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Market seeking orientation and performance in China: the impact of institutional environment, subsidiary ownership structure and experience. He, Xinming; Zhang, Jianhong; Wang, Jinmeng May 1, 2015 12795
Bridging knowledge gaps: returnees and reverse knowledge spillovers from Chinese local firms to foreign firms. Liu, Xiaohui; Lu, Jiangyong; Choi, Seong-jin Mar 1, 2014 12517
Identifying and reporting the proper taxpayer in international structures. Share, Leslie A. Dec 1, 2013 3900
Libya : HIB to rework on projects worth LD 1.1 billion. Brief article Dec 4, 2012 265
Beyond a revisionist turn: networks, state and the changing dynamics of diasporic Chinese entrepreneurship. Liu, Hong Report Dec 1, 2012 10711
An industrial park for Taiwanese enterprises opens in Chongqing. Chuang, Steve Brief article Jun 1, 2012 258
Old enemies, new friends? Zambia's new President, Michael Sata, fought his campaign largely on an anti-Chinese ticket. The Chinese had threatened to disinvest totally if he was elected. But now that he is in the top seat, how have the Chinese reacted? Report by MJ Morgan. Morgan, MJ Dec 1, 2011 1427
2011 Taiwan Business Alliance Conference to attract huge foreign investments. Chuang, Steve Sep 23, 2011 346
Number of Romanian, Greek Companies in Bulgaria Grows Tremendously. Jul 5, 2011 442
How cultural determinants may affect HRM: the case of Italian companies in China. Pauluzzo, Rubens Survey Jun 1, 2010 9391
Foreign investors plan again for CRE in 2010. Survey Feb 1, 2010 939
Foreign business leaders laud Taiwan as ideal springboard into Chinese market. Oct 8, 2009 313
Requirements for the creation of permanent establishment in Germany. Urbahns, Rudiger Feb 1, 2009 669
International franchising: a different perspective from the United States: the United States, although an open market without legal complications of franchising in other countries, has unique legal challenges for foreign franchisors. Wulff, Erik Jan 1, 2009 1774
Tax blow for UK a firms in China. Brief article Feb 1, 2008 179
Letters of credit can expand your business horizons. Feinberg, Steven Jun 22, 2007 551
Algeria eyes oil windfall profits tax. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 140
Largest foreign companies operating in N.H. Directory Dec 27, 2006 2999
China and Africa tie the knot: one of the biggest gatherings of African heads of state and ministers outside the continent took place in Beijing last month. The summit has confirmed the new relationship between a resurgent China and Africa. Trade is expected to hit $100bn a year by 2010 and a whole slew of new projects are in the pipeline. Neil Ford assesses what this means to Africa. Ford, Neil Dec 1, 2006 2267
Women and trade: breaking down the gender barrier. Guergis, Helena Sep 22, 2006 1551
Accountability for foreign parts manufacturers. Doan, Darby V. Jul 10, 2006 693
Doing business in Trinidad & Tobago. Wagenhein, Kal Jun 1, 2006 6735
A general without officers: president Mwai Kibaki is facing his most serious crisis since winning the elections in 2002. At the time of writing, he had no cabinet--having sacked the previous one but unable to persuade new ministers to take up their posts. Neil Ford explains the economic consequences. Ford, Neil Jan 1, 2006 1495
"Foreign companies writing surplus lines here--some points to consider". Brief Article Jan 1, 2006 83
GAO, Defense trade blows over classified data. Gips, Michael A. Oct 1, 2005 353
Foreign and local SPBU to compete with Pertamina. Sep 27, 2005 1276
U.S. FPIs urged not to slack off 404 implementation. Heffes, Ellen M. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 196
Partnerships, PFICs and QEFs. Cowan, Jeffrey P. Jun 1, 2005 1883
Foreign policy as economic drag. Brown, Lester R. Column May 1, 2005 787
Sarbanes-Oxley postponed. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 188
Who profits, who pays? Andrew Lowenthal unravels corporate Australia's dealings in Iraq. Lowenthal, Andrew Apr 1, 2005 1289
Philippines to be drilled. Jan 1, 2005 1253
Foreigners flocking to 350 Fifth Avenue. Brief Article Jun 30, 2004 274
An 8-point global cultural checklist. Beauregard, Mary Mar 1, 2004 434
Are the expats back? Dodd, John Nov 1, 2003 1617
The Korean conundrum. (Editor's Note). Holstein, William J. Editorial Apr 1, 2003 489
Managing the institutional environment: challenges for foreign firms in post WTO China. Ahlstorm, David; Young, Michael N.; Nair, Anil; Law, Peter Mar 22, 2003 6289
Navigating China's feudal governance structures: some guidelines for foreign enterprises. Ahlstrom, David; Young, Michael N.; Nair, Anil Jan 1, 2003 6424
French fancies: The Japanese and the French are locked in a high-spending mutual embrace. (Special Advertising Section). Thuresson, Mike Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2002 1480
Foreign corporation's interest subject to withholding under step-transaction doctrine. Goldberg, Michael J. Feb 1, 2002 1211
Your call is important to us: call centres, technology and the future of work. Butler, Vera; Cooper, Len Feb 1, 2002 1433
Going for gold (and diamonds, and oil, and cocoa): for the most part, it was the exploitation of the mineral riches of Africa that led to the colonization of the continent by Europeans centuries ago. (Africa -- Exploitation). Dec 1, 2001 2558
Beefing up: It's a whole new ballgame for corporate security. (Terror Fallout). Blears, James Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 778
Restructuring: a how-to guide: successful debt restructurings in emerging markets require careful planning by foreign creditors. Kargman, Steven T. Nov 1, 2001 3429
SOI projects and contacts. Sep 22, 2001 1628
But crime does pay: As long as criminals continue to get away with it, foreign and local companies--and the country a whole--will pay. (Cover). Craddock, Catherine Sep 1, 2001 2293
Gateways to the region. CAMERON, NADIA Aug 1, 2001 1434
Mexico's top 50 foreign companies: Once more, business Mexico brings you its ranking of Mexico's top 50 foreign companies, with a retrospective on the year 2000 and a look at things to come. (Cover). Gower, Matthew Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2001 2386
Packing the Right Insurance for Commerce Abroad. Fornwald, Gerald Jun 1, 2001 2168
Negri Bossi Is Back In North America. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 122
Managerial Learning in Foreign-invested Enterprises of China. Tsang, Eric W. K. Jan 1, 2001 9785
National and Transnational Effects in International Business: Indications from Sino-Foreign Joint Ventures(1). Child, John; Yan, Yanni Jan 1, 2001 9049
Ransom demands in Ecuador alarm firms, but few plan exit. Brief Article Dec 8, 2000 450
Foreign Firms in China: Facing Human Resources Challenges in a Transitional Economy. Bruton, Garry D.; Ahlstrom, David; Chan, Eunice S. Statistical Data Included Sep 30, 2000 5150
Comments on changes in entity classification: special rule for certain foreign eligible entities. May 1, 2000 2054
Avoiding the PFIC web when liquidating a non-QEF. Mach, Joseph May 1, 2000 1483
Nigerian contract cancellation. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 208
SA kidnappers target foreigners. Nevin, Tom Dec 1, 1999 1443
Transfer pricing tax slapped on 58.9 bil. yen income. Nov 8, 1999 190
Unrest over new labour law. Jul 19, 1999 235
The International Investment Position of the United States at Yearend 1998. Scholl, Russell B. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 1999 9713
Direct Investment Positions for 1998. Bargas, Sylvia E.; Troia, Rosaria Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 1999 5334
Management of Human Resources in China Under WTO. Andersen, Torben; Nicholson, Joel D. Jun 22, 1999 3184
Beyond Big Emerging Markets. Brown, Monique R. May 1, 1999 3181
In Russia, American firms develop in fits and starts. Weiss, Lois Sep 9, 1998 1322
Qualified intermediary application process contains a number of surprises. Fox, George Jul 1, 1998 876
On the frontier of global marketing: how to succeed in Russia and other untapped markets. Paramonov, Igor M. Jun 22, 1998 2812
To file or not to file, that is the question for foreign partnerships. Garre, Karen T. Jul 1, 1997 1378
Public economics program meeting. Jun 22, 1997 1029
Check-the-box final regs. simplify entity classification. Carnevale, Michael K. May 1, 1997 8900
Real gross product of U.S. companies' majority-owned foreign affiliates in manufacturing. Mataloni, Raymond J. Apr 1, 1997 5471
Guanxi and performance of foreign-invested enterprises in China: an empirical inquiry. Luo, Yadong Jan 1, 1997 8666
CIIA (Canadian Institute of International Affairs) corporate briefing missions: Central Europe. Mark Adler Dec 22, 1996 350
CIIA corporate council. Mark Adler Dec 22, 1996 148
The check-the-box proposal: simpler classification for both foreign and U.S. companies. Serota, Jack Sep 1, 1996 691
Sourcing of capital losses. May 1, 1996 1346
Differences in foreign-owned U.S. manufacturing establishments by country of owner. Howenstine, Ned G.; Shannon, Dale P. Mar 1, 1996 10629
Business etiquette overseas. Whigham-Desir, Marjorie Oct 1, 1995 1335
Taxation system of Pakistan: structure and trends. Khan, Ahmed; Akhter, S. Mohsin Nov 1, 1993 5656
New projects with foreign equity. Cover Story Nov 1, 1992 5670
New risks emerge in East Europe. Oshins, Alice H. Jun 1, 1990 488

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