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Fire ant poison endangers chickens.

Most people in the South know--and love to hate--fire ants. No amount of words can describe how much I hate them!

I'm sure we put out a good 20 pounds of granules for the little sparks every year. I have found that some brands work better than others.

But beware! Some of the granules are yellow. Their attract chicken like magnets.

I had a special Red Hamburg rooster that followed me around like a dog. My husband put out fire ant poison--Buster ate it--and went to cock-a-doodle heaven.

Some of my laying hens got a hold of some too. As they lay gasping I wracked my brain for a way to save them. I decided to try water.

I filled a five-gallon bucket with water and grabbed the closest chicken, pried her mouth open, and started scooping water down her. As much as she would swallow. I did this with all the chickens (even those who may not have gotten the poison).

Out of 30 hens I lost one.

I never butchered them or ate their eggs after that as I wasn't sure if the poison remained in their bodies. I used them only to debug die garden and spread cow manure.

A few weeks later a neighbor called and said she had the same problem. She called A&M University. They said they'd come out and treat the chickens--for $45 a bird!

I told her to stuff them with as much water as possible. She did--and didn't lose a one!
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Date:Jan 1, 1994
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