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Facing the bevel.

Prepzilla MILLHOG I.D. Clamping clamping (klamp´ing) in the measurement of insulin secretion and action, the infusion of a glucose solution at a rate adjusted periodically to maintain a predetermined blood glucose concentration.  End Prep Tool can bevel bevel,
n the inclination that one surface makes with another when not at right angles; in cavity preparation, a cut that produces an angle of more than 90° with a cavity wall.
 and face in one operation, including any degree of end prep and compound bevels. It can produce end preps on all wall thicknesses at any angle, without cutting oils, and is suitable for hard-to-machine materials such as Super Duplex and P91. Featuring one mandrel mandrel /man·drel/ (man´dril) the shaft on which a dental tool is held in the dental handpiece, for rotation by the dental engine.

man·drel or man·dril
 and eight sets of interchangeable clamps, it is suitable for pipe from 1-1/2" I.D. to 8-5/8" O.D. Capable of counter-boring for aligning different schedules of pipe, the tool comes as a complete kit with clamp ribs and pads, a hose and filter, lubricator, and a metal carrying case. It is powered by a 2 hp motor with direct-drive gears supported by dual-opposed tapered roller bearings Tapered roller bearings are bearings that can take large axial forces (i.e. they are good thrust bearings) as well as being able to sustain large radial forces.

. Esco Tool

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