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Fiske's range of ingredient materials.

Fiske's Range of Ingredient Materials

Soluble agar agar, new wheat germ stabilizers, organically grown dehydrated vegetables, soya/milk protein compounds, speciality starches - all are part of the extensive range of state-of-the-art ingredients supplied by G Fiske & Co Ltd

This company was established in 1979 with the object of providing an efficient marketing and distribution system in the ever more complex field of food ingredients, raw materials and chemicals.

The company now operates internationally and represents exclusively some of the largest manufacturers of gelling agents, emulsifiers, dairy products, starches, gums, stabilisers, proteins, phosphates and speciality chemicals.

Apart from ensuring that customers receive a first class delivery service ex UK stocks and there is a strong technical back-up, the company considers itself' as good as its suppliers' and, as such, works exclusively with some of the prestigious names in the industry, creating a unique synergy and after sales service to a large and well established customer base.

Since its inception, G Fiske & Co have represented Besnier Bridel (formerly Laiteries Bridel), one of the largest dairy groups in France, who produce a wide range of quality milk derived ingredients for the food manufacturing industry. Recently, the company has developed three speciality products for the confectionery and bakery industries, Genolac, Lecilac and Chantilac. The first two products are volume improvers for sponge cakes, and the third is a topping.

Nearly two years ago, National Starch appointed Fiske as distributors for their wide range of natural, modified, pregelatinised and dextrinised starches, which are manufactured from waxy and high amylose maizes, tapioca and potato.

National Starch is a highly research-based company. Recently, food technologists have successfully developed a high viscosity thickener for dairy foods. National 78-0148 is an easy-to-cook modified tapioca starch with an exceptionally bland taste, particularly appropriate for delicate tasting foods. Its excellent compatibility with milk protein yields rich creamy products with good stability.

As a result, it is used in pasteurised and short shelf-life continuously processed dairy products, such as cream and cheese sauces, puddings, cream fillings and desserts.

The UK market for hydrocolloides has grown substantially over recent years and G Fiske has a long established association with Setexam in Morocco, the world's largest producer of agar agar.

The Gelidium Sesquipedal red seaweed, known all over the world for the quality of the agar agar it contains, is very abundant on the Moroccan Atlantic coast.

Among its important properties, agar agar can form, at low concentrations, firm, rigid, and thermoreversible gels.

A more recent appointment as exclusive distributors for the CNI (formerly Iranex) range of gum arabic and carageenan-based hydrocolloids has assisted the UK company in expanding its business in all areas of the food manufacturing industry.

The Swiss firm Multiforsa has, this year, appointed G Fiske as their agents for a novel range of stabilisers based on wheat germ protein, and wheat germ Crispies for use in two-pot yogurt.

In the field of protein, Sogip of Bordeaux, France, are entering the UK market for the first time with their textured soya proteins for the food, pet food and feed applications, and have chosen this same UK company to represent them. An interesting new development is the introduction of a functional blend of soya and casein.

Other exclusive distribution agreements have recently been concluded with Haifa Chemicals of Israel for food grade phosphates, STL France for organically grown dehydrated vegetable products, and Lamande, France, manufacturers of high quality egg products.

"With a growing UK sales volume currently standing at over 12,000 tonnes per annum, we believe that our approach has been shown to provide substantial benefits to both our suppliers and end-users in an increasingly competitive and demanding business environment", said Mr Fiske.

For the future, G Fiske & Company will be ready to continue its service within the BS 5750/ISO 9000 quality assurance schemes, which they are working towards in their own business, whilst maintaining the necessary flexible approach and caring response which have always been the most successful of its "ingredients".

G Fiske & Co Ltd are at 64 Sheen Road, Richmond, Surrey, tel: 081-948 5811.
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Title Annotation:G. Fiske and Company Ltd.'s marketing and distribution of food ingredients, raw materials and chemicals
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Nov 1, 1991
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