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Farmers can beef up skills.

Byline: By Emma Stone

BEEF farmers in Warwickshire are to be trained in computer technology as part of a new pounds 1million e-commerce course.

Those in the county who sign up to the Farm Connections scheme will be given a laptop Same as laptop computer.

laptop - portable computer
 and full support and software training to help them develop their businesses.

The programme, which will also run in the South West and Wales Wales, Welsh Cymru, western peninsula and political division (principality) of Great Britain (1991 pop. 2,798,200), 8,016 sq mi (20,761 sq km), west of England; politically united with England since 1536. The capital is Cardiff. , has been developed out of a partnership with Sainsbury's, Anglo Beef Processors and the Red Meat Industry Forum, an organisation set up to help the British red meat industry recapture recapture n. in income tax, the requirement that the taxpayer pay the amount of tax savings from past years due to accelerated depreciation or deferred capital gains upon sale of property. (See: income tax)

 and maintain a leading position in the marketplace.

The training will be part-funded by regional development agency Advantage West Midlands' Rural Regeneration Regeneration (biology)

The process by which an animal restores a lost part of its body. Broadly defined, the term can include wound healing, tissue repair, and many kinds of restorative activities.
 Zone and will allow farmers to view a range of vital data, including information on carcass carcass, carcase

1. the body of an animal killed for meat. The head, the legs below the knees and hocks, the tail, the skin and most of the viscera are removed. The kidneys are left in and in most instances the body is split down the middle through the sternum and the vertebral
 quality and the latest market statistics and consumer trends.

The aim of the course is to help up to 250 farmers in the West Midlands West Midlands, former metropolitan county, central England. Created in the 1974 local government reorganization, the county embraced the Birmingham conurbation and comprised seven metropolitan districts: Walsall, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Sandwell, Birmingham, Solihull,  understand their costs.

Training for Farm Connections starts in the region this month and will run until March 2008.

Head of rural partnerships at Advantage West Midlands Ian Edwards Ian Edwards is a stand up comedian. He has appeared on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Live at Gotham, and HBO's Bad Boys of Comedy. He can be seen weekly at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. On August 1, Gilbert Arenas used one of Edwards' jokes on his popular blog.  said: "It is important that our region's farmers are not excluded from advantages open to all other small businesses and that during these difficult times for beef farmers, in particular, it is vital that they develop a competitive edge.

"We believe that this project will help with that."

A recent survey of 2,500 red meat producers in England revealed between only 20 and 30 per cent of them held farm accounts on computers, with only 50 per cent able to receive e-mail.

Farm Connections, which was launched in Oxford earlier in the year, is available to all suppliers of Sainsbury's Taste the Difference, So Organic and Jamie Oliver 21-day Matured Beef and has already signed up farmers from throughout the West Midlands.


COMPUTER BOOST... Farmers Helen and Peter Ford get ready for IT training, encouraged by Ian Edwards, head of rural partnerships at Advantage West Midlands.
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Sep 26, 2007
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