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First Macedonia caucus in US Congress formed.

The first-ever Congressional Caucus on Macedonia and Macedonian Americans to oppose the powerful Greek lobby in the US Congress has been recently formed by Republican Congresswoman Candice C. Miller of Michigan, a proven friend to Macedonia. The group consists of both Republicans and Democrats, Dnevnik reports.

The names of the members of this bipartisan Caucus have not yet been revealed. According to Dnevnik, the Caucus will have more than 10 members and their names will be made public in about two weeks once the procedure of registration is over.

"Macedonia is a true friend to the United States. The people of Macedonia have made many contributions to the world by serving as a leader in promoting democracy, freedom and liberty. Macedonia is truly one of the emerging democracies in the world and it is in our best interest to maintain a strong alliance with this great nation," Congresswoman Miller said.

The President of the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD), Meto Koloski, said that the formation of the Macedonia Caucus was a testament of how far the Macedonian-American community has come in the last century.

The Congressional Macedonia Caucus' purpose will be to encourage and improve the United States' relationship with Macedonia and to facilitate wider and more productive regional cooperation between Macedonia and its neighbors in Southeast Europe.

There are over 200 caucuses at the US Congress, including the caucus for promotion of Hellenism. The Greek caucus has so far sponsored a few anti-Macedonian resolutions which stressed the Hellenic origin of Macedonians. Although those resolutions are not binding for the US foreign policy, they contribute a lot to the creation of policies. Macedonia now finally has a strong supporter in the Congress.
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Date:Apr 15, 2011
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