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Foglight Version 2.7 For Microsoft SQL Server Database & Linux OS.

Quest Software, have released Foglight 2-7, its software solution for pro-active management of multi-tier e-business and enterprise computing applications and systems. The new Foglight release incorporates support for Microsoft's SQL Server database and the Linux operating system as well as enhanced reporting functionality.

Foglight monitors every layer in an IT infrastructure that can affect application performance, including databases, networks, application servers, Web servers and middleware, and alerts users to potential problems, enabling them to correct the causes before end users are affected.

Foglight's existing support for Oracle and Sybase RDBMS (Relational DataBase Management System) See relational database and DBMS.

RDBMS - relational database
 servers has been expanded in Version 2.7 to include support for Microsoft SQL Server A relational DBMS from Microsoft that is a major component of the Windows Server System. It is Microsoft's high-end client/server database and is closely integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio and the Microsoft Office System.  databases. The new SQL Server agent collects comprehensive information from SQL Server and the Windows NT registry and provides information to the centralised Foglight server for real-time and historical data storage and analysis, early warning alerts and reporting.

Foglight's new Linux agent collects performance information about system space, processes, log file, user, disk and file system usage for rapid analysis. Apache and Netscape Web server agents are also supported on Linux, including VA Linux and Red Hat Linux Red Hat Linux, assembled by Red Hat, was a popular, "middle-aged" Linux distribution (not as old as Slackware but older than Ubuntu) upon its discontinuation in 2004.[1]

Red Hat Linux 1.0 was released on November 3, 1994.
. With these agents, users can manage, tune and troubleshoot their enterprise resource planning See ERP.

(application, business) Enterprise Resource Planning - (ERP) Any software system designed to support and automate the business processes of medium and large businesses.
 (ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) An integrated information system that serves all departments within an enterprise. Evolving out of the manufacturing industry, ERP implies the use of packaged software rather than proprietary software written by or for one customer. ) and e-business applications. In addition, Foglight 2.7 supports Sun Solaris HP-UX HP's version of Unix that runs on its 9000 family. It is based on SVID and incorporates features from BSD Unix along with several HP innovations.

(operating system) HP-UX - The version of Unix running on Hewlett-Packard workstations.
, AIX and Windows NT operating systems.
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Date:Sep 1, 2000
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