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Fish Processing Technology.

Whilst fish processing, as such, is not a new topic, new technologies are now being used in the industry. Freezing, canning, smoking, drying and salting are all fairly well understood in scientific terms but now we have fish mince and surimi in worldwide use. Technologies like membrane recovery of waste-water proteins, the use of bacterial preservation and the use of recovered functional proteins are coming to the fore.

The aim of this book is to update the reader's knowledge on the older technologies and point out the new ideas. The authors consider the influence of fish physiology and biochemistry on fish processing and discuss the established processes alongside the new technologies. Thirteen authors have been assembled to create this text which also places emphasis on product quality, process development and new products.

The 10 chapters carry titles: Biochemical dynamics and the quality of fresh and frozen fish; Preservation of fish by curing (drying, salting and smoking); Surimi and fish mince products; Chilling and freezing of fish; Canning fish and fish products; Fishery by-products; Application of lactic acid fermentations; Membrane filtration for waste-water protein recovery; Functional properties of fish protein hydrolysates; and Rapid microbial methods and fresh fish quality assessment.

The book goes into considerable detail and has been written as an overview of the whole field.
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Date:Sep 1, 1992
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