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Fiction fancy.

I really missed the fiction piece in your October/November issue. It's it's  

1. Contraction of it is.

2. Contraction of it has. See Usage Note at its.

it's it is or it has
it's be ~have
 my favorite part of the magazine and generally has a good story and nice lesson. I just got back from evacuating [due to Hurricane Ike (Internet Key Exchange) A method for establishing a security association (SA) that authenticates users, negotiates the encryption method and exchanges the secret key. IKE is used in the IPsec protocol. ], and I was so excited to see the new issue in my mailbox A simulated mailbox in the computer that holds e-mail messages. Mailboxes are stored on disk as a file of messages, a database of messages or as an individual file for each message. The standard mailboxes are usually In, Out, Trash and Junk (Spam). , but then got sad after I searched and found no fun fiction story with a twist.--Samantha

We promise short stories will be back soon, Samantha Samantha

good witch married to a mortal. [TV: “Bewitched” in Terrace, I, 94–95]

See : Witchcraft
. GL is very saddened to report that the artist who drew the fabulous illustrations that accompanied our "Fiction" section died suddenly this past July. Debbie Hanley was an enormous talent and is very missed by her GL family.
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Title Annotation:You Said It!
Publication:Girls' Life
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Dec 1, 2008
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