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Familiar faces.


Bradley Shane Woodard, 2, looks ready for anything! Bradley has Down syndrome Down syndrome, congenital disorder characterized by mild to severe mental retardation, slow physical development, and characteristic physical features. Down syndrome affects about 1 in every 730 live births and occurs in all populations equally.  and underwent heart surgery at 6 months of age to correct an atrioventricular canal defect atrioventricular canal defect Cardiology A VSD located near the junction of the mitral and tricuspid valves. See Congenital heart disease, Ventricular septal defect. . Bradley attends preschool and receives physical, occupational, and speech therapies. According to his parents, Abbie and Shane, he is a "people person" and touches the lives of everyone he meets. The family make their home in Tallahassee, FL.



Victoria Solorzano, 4 years old on April 1, is sitting pretty! Victoria was born with arthrogryposis arthrogryposis /ar·thro·gry·po·sis/ (ahr?thro-gri-po´sis) persistent flexure of a joint.

1. The permanent fixation of a joint in a contracted position.
, a congenital disorder affecting the limbs, and cannot walk or move her arms. She is in pre-K and according to her mom, Christina, is very bright. She loves playing with her little brother, Daniel, 18 months, and she also enjoys swinging, splashing her feet in her baby pool, and painting (she paints with the paint brush in her mouth). The children live with their mom and dad, Douglas, in Miami-Dade, FL.



Daniel Patrick Holm, 2, looks like one happy guy! Daniel has Down syndrome and, according to his parents, Joe and Mary, is a pioneer at his daycare center. He was the first baby with a disability to attend the center, and because of the positive experience his caregivers are having, two other infants with Down syndrome are attending as well. His mom says, "Everyone remarks about what a cute boy he is, and his father and I couldn't agree more!" Daniel and his parents live in Omaha, NE.



Devin Wackter (left), and Grace Walline, both 1, are best friends! Both girls have Down syndrome and attend the Lee Ann Britian Development Center. Devin likes to play with her dog, make music, and sing. She lives with her mom and dad, Carla and Pat, in Shawnee Mission, KS. Grace, who is adopted, loves playing the drums and emptying mom's tupperware drawer! Grace has four brothers: Jordan, 13; Kyle, 10; Grant, 8 (who also has Down syndrome); and Berkley, 5. The children live with their mom and dad, Melissa and Tim in Overland Park, KS.



Devon Victor, 5, smiles for the camera. Devon has full trisomy trisomy /tri·so·my/ (tri´so-me) the presence of an additional (third) chromosome of one type in an otherwise diploid cell (2n + 1). See also entries under syndrome. triso´mic

 13 with translocation translocation /trans·lo·ca·tion/ (trans?lo-ka´shun) the attachment of a fragment of one chromosome to a nonhomologous chromosome. Abbreviated t.  5 and 13. His parents, Penny and Joe, were told that Devon would not be able to sit up, crawl, walk, talk, or grow properly. Penny says that instead, he has done all of these things! Devon attends a multi-varied exceptionalities kindergarten at Starke Elementary School in DeLand, FL, and loves learning. He also enjoys Barney, Pooh Bear, food, and Stuart Little. He has an older brother, Nicholas, 10. The family live in DeLand, FL.



Jonathan Hunter Carrington, 3, stands tall with the help of his nurse, Dennis Rushing. Jonathan had a reaction to the hepatitis B vaccine hepatitis B vaccine
n. Abbr. HB
A vaccine prepared from the inactivated surface antigen of the hepatitis B virus and used to immunize against hepatitis B.
, experienced brain death three times, and now has spastic spastic /spas·tic/ (spas´tik)
1. of the nature of or characterized by spasms.

2. hypertonic, so that the muscles are stiff and movements awkward.

 quadriplegic quadriplegic /quad·ri·ple·gic/ (-ple´jik)
1. of, pertaining to, or characterized by quadriplegia.

2. an individual with quadriplegia.
 cerebral palsy cerebral palsy (sərē`brəl pôl`zē), disability caused by brain damage before or during birth or in the first years, resulting in a loss of voluntary muscular control and coordination. , cortical blindness cortical blindness
Loss of sight due to an organic lesion in the visual cortex.
, and a severe seizure disorder. Dennis helps Jonathan with daily therapy and care. Jonathan enjoys rocking, being tickled, and has started to enjoy toys. Jonathan's parents, Tammy and Fred, say he is very proud of himself when he can stand and hold his head up. Jonathan is, according to his mom, "a true blessing--our miracle boy." He and his parents live in Diboll, TX.

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