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Famous Failures.

Famous Failures

Joey Green

Lunatic Press

PO Box 4571, West Hills, CA 91308

0977259021, $10.95

"Famous Failures" is a hefty little 288-page compendium showcasing descriptive vignettes of hundreds of famous and successful people in the fields of entertainment, sports, science, politics, and literature who all shared one thing in common--they experienced failure. From Albert Einstein who failed the entrance exams to the Swiss Polytechnic Institute, to J. K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter novels) who was so impoverished that she lived on welfare in an apartment infested with mice, to Sharon Stone who could not get a date to her own highschool prom dance, to Dick Cheney who flunked out of Yale University (twice!), to John Wayne who was rejected from the United States Naval Academy, to Steve Jobs (founder of Apple Computer) who dropped out of Reed College in his freshman year, "Famous Failures" lists the well known and well respected who sometime in their lives and careers got rejected, flunked out, worked lousy jobs, goofed up, did time in jail, or had other kinds of failure experiences and frustrations before achieving the successes for which they are now know. A terrifically great read, "Famous Failures" is especially recommended for anyone getting discouraged about overcoming the seeming failures in their own lives and career paths.
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Author:Dunford, Michael
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
Date:Apr 1, 2007
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