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For G.O.P. Chairmen, Pressure From Both Sides

Whether or not Republican county leaders vote to allow Michael Bloomberg Michael Rubens Bloomberg (born 14 February 1942) is an American businessman, and the founder of Bloomberg L.P., currently serving as the Mayor of New York City. He was a general partner at Salomon Brothers before founding the financial software service company in 1981.  to run in their party’s primary, Tom Ognibene Thomas Ognibene ran for mayor of New York City against incumbent Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the 2005 mayoral election. Ognibene, a conservative, sought to beat Bloomberg who has been labeled by some a "Republican In Name Only" .  said they "may have a tough time sustaining the decision one way or the other."

If they block the mayor, "I think the pressure would come from state Republicans who really need financing from the mayor and who feel the mayor plays a significant role in the financial support of the party," said Ognibene, the former City Council Republican Leader and the mayor’s unsuccessful Republican challenger in 2005.

Ognibene was speaking in a brief telephone interview before Bloomberg’s meeting this morning with Republican county leaders on East 83rd Street. Already, State Senator Noun 1. state senator - a member of a state senate
senator - a member of a senate
 Marty Golden of Brooklyn said it’s a "no-brainer" for Republicans to let Bloomberg into the primary. State Senator Frank Padavan Frank Padavan is a New York politician who represents District 11, located in Queens County.

First elected to the State Senate in 1972, he currently serves as the Vice-President Pro Tempore of that body.
 said Republicans have to look past their personal feelings and consider who is best for the city, which he believes is Bloomberg.

"On the other hand, then they have the pressure from the rank-and-file Republicans who feel that they were disrespected and discarded dis·card  
v. dis·card·ed, dis·card·ing, dis·cards
1. To throw away; reject.

a. To throw out (a playing card) from one's hand.

 by the mayor," said Ognibene.

Ognibene knows a little bit about what the county chairmen are going through, he said. Referring to his decision on whether or not to challenge Bloomberg, Ognibene said, "The last time I ran there was a financial offer to me of $150,000 and I turned it down."

Bloomberg supporters deny Ognibene's characterization A rather long and fancy word for analyzing a system or process and measuring its "characteristics." For example, a Web characterization would yield the number of current sites on the Web, types of sites, annual growth, etc.  of the offer - which was for a job paying $12,000 a month. They said they offered it to Ognibene since he was a supporter of theirs in 2001.
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Author:Azi Paybarah
Publication:The New York Observer
Date:Feb 25, 2009
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