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Facts of My Life.

Dave Sandall

Name: Dave Sandall

Marital status marital status,
n the legal standing of a person in regard to his or her marriage state.
: Married to wife Gaynor.

Children: Stephanie, aged six, Richard, aged four.

Age: 47.

Birth Place: Solihull.

Address: Acocks Green Acocks Green is an area and ward of south Birmingham, England. It is named after the Acock family who built a large house in the area in 1370. Acocks Green is one of the four wards making up Yardley formal district. Nowadays, it is written without an apostrophe. , Birmingham.

Occupation/Job title: Associate with Philip Baker solicitors in Birmingham. Founded the Midlands branch of the Tony Hancock Anthony John Hancock (12 May 1924 – 24 June 1968) was a major figure in British television and radio comedy in the 1950s and 1960s, known as Tony Hancock. Early life and career  Society in 1985. In 1996 represented the society and other fan clubs on a committee which raised pounds 40,000 to put up a statue of Hancock in Birmingham. The committee was organised by drink and drug organisation Turning Point, and also raised pounds 10,000 for the charity. The statue has just been moved into the new Old Square development.

Three words to describe yourself? Happy, contented workaholic work·a·hol·ic
One who has a compulsive and unrelenting need to work.

When was the last time you cried and why? When my dad, Charles, died 25 years ago.

What do you carry with you? Money, because I like a pint of real ale real ale

Chiefly Brit beer that has fermented in the barrel

real ale ncerveza elaborada tradicionalmente

real ale real n
 when I'm not driving. I also wear a Hancock tie when I can.

What would you have written on your headstone? Forever Young. I don't believe in the concept of ageing.

Name three things you couldn't live without? Hancock, my family and real ale.

Who is the woman of your dreams? Raquel Welch Jo Raquel Tejada (born September 5 1940), best known by her stage name Raquel Welch, is an American actress who reached fame during the 1960s. Early life .

What is your most prized possession and why? A book of Hancock scripts signed by writers Alan Galton and Ray Simpson. It was presented to me by the Chamberlain Hotel in Birmingham.

Your best feature (looks or personality)? I try to be happy.

Your worst feature (looks or personality)? I can have a short temper Noun 1. short temper - a feeling of resentful anger
irascibility, quick temper, spleen

bad temper, ill temper - a persisting angry mood

Who was your first kiss? It was so long ago I can't remember.

Who is your best friend? Dave Martin There have been several people named Dave Martin:
  • Dave Martin, a guitarist for 13 Winters
  • Dave Martin, a writer for the television program Doctor Who
  • Dave Martin, a Chicago White Sox broadcaster
. I met him when I was working in Birmingham council's housing department.

Have you had plastic surgery/would you consider it? I've never had it, and it's never occurred to me. I've got big, flappy ears and I'm stuck with them.

Have you ever broken the law? Haven't we all? I was fined for speeding in 1972.

Have you ever been unfaithful? No.

What is your favourite room in the house and why? The front room. It's so peaceful when the children aren't in there.

When was the last time you wanted the ground to open up and swallow you? When I was a young man I got drunk and a police officer threatened to arrest me if I didn't disappear instantly.
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jul 19, 1998
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