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Football: You talk out of your **** Colly; FOWLER'S BLAST.

Robbie Fowler last night lifted the lid on his simmering feud with Stan Collymore by accusing him of being ''bitter'' and ''talking through his backside''.

Liverpool striker Fowler reacted furiously to Collymore's scathing comments about his old Anfield team-mates.

Colly, who moved to Aston Villa in May after two stormy years on Merseyside, claimed he found it hard to fit in with Liverpool's so-called "Spice Boy" image.

He said: "At Liverpool I sometimes felt I had to pretend to be somebody else.

"If I was out with the lads there, I felt I had to be like a 'Spice Boy' or something to conform to that image.

"Robbie Fowler and Jamie Redknapp had people around them I imagined were there just because of who they are, the reflected glory thing.

"I am not confident with that, trying to be something I am not.'' Collymore's words have angered Liverpool players - especially Fowler.

And last night he snapped: "I don't know what he is trying to prove by doing this. The only thing it proves to me is that he is very bitter.

"Stan has had a bit of a go at us. We all think it's the biggest rubbish that anyone has ever said."

Fowler also poured scorn on Collymore's claim that he would liked to have won a trophy during his time at Liverpool for the

fans. Fowler added: "The real fans know he is just talking through his backside."

It was one of football's worst kept secrets that Fowler and Collymore did not see eye to eye - but this is the first time their dislike for each other has gone public. It was Collymore's lack of popularity in the dressing-room which was a key factor in his being sold to Villa. There were no tears shed when he left the club with almost indecent haste 24 hours after the end of last season.

Meanwhile Jamie Redknapp has hit back at claims that he and his Liverpool team-mates are football's "Spice Boys".

The England midfielder is fuming at criticism from fans who reckon he is more concerned with his looks and social life than his career.

Redknapp, currently recovering from a broken ankle said: "I reckon people find it easier to have a dig at a player with long hair because they think you are a bit of a tart."

Redknapp who is engaged to pop star Louise came under fire from sections of the Anfield crowd last season. And Liverpool's failure to land a trophy last season added fuel to the belief of some supporters the team was too cavalier in its attitude.

Redknapp admits his good looks probably cause deep resentment. And speaking in the latest edition of Goal Magazine he has harsh words for a minority of Anfield fans who have blasted him and Steve McManaman.

He said: "Don't get me wrong, the Liverpool fans are the best in the world, but there are always one or two who get on your back.

"They usually wait for it to go quiet then they shout some horrible abuse at you. When you look at them they are usually the ugliest people in the whole of the ground.

"I'm sensible enough to know that I'm not everyone's cup of tea but I sometimes think the way I look is my biggest problem.

"I reckon people find it easier to have a dig at a player with long hair because they think you are a bit of a tart. As for the Spice Boys tag - like hell we are the Spice Boys.

"Let's face it, the Spice Girls are at the top of their profession and we are still trying to get to the top of ours, so I hardly think it is a good nickname."
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 5, 1997
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