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First European packaging conference attracts 34 frozen food companies.

First European Packaging Conference Attracts 34 Frozen Food Companies

From design concepts to problems of recycling, more than 50 participants from 34 companies immersed themselves in the challenges of frozen food packaging at a two-day seminar in Bremen, West Germany, Sept. 24-5 and 27-8, sponsored by Europa Carton Aktiengesellschaft, Bremen, a leading European supplier of packaging.

Besides attending workshops and speeches, those taking part in the Bremen Verpackungstage got a look at the latest packaging equipment from companies like CMB, Kliklok and Bradman-Lake. Manfred Sassen, director of the German Frozen Food Institute, underlined the growing need for packaging in his keynote speech analyzing the European FF market. Sales of bakery products and potato products will increase by more than 150% by the turn of the century, he predicted, while consumer spending on FF generally will climb by 200%.

Gert Schroder, marketing director for Europa Carton, addressed the environmental issue by calling for greater use of boxboard for secondary packaging -- especially in face of intensifying waste management regulations being imposed by the European community. Cartons generally should be recyclable, he said, suggesting that chemically-treated paperboard could be substituted for plastic-coated board in primary packaging.

John Grathwohl of James River Corp., leading U.S. manufacturer of enhanced microwave packaging, introduced his audience to the use of susceptors, the metalized elements used to promote browning and crisping in microwave ovens. Only beginning to reach the European market now, microwave packaging with susceptors is expected to grow in popularity in parallel with the growth of microwave ovens themselves in European households.

Source reduction in packaging was another issue at the seminar, with industry people agreeing that they should reduce the amount of packaging material as much as possible. The introduction of diotray [register] and similar innovations that enable consumers to prepare meals right in the package, without the need for inner bags, aluminum trays, plates, etc., is a step in the right direction. Such packaging concepts were demonstrated and tested in seminar workshops.

Maurice Hopkins of CMB/UL outlined advanced robot packaging techniques, especially for irregularly shaped products; and Hilger Scheelcke, head of Europa Carton's mechanical packaging operations, summarized the state of packaging technology and took delegates on a guided tour of the equipment show.

Some 250 frozen food packages, representing the contemporary US market, were also shown off. Gert Goronschewski, creative director of a well-known European design institute, used the theme "function + information + emotion" to point out the still-unused opportunities to achieve consumer brand indentification in packaging.
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Title Annotation:sponsored by Europa Carton AG
Publication:Quick Frozen Foods International
Date:Oct 1, 1990
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