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For storage of a bench.

For storage or a bench

This storage bench is like a stack of increasinglybigger boxes. Owner John Parsons designed it deeper at the top for accessibility, shallower at the base for extra toe space and to look more compact.

Horizontal redwood 1-by-4s wrapping thesides and front were glued and nailed to vertical 1-by-8s; these were notched so each of the front 1-by-4s cantilevers about 2 inches over the one below it. At the wall, the 1-by-4s were glued and nailed to vertical 1-by-2s screwed to the studs. The bench rests on a recessed 2-by-2 base.

For ventilation, Mr. Parsons left a 1-inchgap between each 1-by-4. To strengthen the lid, he glued redwood 1-by-4s to 1/8-inch tempered hardboard and added tapered 2-by-2s to the underside. The lid's edges were cut at an angle.

Photo: Staggered hamper-bench has top that'sbroader than base. Shape makes good-size seat that doesn't cramp hall
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Date:Jun 1, 1987
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