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Food Medication Interactions.

Widely known as 'Powers and Moore's, this compact ring-bound book is well respected in its field.

Just as various food materials interact in the human subject so do the various medications that one is prescribed. In fact, it is being progressively realised that some of the apparent side effects of taking certain drugs are often associated with our food intake. Thus, it is possible to take prescriptive drugs that give the patient a headache or blurred vision.

In this new edition the many medications are listed by both their generic name and their trade name. Under each entry the purpose of the material is identified. This is followed by diet related problems that may arise and seem significant; clinically significant changes are clearly set out. If a drug is going to give you diarrhoea or raise the glucose sugar level in your urine then it might be useful to know.

This is an unusual text in that it is purely tabular matter and even lists items like lactose and phenylalanine, as they could be listed in formulations.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Aug 1, 1991
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