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Fleet impact.

Fleet Impact

Less than a decade old, the Seattle-based U.S. factory trawler fleet is expected to produce wholesale seafood products worth an estimated $700 million this year, according to the results of a Coopers and Lybrand study for the American Factory Trawler Association. The report, "Economic Impacts of the North Pacific Factory Trawler Fleet," says 57 U.S. factory trawler vessels valued at $1.1 billion are expected to be operating in the North Pacific by the end of the year. The fleet's growth is a result of the booming Bering Sea bottomfish industry.

Total fleet employment is expected to reach an estimated 7,500 in 1990, or 5,400 if figured on an annualized, full-time equivalency basis. The study also put the fleet's non-payroll expenditures for this year at $180 million and total expenditures at $352 million. Only $95 million of those expenditures are expected in Alaska; Washington is the primary beneficiary of the factory trawler fleet's spending. Formerly the Alaska Factory Trawler Association, the industry's trade group recently changed its name to the American Factory Trawler Association.
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Title Annotation:Alaska Business Briefs: Fishing industries; American Factory Trawler Association fishing fleet
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Date:Oct 1, 1990
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