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Febec asks for ICA termination.

Febec asks for ICA termination

The Brazilian Federation of Coffee Exporters (FEBEC) has recommended to the president of the IBC, Jorio Dauster, the termination of Brazil's participation in the ICA, due to the quota system which is viewed as restrictive to the growth of Brazil's coffee market.

Febec president, Carlos Calmon, has also called for an end to government interference in the domestic and export coffee markets. Febec's position is that the circumstances that lead to government controls, a heavy dependence on coffee exports for hard currency earnings, no longer exist, and coffee can now seek its own course subject only to the laws of supply & demand. Calmon cites a free market as being one of the essential conditions for the improvement of Brazil's coffee quality.

Febec was formed in August, 1988 and its members account for 75% of the volume of Brazil's coffee exports.
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Title Annotation:Brazilian Federation of Coffee Exporters, International Coffee Agreement
Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Date:Jun 1, 1989
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