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Faxnet saves time and lives.


A miami woman knocked unconscious in an car accident is rushed to an emergency room. A pregnancy test must be done before X-rays can be taken of her abdomen. The test must then be sent to the hospital lab and the results returned to the emergency room as quickly as possible so diagnosis and treatment can begin.

Baxter Healthcare Corp.'s Dade County Division had developed a network of fax machines to help reduce the time it takes to send such urgent info. The division's 9600 customers worldwide include hospitals, labs, and research centers specializing in clinical diagnostic testing.

The division discovered that using a plain-paper fax in its LabFax network could lower per-copy cost while attracting more customers.

The dedicated toll-free network allows medical customers to communicate instantly with Baxter headquarters and with other labs.

In addition to lab results, clinical customers have tollfree access to Baxter's technical-service, customer-service, and quality-assurance departments. The Dade Division relays quality-assurance data, technical bulletins, and updates to customers via Lanier plain-paper faxes.

Lab technicians and managers have instant access to the division's technical experts in confirming unusual test results. Customers also have access to one of the largest diagnostic databases anywhere in the world.

Before, tests results were read over the phone or sent via teletype. Fax is particularly useful with charts or graphs. It eliminates miscommunication about test results.

The lab's printed verification, and time and date of transmission, are printed on the received documents, making record-keeping easier and more accurate.

The doctors gets a plain-paper copy to test results. It's easy to handle and can be immediately filed or included in a report. A 16-shade gray scale ensures distinct duplication of medical records, charts, and X-rays. This is a key function> many tests are reported via shaded charts or graphs.

Only LabFax members can transmit within the network> lines are not tied up with unsolicited transmissions. This is important in the medical field, where time is critical to patient care.
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Title Annotation:Baxter Healthcare Corp.
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Date:Dec 1, 1990
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