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First time at MIP, but Cannell isn't new on the scene.

Cannell Distribution is making its debut at this year's MIP, although the product of action/adventure expert. Stephen J. Cannel, is not really "new" to the international marketplace. As the distribution company's president, Pat Kenney, pointed out, "Steve's shows have been well-known throughout the world for years. They were funneled through a variety of companies, including Hardcastle and MacCormick by Columbia and The A-Team by Universal. After that, he went into partnership with TriStar and Witt-Thomas, and created TeleVentures. The company existed for three years and did well, but the partners had different agendas. TeleVentures was dissolved last June. For our part of things, all we did was re-title the company -- Cannell Distribution.

The initial offering under the new banner will be Street Justice, a one-hour hard action/adventure for first-run syndication, about a detective working undercover in a big city. In the U.S., the show will begin airing in the fall, and has already cleared 70 per cent of the country.

"We were very encouraged by the incredible response from members of the international community, who are very familiar with Steve's other shows -- Hunter, 21 Jump Street and Wise Guy. Wise Guy, for example, is one of the few American series that's sold in Japan. "At this point, we're not sure if we're going to distribute Street Justice ourselves or let some other distributor handle it," Kenney admitted.

Cannell will be at the L.A. Screenings but will not have any screnings. "We will not start production of Street Justice until this summer, at Steve's North Studios in Vancouver."

To a question regarding the continuing controversy over the hour vs. the half-hour show, Kenney replied, "That plays right into our hands, because that's the area that Steve Cannell excells at. The action/adventure hour is the type of programming that is far better accpeted internationally since it doesn't need a translation. So, we will continue to focus our efforts on what we do best."

Domestically, there may not be the same vigor for the syndication of those hour shows as there is for the half-hour sitcom. However, this is offset by the dramatically higher licensing fees and interest by all foreign countries, in well-produced hours as opposed to the half-hour."
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Title Annotation:Cannell Distribution
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Date:Apr 1, 1991
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