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Adam Wickam's resume includes a stint as a plumber and business school at University of Northern Colorado It has been suggested that this article or section be merged with and ()
University of Northern Colorado (Northern Colorado)
 in Greeley, and he somehow managed to meld the two with his love of video games in his entrepreneurial career. Four years ago, Wickam, now 30, made a bendable rifle to play Nintendo Wii shooting games out of plumbing scraps, and immediately saw the advantages over the motion-controlled pointers that come with the Wii and the PlayStation Move.

"It's very difficult to operate those pointers," he says "It's almost like controlling the onscreen on·screen or on-screen  
adj. & adv.
1. As shown on a movie, television, or display screen.

2. Within public view; in public.
 player's eyes with a wand."

Compatible with the PlayStation Move, the FlexFire is more accurate and "re-centers automatically," says Wickam, whose favorite PlayStation titles are "Resistance" and "GoldenEye 007." "It makes playing these games a lot easier." $29.99 retail.

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, Windsor, (970) 325-3539, Also available on and numerous stores in Colorado.
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Date:Feb 1, 2012
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