. Environment. Apr 1, 2012 9218
Study: Fuel demand not cut by alternative energy. Mar 27, 2012 322
NEPA, climate change, and public lands decision making. Squillace, Mark; Hood, Alexander Mar 22, 2012 29153
The impact of global warming on North Carolina. Uzochukwu, Godfrey A. Report Mar 22, 2012 3545
Leveraging climate change benefits through the World Trade Organization: are fossil fuel subsidies actionable? Wold, Chris; Wilson, Grant; Foroshani, Sara Mar 22, 2012 6443
Leveraging climate change benefits through the World Trade Organization: are fossil fuel subsidies actionable? Wold, Chris; Wilson, Grant; Foroshani, Sara Mar 22, 2012 18853
Research and Markets: Burgeoning Power Demand and Soaring Fossil Fuel Prices to Stimulate Nuclear Power Growth in Middle East & Africa Despite Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. Mar 17, 2012 449
Fueling extinction. Mar 16, 2012 360
The carbon cycle. Reynolds, Louis Mar 1, 2012 815
Section 12. Environment. Mar 1, 2012 10359
Fossil fuel impact. Feb 27, 2012 269
Switching to wood fuel could save you money and offers a more sustainable alternative to fossil fuels; ADVERTISING FEATURE. Feb 23, 2012 428
So are wind turbines a green dream or useless eyesore. Feb 18, 2012 1146
Honeywell and Hawaiian Electric to use Demand Response to Integrate Renewables and Reduce Fossil Fuel Dependence. Feb 2, 2012 1169
Section 1: Energy overview. Statistical table Feb 1, 2012 15151
Section 12: Environment. Feb 1, 2012 11327
Green plastics from the slaughterhouse. Geographic overview Feb 1, 2012 400
Dear EarthTalk: I was horrified to read recently that our oceans are actually becoming acidic, that the continued burning of fossil fuels is changing the chemistry of our seas. Jan 29, 2012 575
Dear EarthTalk: I was horrified to read recently that our oceans are actually becoming acidic, that the continued burning of fossil fuels is changing the chemistry of our seas. Jan 9, 2012 575
Section 12: Environment. Jan 1, 2012 11173
Environmental pollution and the future prospects of central heating systems. Hossein, Zolfagharyazizi Jan 1, 2012 2383
The sustainable environment. Yazdi, Soheila Khoshnevis; Shakouri, Bahram Jan 1, 2012 4134
The prospect of hydrothermal net-zero energy data centers. Jagusztyn, Tadeusz "Ted" Report Jan 1, 2012 4993
Renewable energy policy initiatives in UAE and Pakistan. Mehboob, Farooq Report Jan 1, 2012 3212
Net zero building cluster energy systems analysis for U.S. Army installations. Zhivov, Alexander; Liesen, Richard J.; Richter, Stephan; Jank, Reinhard; Underwood, David M.; Neth, Report Jan 1, 2012 11292
Extremely Low Energy Design for Army Buildings: barracks. Liesen, Richard; Ellis, Peter; Zhivov, Alexander; Herron, Dale Report Jan 1, 2012 14737
Call to adopt innovation for renewable energy growth. Dec 8, 2011 622
PennFuture Report Shows Dirty Fuels Get $2.9 Billion Per Year in Subsidies in Pennsylvania. Dec 6, 2011 526
Section 12: Environment. Dec 1, 2011 11027
Lucintel Analyzes Cost Competitiveness of Energy Sources: Volatility in Fossil Fuel Costs to Drive Renewable Energy Market. Nov 28, 2011 420
Why fossil fuel is still the cheapest option... Nov 22, 2011 167
Eugene will have no choice but to reduce reliance on oil. Nov 14, 2011 805
Assess environmental damage caused by energy activities. Ahmad, Zatirostami Report Nov 1, 2011 3757
Section 12: Environment. Nov 1, 2011 10573
Energy and the 2012 Election - Survey To Show Most Americans Do Not Support Washington's Focus on Fossil Fuels & Nuclear Power at the Expense of Clean Energy. Nov 1, 2011 597
Fossil fuels 'pushing up energy bills'. Oct 17, 2011 159
Electricity bills may soar by pounds 300 a year; Friends of the earth predict huge rises. Oct 17, 2011 503
Section 12: Environment. Oct 1, 2011 10327
Wasting away the treasure chest: EPA's definition of solid waste and how it could impact alternative fuel use. Lee, Max; Morrison, Angela; Eldred, Carl Oct 1, 2011 4733
Kyushu Electric restarts fossil fuel power plant unit after malfunction. Sep 26, 2011 145
Ready or not: even if we stopped burning all fossil fuels today, we are locked into some climate changes. Mitra, Maureen Nandini Sep 16, 2011 3753
Section 1: Energy overview. Statistical table Sep 1, 2011 14003
Section 12: Environment. Sep 1, 2011 10612
Forests absorb a third of fossil fuel emissions. Aug 11, 2011 285 Solar Energy Technology Markets Reach $338.2 Billion by 2017. Aug 11, 2011 682
Section 12: Environment. Aug 1, 2011 10511
Fossils fuel blind entrepreneur's retail ambitions. Jul 21, 2011 462
Forests Absorb One-Third of Fossil Fuel Emissions: Study. Jul 16, 2011 393
Solar pumps to reduce dependence on fossil fuel in agri sector. Jul 7, 2011 236
Section 1: Energy overview. Statistical table Jul 1, 2011 14004
Section 12: Environment. Jul 1, 2011 10083
Production and characterization of Biodiesel from Jatropha curcas seeds. Okechukwu, R.I.; Ogukwe, C.E.; Okereke, J.N.; Njoku, M.E. Jul 1, 2011 1913
Research and Markets: 2011 Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation Revenue Lines World Report. Report Jun 21, 2011 425
Research and Markets: Key Opportunities in the Waste to Energy Plant Market as Fossil Fuel Reserves Diminish. Jun 3, 2011 748
Section 12: Environment. Jun 1, 2011 9881
India consumes only 4 tons of world's four key resources - minerals, ores, fossil fuels and biomass : UNEP. May 13, 2011 415
Conventional fossil fuels sometimes 'greener' choice than bio fuels. May 12, 2011 294
How to save $12 billion: let's put cash back in our coffers by cutting fossil fuel subsidies. Simon O'Connor has a plan on how we cut greenhouse emissions and pay for the price on pollution. O'Connor, Simon May 1, 2011 339
Section 1: Energy overview. Statistical data May 1, 2011 14227
Section 7: Electricity. Statistical data May 1, 2011 17916
Section 12: Environment. May 1, 2011 9699
Research and Markets: Next Generation Biofuels: Strategic Portfolio Management - Next-generation Biofuels Supplant Fossil Fuels in the Transportation Sector. Apr 7, 2011 566
Saudi to cut reliance on fossil fuels in half. Apr 4, 2011 165
GSLO: Skyrocketing Oil Prices Highlight Need for New Solar Development. Apr 1, 2011 732
Don't be crude: it's time to get the petroleum monkey off our backs. Misleh, Dan Essay Apr 1, 2011 1725
Section 12: Environment. Apr 1, 2011 9328
New Picarro Instruments Radically Simplify Quantification of Man-made Versus Naturally Occurring Greenhouse Gases and Measure How Green Cities Really Are. Mar 30, 2011 925
New Hybrid Energy Park to Combine Clean Fossil Fuels, Alternative Energy, Research, and Cloud Computing Data Centers Approved for Northern Weld County, Colorado. Mar 23, 2011 706
Section 12: Environment. Mar 1, 2011 10861
Feed resources for animals in Asia: issues, strategies for use, intensification and integration for increased productivity. Devendra, C.; Leng, R.A. Report Mar 1, 2011 13105
Turning Forests into Fuel: New Report Outlines Promise and Limits of Biomass Energy in the Northeast. Report Feb 17, 2011 698
N.H.'s RGGI law--no apologies rare. Grady, Jim Legislation Feb 11, 2011 586 Teams Up with Gas Station to Fight the Climate Impact of Fossil Fuels. Feb 2, 2011 569
Eco-nomic investments: as soon as climate change began gaining recognition as the main challenge facing humanity, it was unexpectedly overshadowed by turmoil in the global economy. Now we face two huge hurdles. Could greener investing offer a ray of hope for both these problems? Donnellon, Brien Feb 1, 2011 1379
Heavy metals analysis of local and exotic poultry meat. Okoye, C.O.B.; A.U., Aneke; Ibeto, C.N.; Ihedioha, J.N. Feb 1, 2011 2788
Section 12. Environment. Feb 1, 2011 11436
ExxonMobil Sees Nat Gas Surpassing Coal Demand By 2030. Jan 31, 2011 251
EU expert group says alternative fuels could replace fossil fuels in Europe by 2050. Jan 25, 2011 214
Iran to Develop Solar Energy to Decrease Fossil Fuel Consumption. Jan 23, 2011 195
Saudi plans to minimise fossil fuel use. Jan 23, 2011 104
Research and Markets: Biomass Power Plants Potential. Jan 6, 2011 477
Get the energy sector off the dole: why ending all government subsidies for fuel production will lead to a cleaner energy future--and why Obama has a rare chance to make it happen. Leonard, Jeffrey Jan 1, 2011 4473
Section 1. Energy overview. Statistical table Jan 1, 2011 16027
Section 12. Environment. Jan 1, 2011 9094
The oceans and climate change: unprecedented threats for marine life. Dunbar, Robert B. Report Jan 1, 2011 2969
Solar power cost to equal fossil fuel expense says BP. Dec 28, 2010 543
Efficient algae: the next biofuel? Microalgae are grown in Australia to produce high-value dietary supplements. Now, they are being touted as a source of renewable energy to replace fossil fuels. Taylor, Robin Cover story Dec 1, 2010 1527
Section 1: Energy overview. Statistical table Dec 1, 2010 14546
Malaysian energy demand and emissions from the transportation sector/Energijos poreikiai ir transporto tarsa Malaizijoje. Al-Mofleh, Anwar; Taib, Soib; Salah, Wael A. Report Dec 1, 2010 3512
Cheap, high-yield 'bio-oil' could reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Nov 26, 2010 275
Research and Markets: What The Global Fossil Fuel Power Industry Is Planning In 2010-2011: Procurement, Investment & Industry Trends Outlook. Survey Nov 19, 2010 630
Having a wood burner fitted can cut your fossil fuel use and carbon emissions, as STEVE EMSLEY finds out. Nov 16, 2010 427
Report: G20 'Neither Revealing Nor Removing' Fossil Fuel Subsidies. Nov 8, 2010 410
Report: G20 'Neither Revealing Nor Removing' Fossil Fuel Subsidies. Nov 8, 2010 398
Environmental impact assessment of a proposed thermal power plant using Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix method. Kumar, K. Sundara; Kumar, B.V. Shiva; Bhaskar, P. Udaya Nov 1, 2010 3433
Standard Solar CEO Calls on Industry to Energize Customers and Allies to Counter Fossil Fuel Industries. Oct 13, 2010 626
New Report: Despite Rhetoric, World Bank Fossil Fuel Projects Do Not Contribute to Energy Access. Report Oct 6, 2010 559
Peabody Energy Chairman and CEO Calls for Global Energy Access by 2050 as 'a Human Right'. Oct 4, 2010 1120
Future generations to rely mainly on fossil fuels, says Aramco chief. Sep 26, 2010 607
Value proposition. Brief article Sep 22, 2010 157
Confronting the obsolescing bargain: transacting around political risk in developing and transitioning economies through renewable energy foreign direct investment. Sieck, Daniel R. Sep 22, 2010 12446
Individualism submerged: climate change and the perils of an engineered environment. Chepaitis, Daniel J.; Panagakis, Andrea K.; Stumpf, Juliet P. Sep 22, 2010 20710
Cubing the Kyoto Protocol: post-Copenhagen regulatory reforms to reset the global thermostat. Ferrey, Steven Sep 22, 2010 18107
Gone with the wind? The potential tragedy of the common wind. Lifshitz-Goldberg, Yael Sep 22, 2010 17068
Is it time to revive nuclear power? Concerns about climate change and America's dependence on fossil fuels are prompting a reconsideration of nuclear energy. Peterson, Scott; Lyman, Edwin Sep 20, 2010 547
Fossil fuels, still dominating in world energy mix. Sep 15, 2010 175
Analysis of energy development perspectives. Hamburg, Arvi Brief article Sep 1, 2010 276
Section 1: Energy overview. Statistical table Sep 1, 2010 14088
It all gets heated at climatecamp. Aug 15, 2010 626
Research and Markets: Utility Scale Wind Turbines Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010 to 2016. Aug 4, 2010 762
Section 1: Energy overview. Statistical table Aug 1, 2010 14001
Section 2: Energy consumption by sector. Statistical table Aug 1, 2010 9442
Subsidies for Renewables, Biofuels Dwarfed by Supports for Fossil Fuels. Jul 29, 2010 1140
United Kingdom : Energy plans will 'reduce UK's reliance on fossil fuels'. Jul 28, 2010 296
Dear EarthTalk: I heard that some wind farms use fossil fuels to power their generators when the wind won't. Jul 18, 2010 581
Gulf oil tragedy serves as wake-up call to folly of fossil fuels. Jul 12, 2010 832
New book gives good arguments on using fossil fuels for power. Freedenthal, Carol Jul 1, 2010 964
Panel sizes up the future for fossil fuels and renewables. Best, Allen Jul 1, 2010 418
Section 1: Energy overview. Statistical table Jul 1, 2010 13716
NACF Announces Brilliant Smartphone App to Reduce Personal Use of Fossil Fuels. Jun 15, 2010 525
New technology could turn ground heat into cheap alternative to fossil fuels. Jun 12, 2010 559
WAKE UP AMERICA: Stop Talking and Start Building Green Power - No More Fossil Fuels or Nuclear. Jun 11, 2010 778
New Report: Greenpeace Energy Blueprint Shows How Existing Alternatives to Fossil Fuels Will Revolutionize a Broken Energy Economy. Jun 9, 2010 556
Phoebus Energy's Hybrid Water Heating System(TM) Drastically Reduces Costs for Fossil Fuel Powered Hotels. Jun 8, 2010 526
Phoebus Energy's Hybrid Water Heating System(TM) Drastically Reduces Costs for Fossil Fuel Powered Hotels. Jun 8, 2010 532
Phoebus Energy's Hybrid Water Heating System(TM) Drastically Reduces Costs for Fossil Fuel Powered Hotels. Jun 7, 2010 532
World needs fossil fuel until 2050, Shell says. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 141
Section 1: Energy overview. Statistical table Jun 1, 2010 13551
Biomass Prices Throughout the US Have Been Impacted by the Federal Program BCAP, Reports the North American Wood Fiber Review. May 8, 2010 559
Price carbon now for business' sake: moving our energy system away from fossil fuels will provide new revenue sources, businesses and jobs. Hirshberg, Gary; Walker, Steve May 7, 2010 662
A greener and cosier way to provide heating for your home; WITH fears about how long fossil fuels like gas, oil and coal will last, STEVE EMSLEY investigates a greener source of heat. May 4, 2010 545
Fiction by Reza Negarestani. Negarestani, Reza Novel May 1, 2010 1542
Section 12: Environment. Statistical table May 1, 2010 7796
Future challenges to Health and Public Health Services in Canada. Spady, Donald W. Letter to the editor May 1, 2010 867
Increasing of biodesulfurization activity of newly recombinant pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 9027 by cloning the flavin reductase gene. Raheb, Jamshid; Hajipour, Mohammad Javad; Memari, Babak May 1, 2010 2882
Research and Markets: Biodiesel in Brazil: Can Biodiesel Compete on Price with Fossil Fuel Based Petro-Diesel. Apr 16, 2010 358
Algeria against sharp drop of fossil fuels consumption. Apr 5, 2010 182
Facts and ideas from anywhere. Roberts, William Clifford Apr 1, 2010 12033
Systematic transfer will take decades. Apr 1, 2010 600
Section 1: Energy overview. Statistical table Apr 1, 2010 13053
Section 2: Energy consumption by sector. Statistical table Apr 1, 2010 9087

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