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Fairmont Hotel provides state-of-the art messaging services.

To provide the high quality of service required of a five-star hotel, management must constantly be alert to ways to make their guests' stays more pleasant.

That's why the management of the elegant Fairmont Hotels has added voice messaging to three of their five locations. Voice messaging or voice mail allows users to store, send, receive, broadcast, redirect and communicate with voice messages through touchtone telephones.

The world-renowned Fairmont Hotels have about 600 rooms in their flagship San Francisco hotel, 550 in Dallas, 700 in Chicago, and 550 in their new San Jose location. These hotels are members of the prestigious group of grand hotels, the Leading Hotels of the World. In addition, Fairmont operates a grand hotel in New rleans.

In keeping with its commitment to personal service, the Fairmont has always provided good message service for its guests. Hotel management, however, found that voice messaging offered something its operators couldn't--the opportunity for its guests to hear a confidential message in the caller's own voice. So the Fairmont installed the VoiceMemo voice messaging system from Centigram Communications Corp., San Jose, Calif., in the summer of 1989.

Here's how it works. A caller is greeted by a personal operator who rings the guest's room. If there is no answer, the call is forwarded to the guest's "voice mailbox" which corresponds to the person's room number. The caller is given the choice to leave a message on the system to return to the operator. Most choose to leave their messages on the system. The guest's message waiting light is lit and the guest hits a key to retrieve the message.

"Our message taking service has always been good, but voice messaging is more personal," says David Marks, national director of advertising and marketing programs. "People like getting the full, complete message in the caller's own words. It avoids any errors and provides the ultimate in messaging services."

Response from guests, many of whom are business travelers for whom messages are a top priority, has been positive.

One reason guests like the system is the added privacy it provides. The hotel has even developed a twofold system to assure that guests do not receive someone else's messages. After a room has been vacated for four hours, a personal computer attached to the VoiceMemo system erases the messages. Once housekeeping has updated the room to ready-for-occupancy status, the system erases the messages again, a double safeguard to protect privacy.

The Fairmont is so pleased with the system, hotel management is planning to expand its use for administrative purposes and to install it in its Dallas and New Orleans locations, as well as in its new hotel due to open in Washington, D.C., this year.

"The Fairmont offers many special services, such as 24-hour room service, award-winning restaurants and state-of-the-art fitness centers. Voice messaging is simply a logical extension of our commitment to providing the best for our guests," says Richard Swig, president and CEO.
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Date:Mar 1, 1991
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