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Kuala Lumpur looks west: Malaysian companies are becoming increasingly involved in Africa, underlining the more diverse range of international interest in the continent. Jun 1, 2016 998
Oil still matters: while Malaysia is actively encouraging diversified investment on the continent, its national oil company continues to play a critical role. Jun 1, 2016 989
WEF Africa and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: the World Economic Forum on Africa in Kigali this May provided an excellent opportunity for delegates to consider the power and potential of the digital revolution. Jun 1, 2016 1072
Rwanda takes centre stage: once the epitome of Africa's perceived deficiencies, Rwanda is fast becoming a model for development. Jun 1, 2016 1022
Winners and losers in an era of cheap oil: the impact of low oil and gas prices varies from country to country but the effects are not as straightforward as might be expected. Jun 1, 2016 2038
Zambia's copper crisis. Jun 1, 2016 1911
Africa's green growth imperative. May 1, 2016 1077
Who foots the bill? There is no concrete plan around how Africa is to finance green growth. May 1, 2016 1108
Top 250 African companies: a tough year but cause for optimism outside mining. Company rankings May 1, 2016 6167
Turkey's soft power play: the Middle Eastern country is pursuing unprecedented ties with the continent. Apr 1, 2016 882
Microstate Sao Tome looks to tourism: Sao Tome and Principe can learn the tourist lessons--both good and bad--of fellow Portuguese-speaking island nation Cabo Verde. Apr 1, 2016 1063
The rise of retail in sub-Saharan Africa: the rise of Africa's middle class explains the continent's burgeoning retail sector. Mar 1, 2016 1000
The unexpected leaders in Africa's retail development: some of Africa's smaller cities have seen a surge in retail developments--but for wide-ranging reasons. Mar 1, 2016 1152
Rivals respond to SABMiller takeover: the planned takeover of SABMiller by AB InBev is challenging other African brewers at a time of economic uncertainty. Mar 1, 2016 1031
Between a rock and a hard place in the Middle East: political tension in the Middle East and North Africa has harsh consequences for growth and investment prospects in the wider region. Mar 1, 2016 1062
Morocco's capital looks from oil to sun: a focus on renewable energy in Morocco offers a valuable alternative to oil imports. Mar 1, 2016 1111
Zambia makes the best of a difficult situation: low copper prices and power shortages will make it difficult for Zambia to reach its economic goals. Mar 1, 2016 1133
Chinese slump hits African mining: with falling prices and increased competition, it's vital for African miners to cut costs to remain competitive. Feb 1, 2016 950
Frontier producers hit hardest: some mining-dependent countries have had to cope with a toxic cocktail of low prices, high costs--and Ebola, and a knock-on effect on transport as well as production. Feb 1, 2016 1151
Buhari weighs up oil reforms: Nigeria's oil sector needs reform to encourage investment, but it is slow in coming. Feb 1, 2016 1063
Electoral uncertainty threatens Congolese progress: the fluid political situation and subsequent fears for concessions is likely to see overseas investors putting their plans on hold. Feb 1, 2016 1067
Infrastructure the key to economic development: investment is needed in power and transport infrastructure but seems unlikely to be forthcoming until the election issue is resolved. Statistical data Feb 1, 2016 998
Lusophone Africa faces commodities challenge: weakening demand for commodities and a record low oil price could threaten growth, requiring economic diversification. Jan 1, 2016 1029
Economic downturn offers mixed blessing: Africa's Lusophone countries could provide fruitful opportunities for Brazil and Portugal to bypass economic difficulties at home. Statistical data Jan 1, 2016 1016
Kenya's role in promoting African trade. Jan 1, 2016 1226
Putting solar power centre stage: arguably the most successful industry in Africa today, the ICT sector is entering a new phase of more mature, competitive, growth. Dec 1, 2015 997
CSP--the thermal option: concentrated solar power (CSP) is becoming the favoured option over photovoltaic as power utilities see its potential. Dec 1, 2015 998
East Africa's off-grid revolution: small-scale solar energy projects are springing up in Kenya and Tanzania to meet the booming consumer demand for electricity for mobile telecoms and banking. Dec 1, 2015 1139
Insurance sector banks on growth: low insurance penetration indicates scope for market growth. Dec 1, 2015 1070
Expanding established sectors: New Islamic finance laws could drive market growth in the north and west. Dec 1, 2015 993
Opening new frontiers: developing the insurance market is linked with banking inclusion. Statistical data Dec 1, 2015 1071
Addis achieves success through control. Dec 1, 2015 1067
Building the economy from the ground up: Ethiopia is focusing on major transport and energy infrastructure projects to transform its economy. Dec 1, 2015 1034
Agriculture better but still not good enough: Ethiopia's periodic problems with food security are prompting action on outdated agricultural practices. Dec 1, 2015 1022
A maturing sector puts pressure on operator revenue: arguably the most successful industry in Africa today, the ICT sector is entering a new phase of more mature, more competitive, growth. Nov 1, 2015 994
Making every user count: with new customer acquisition slowing, operators are developing strategies to maximise the value of their existing user base. Market overview Nov 1, 2015 1000
Taking bandwidth the last mile. Nov 1, 2015 1030
Libyan oil in turmoil: ongoing political divisions and the continued existence of two state oil companies are stalling oil exploitation. Oct 1, 2015 1000
Sonatrach to spend its way out of trouble: low oil prices have had a big impact on Algerian government finances. Oct 1, 2015 1003
Production recovery for Cameroon: despite falling oil prices, Cameroon is scaling up production and expanding its refinery capacity. Oct 1, 2015 607
Progress at last on Eastern African LNG: liquefied natural gas projects look likely to come on stream across East Africa after delays. Oct 1, 2015 1049
Tokyo eyes African potential. Aug 1, 2015 1028
From Singapore to the world: economic ties between Africa's one billion people and Singapore's 5.4m are likely to grow, but it is to be hoped that it is a relationship that becomes increasingly bilateral. Jun 1, 2015 2408
Oil: winners and losers. Cover story Feb 1, 2015 3175
Sustainability now the name of the game. Feb 1, 2015 2112
Crunch time for African Cities. Cover story Jan 1, 2015 2314
Pharmaceuticals in Africa: is the industry in Africa fit for purpose? Dec 1, 2014 1388
India, China challenge big pharma in Africa. Dec 1, 2014 1582
African think-tanks: practical solutions to practical problems. Cover story Nov 1, 2014 2899
A steady year for African banking. Oct 1, 2014 3959
Choppy waters ahead for South African banks. Oct 1, 2014 1212
Oil & gas adapting to a changing universe. Oct 1, 2014 1352
There is still something rotten in the state of South Africa. Column Aug 1, 2014 1389
Africa aviation: time for genuine open skies. Jul 1, 2014 1441
Ethiopian's big ambitions. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 672
Nigeria second only to China in private jets. Jul 1, 2014 701
African air freight set for big expansion. Jul 1, 2014 765
Retying the knot. Jul 1, 2014 3271
Building fever grips Africa. Jun 1, 2014 2357
Africa's top 250 companies: African business' annual ranking. Cover story May 1, 2014 4910
A fine balancing act. Apr 1, 2014 1229
Mining output set to rise. Statistical data Apr 1, 2014 1307
Joining up to increase exports. Apr 1, 2014 743
Hydrocarbons a rounded contribution: Oil and gas output is now being added to an already buoyant economy. Hydrocarbon production will generate income that can help the government to balance its books and fund national infrastructural and social projects. Yet it can also provide the energy resources needed to diversify the economy, create skilled employment and further Accra's aim of turning Ghana into a middle-ranking economy. Mar 1, 2014 1442
Agriculture catching up the modern era: most of Ghana's agricultural output is produced by small-scale farmers, although a few large estates are also important players. This sector not only provides employment and broad-based income, it has tremendous potential for expansion and diversification. But the country is still lagging behind African best practice in the industry and needs to catch up rapidly. Report by Neil Ford. Mar 1, 2014 1313
Construction moving slowly in the fast lane: Ghana, like other African 'Lion economies', is going through a construction boom both in infrastructure expansion and in the high-end housing and business premises sectors. But for the majority of urbanites - many recent migrants from the rural areas - alfordable housing is still only a dream. What can and should be done? Neil Ford discusses. Mar 1, 2014 1397
African energy the big league beckons. Mar 1, 2014 1152
Instability casts gloom over industry. Feb 1, 2014 1604
People, planet and profits. Jan 1, 2014 1391
High ambition needs dose of reality. Dec 1, 2013 1536
Tourists undeterred by terror attack. Dec 1, 2013 1327
Water an Sanitation in Africa: water, water everywhere? Dec 1, 2013 1634
Is US shale production a threat to Africa? Nov 1, 2013 1338
Old ties being new investment. Editorial Nov 1, 2013 1341
Turning green to gold. Aug 1, 2013 7165
African aviation progress is not enough: Africa's aviation sector is hanging in there, but only just. Increased competition from large international carriers, higher than average operating costs and the unwillingness to open up African skies to all African airlines despite long-standing pledges to do so are hamstringing the continent's carriers. Can a breakthrough be achieved? Jun 1, 2013 3903
Can Africa make the big switch? Jun 1, 2013 1408
Locals want bigger share of $40bn industry. May 1, 2013 1417
East vs West--who is winning in Africa? The accepted wisdom is that for Africa, there has been a momentum shift away its traditional trade and investment partners in the West towards the East, particularly China and to a lesser extent, India and Malaysia. But, is the West really losing ground in Africa and if so, how quickly? Neil Ford presents an intriguing take on this question. Statistical data May 1, 2013 2729
The rebuilding of Africa. Apr 1, 2013 719
Ethical business is better business. Feb 1, 2013 2077
Building Africa from the ground up. Jan 1, 2013 2080
Tide turns in battle for African water. Report Dec 1, 2012 1197
Onwards and upwards for African hydrocarbons. Nov 1, 2012 739
Africa ready for new-generation technology. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 115
Medium banks challenge South African dominance. Report Oct 1, 2012 4724
Microfinance comes of age. Oct 1, 2012 2048
Reaching the goal: how can Africa achieve its Green Revolution? Neil Ford examines the various strategies, from government policy to innovations, which must be put in place if the continent is to finally achieve its long-sought dream of becoming self-sufficient in food. Column Oct 1, 2012 1902
Toughing out short-term turbulenc. Jul 1, 2012 1009
Alternatives now a viable option. Jun 1, 2012 1218
Ankara revisits old friends. Apr 1, 2012 1199
The best of times for African energy. Industry overview Mar 1, 2012 847
Prudence is the key: balancing the budget. Mar 1, 2012 1284
Integration or isolation in the new cities? Feb 1, 2012 554
Africa's cities of the future: urbanisation for better or for worse. Dec 1, 2011 2114
Exploring fever grips Africa. Nov 1, 2011 1294
Building Ghana one property at a time. Statistical data Nov 1, 2011 1684
Recovery and consolidation. Oct 1, 2011 1383
Building the new continent: economic growth fuels construction frenzy. Jul 1, 2011 1026
Can African firms compete? Jul 1, 2011 1401

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