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First sector-specific food-safety training.

New food-safety qualifications just launched are the first widely-available awards that have been tailor-made for people working in food and drink manufacturing.

Offered by the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health is the largest and longest-established public health organisation in the United Kingdom. It is completely independent of government and of any special interest.  (RSPH RSPH Royal Society for the Promotion of Health (UK; aka RSH)
RSPH Rollins School of Public Health
RSPH Remeshed Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics
), the qualifications have been devised following an initiative by Improve, the food and drink sector skills council.

"It is extraordinary that until now there have been so few food-safety qualifications specifically for manufacturing widely available," said Derek Williams, development director at Improve. "Existing food-safety qualifications were often tailored more towards those working in the catering and service industries, and didn't meet manufacturing needs.

"The new qualifications are more relevant as they're based upon the new Food Safety National Occupational Standards, which Improve developed after consultation with food and drink manufacturing employers.

"They offer flexible learning opportunities and, while they are standalone stand·a·lone  
Self-contained and usually independently operating: a standalone computer terminal. 
 qualifications, they can also contribute to achievement of food safety modules of more extensive qualifications like NVQs and SVQs. By offering greater relevance and flexibility, we're confident take-up on the new courses will be high, helping to boost productivity through a more highly-skilled workforce."

Improve worked with qualifications awarding bodies to agree a set of common learning outcomes that would deliver relevant knowledge specifically for food and drink manufacturing. The awarding bodies have then designed new food-safety qualifications based upon these outcomes, with those from the RSPH being the first to be accredited accredited

recognition by an appropriate authority that the performance of a particular institution has satisfied a prestated set of criteria.

accredited herds
cattle herds which have achieved a low level of reactors to, e.g.
. Dr Richard Burton Noun 1. Richard Burton - English explorer who with John Speke was the first European to explore Lake Tanganyika (1821-1890)
Burton, Sir Richard Burton, Sir Richard Francis Burton

 from RSPH explained: "We're pleased to be working with Improve and other awarding bodies to make food safety qualifications more widely available and ensure they're relevant for employers. The new qualifications from RSPH are available at three levels--level two, which delivers operational knowledge, level three, in food safety supervision, and level four, in food safety management. The level two award replaces our Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene hygiene, science of preserving and promoting the health of both the individual and the community. It has many aspects: personal hygiene (proper living habits, cleanliness of body and clothing, healthful diet, a balanced regimen of rest and exercise); domestic hygiene , which was geared towards manufacturing."

The qualifications will make it easier for employers to meet their responsibilities under the new European Union European Union (EU), name given since the ratification (Nov., 1993) of the Treaty of European Union, or Maastricht Treaty, to the

European Community
 Food Safety regulations, which came into effect at the start of 2006. They are also relevant for general manufacturing employees who may have to spend time working in a food and drink environment.

In addition to the RSPH, Improve worked with six other awarding bodies --ASET, The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Founded in 1883, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) is a professional and educational body, dedicated to the promotion of environmental health and to encouraging the highest possible standards in the training and the work of environmental health professionals. , City and Guilds, Food and Drink Qualifications, The Royal Institute of Public Health, and the Scottish Qualification Authority. The work has been carried out with the support and guidance of the Food Standards Agency The Food Standards Agency is a non-ministerial government department of the Government of the United Kingdom. It is responsible for protecting public health in relation to food throughout the United Kingdom and is led by an appointed board that is intended to act in the public . Other awarding bodies are expected to have their versions of the new food safety qualifications accredited before the end of the year.

Contact Improve Ltd on tel: 0845 644 0448 or visit
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