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AT THIS YEAR'S MAY 1 MARCH IN SUPPORT OF IMMIGRANTS' rights in Orlando, Florida--the largest demonstration in the city's history--a group of undocumented workers, recently arrived from Oaxaca, Mexico, approached Sister Ann Kendrick, one of the march's organizers. Each held a couple of crumpled crum·ple  
v. crum·pled, crum·pling, crum·ples
1. To crush together or press into wrinkles; rumple.

2. To cause to collapse.

 dollar bills in his hands, and in Spanish they offered their thanks to Kendrick and gave their few dollars for her ministry.

Kendrick, cofounder co·found  
tr.v. co·found·ed, co·found·ing, co·founds
To establish or found in concert with another or others.

 of the Office for Farmworker Ministry in Apopka, Florida, recalls it as one of the times she has realized that all her years of formal theological education can never compare to the knowledge of God she has gained by being part of this community of impoverished, powerless immigrants. "They have evangelized me," she says. "They have to trust in God's bounty because they have nothing else."

And sometimes even God's bounty seems in jeopardy. In the weeks leading up to the rallies, government crackdowns on undocumented immigrants increased. When rumors spread that agents might be targeting church services, local parishes reported significantly lower attendance at Mass.

"This is a broken system, and it's breaking people," Kendrick says of U.S. policy on immigration immigration, entrance of a person (an alien) into a new country for the purpose of establishing permanent residence. Motives for immigration, like those for migration generally, are often economic, although religious or political factors may be very important. . "There is no current track for poor immigrants to come to this country legally and work." To obtain legal entry, one has to have money or an immediate relative who is a citizen or permanent resident. That means countless desperate people will risk crossing the U.S. border illegally for the chance at a better life.

Kendrick's path to ministry in the farmworker community was part chance and part providence. She was a sophomore in college when John F. Kennedy "John Kennedy" and "JFK" redirect here. For other uses, see John Kennedy (disambiguation) and JFK (disambiguation).
John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29, 1917–November 22, 1963), was the thirty-fifth President of the United States, serving from 1961 until his assassination in
 was assassinated. The Second Vatican Council Noun 1. Second Vatican Council - the Vatican Council in 1962-1965 that abandoned the universal Latin liturgy and acknowledged ecumenism and made other reforms
Vatican II

Vatican Council - each of two councils of the Roman Catholic Church
 was turning Catholicism upside down, and she struggled with all the big questions of God, justice, and her experience of the sacred in the world. She was impressed by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, is the name of a Roman Catholic order of religious sisters, dedicated to providing education to the poor. The Sisters now have foundations in five continents and in 20 countries. Foundation
Founded in 1804 at Amiens, France, by St.
, the founders of Trinity University, an all-women's school in Washington, D.C., where she majored in Spanish. "They inspired us to be leaders in the world," she says, and consequently she answered a call to a vocation in the congregation.

Kendrick was teaching Latin American literature Latin American literature rose to particular prominence during the second half of the 20th century, largely thanks to the international success of the style known as magical realism.  at the University of Maryland University of Maryland can refer to:
  • University of Maryland, College Park, a research-extensive and flagship university; when the term "University of Maryland" is used without any qualification, it generally refers to this school
 when she decided to make a career change, going to Spanish Harlem in New York and joining the Summer in the City program run by Msgr. Robert Fox. Then she got notice from her provincial that Bishop William Borders of Orlando was looking for a few good sisters to come and start a program for immigrants.

TO KENDRICK, A NATIVE OF UPSTATE NEW YORK Upstate New York is the region of New York State north of the core of the New York metropolitan area. It has a population of 7,121,911 out of New York State's total 18,976,457. Were it an independent state, it would be ranked 13th by population. , THE RURAL I South didn't sound too appealing, and she gave the idea a firm "I don't think so." But the photos she had seen and the stories of the people there haunted her, and in 1971 she and three other Sisters of Notre Dame There are several Roman Catholic religious orders religious sisters known as the Sisters of Notre Dame.
  • Congregation of Notre Dame de Montreal
  • School Sisters of Notre Dame
  • Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur
  • Sisters of Notre Dame of Amersfoort
 were on their way to Apopka to "see how it goes." But as a local man told her shortly after she arrived, "Once you get this sand in your shoes, you ain't never gonna leave it." He was right.

"In my 20s I had an arrogant notion that I could create radical change that would make everything better," she says. But years on the job have taught her humility and patience.

Through Kendrick's office, the diocese offers adult education classes in English, tutoring for children, health care, spiritual and sacramental services, parenting classes, counseling, financial services, and housing assistance. While the office advocates for immigrant rights in local, state, and federal forums, its primary goal is to teach immigrants how to speak for themselves. They assisted community members in establishing their own Farmworker Association of Florida.

Kendrick is proud that through her ministry immigrants have raised their voices. In community meetings and in marches they are starting to be heard, Kendrick says.

"Just that they can stand up and say their names, that someone is listening to them, is an incredible moment for them. That energy is priceless. That is a sacred moment, and it's worth my life to protect it."



PARISH: St. Francis of Assisi in Apopka.


FIRST JOB: Camp counselor in Syracuse, New York
This is the article about the city in New York State. For the city in Sicily, see Syracuse, Sicily. For all other meanings, see Syracuse (disambiguation).

Syracuse (IPA:

FAVORITE FOOD: Turkey dinner and enchiladas (not at the same time).

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Law & Order and Commander in Chief.

MY ANIMAL NATURE: I had a little white dog named Whitney, but he recently passed away.

A LITTLE KNOWN FACT: I was president of my class at Trinity College.

TARA K. DIX Dix   , Dorothea Lynde 1802-1887.

American philanthropist, reformer, and educator who was a pioneer in the movement for specialized treatment of the mentally ill.

Noun 1.
, a freelance writer in Chicago.
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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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