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Fisheries of the North Pacific.

A revised edition of "Fisheries of the North Pacific," subtitled "history, species, gear, and processes," by Robert J. Browning has been published in paperback, with the same large format, by the Alaska Northwest Publishing Company, 130 Second Ave., S., Edmonds, WA 98020. The result is a huge and well written documentary which provides a sweeping overview of the primary American fisheries of this important region. In preparation, the author received considerable help from persons directly involved with the commercial fishing industry and industry journals, as well as from fisheries experts from the then-named NMFS Northwest Fisheries Center in Seattle, Wash.

Section by section, the author describes the fish and fisheries of the region, its commercial fishing vessels and the fishing gear, fish handling and preservation at sea and ashore, the salting and smoking of fish, seafood canning, and more. Appendices provide data on the characteristics of fishes, names of fishes, tapering purse seines, cutting web tapers, how to plan and cut nets, methods of net mending, handling and icing fresh halibut aboard vessels, sanitary operation of fish processing plants, operations involved in canning, and spoilage in canned fishery products.

The volume is huge, at 423 pages, and each section provides a wealth of historical information, along with many excellent photographs, some old and some illustrating newer vessels, gear, or processes. Considerable information is also presented on some of the fishery pioneers of the region and their work too.

In sum, this is an excellent overview of the region's fisheries, thoroughly illustrated, which has proven very popular since the first edition was released in 1974. It also gives an idea in several areas where research by the NMFS forerunner, Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, and its findings were successfully employed by the industry. The book is available from the publisher for $24.95 ($29.95 in Canada).
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Publication:Marine Fisheries Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 22, 1988
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