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q Leeds, Cockpit THE ATARIS

q Leeds, Oporto TENDERLOIN

q Huddersfield, Head of Steam "Groove night" with JON TAYLOR & special guests

q Huddersfield, Horseshoe Bar "live reggae band"

q Huddersfield, Town Hall (1pm) DANIEL MOULT

q Manchester, Academy 2/3 MUMMRA

q Manchester, Night & Day MILES HUNT & ERICA NOCKALLS

q Manchester, Star & Garter GO IT ALONE + Verse + Justice + Deal With It

q Leeds, Cockpit TIGER ARMY + Deadline + Buzzkill

q Leeds, Josephs Well EXIT BY NAME + Hot Prophecy + Cotheria + Himalayan Spyplane

q Leeds, Mixing Tin BOOM BIP + Bracken + Random Number

q Huddersfield, The Parish "Asylum"

q Paddock, Angel Inn "Country & Western Night" feat. RON BLYTHE

q Queensbury, Junction Inn MR T

q Shipley, Rosse "acoustic jam session"

q Sowerby Bridge, Puzzle Hall Inn "Jazz Live" feat. LA TIMBALA (latin/jazz jam session)

q Sheffield, Corporation THE GHOST OF A THOUSAND

q Sheffield, Leadmill MUMMRA

q Doncaster, Leopard ZICO CHAIN

q Manchester, Academy 2/3 THE ATARIS + Last Days Of April + The X Certs

q Manchester, Club Academy THE HUSSYS

q Manchester, Night & Day THE JAI ALAI SAVANT


q Leeds, Cockpit THE SWING MOVEMENT + The Vectors + The Chiara L's, (10.30pm) "Panic" feat. DRAGONETTE

q Leeds, Rios WILDHEARTS + G.U.Medicine

q Leeds, University, Refectory NEW FOUND GLORY

q Leeds, University, Stylus THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA

q Leeds, Wire HELL IS FOR HEROES + Fortune Favours

q Huddersfield, Head of Steam "live jazz"

q Huddersfield, Horseshoe "jam session"

q Huddersfield, University, SU MILBURN + One Night Only

q Huddersfield, Zephyr ROGER DAVIES

q Lindley, Bar Barcelona RAFAEL ORTOGA

q Sheffield, Corporation A SILVER MT. ZION + Josh T Pearson

q Sheffield, Hallam FM Arena DEEP PURPLE + Styx + Thin Lizzy

q Sheffield, Plug LOU LOU Louisville (Kentucky)
LOU Hello You (email slang)
LOU Ley Orgánica de Universidades
LOU Letter of Understanding
LOU Loss of Use
LOU Limited Official Use
LOU Letter of Undertaking
 RHODES + Karima Francis + Neil McSweeney

q Manchester, Academy 2 BRETT ANDERSON

q Manchester, Bridgewater Hall TONY BENNETT

q Preston, 53 Degrees THE SUNSHINE UNDERGROUND + Datarock

q Leeds, Cockpit SAOSIN

q Leeds, Packhorse INDICA INDICA Indian Car (name of the all Indian car from House of Tatas)  RITUAL + That F*cking Tank + The Geordie Approach (Chris Sharkey)

q Huddersfield, Albert Hotel "open mic night"

q Huddersfield, Tokyo Inertia, drum 'n' bass and hip hop, 10pm to 4am. Entry pounds 5 with NUS card and flier, pounds 6 without.

q Huddersfield, Bar Andalucia RAFAEL ORTOGA (with flamenco troupe)

q Huddersfield, HD One "Casablanca Night" (live piano music)

q Huddersfield, Rock Caf MID LIFE CRISIS

q Huddersfield, Station Tavern "folk/acoustic night"

q Huddersfield, Zephyr THE INVENTION

q Brighouse, Barge "jam session" with BRUCE

q Halifax, Square Chapel JO KING (Frank Sinatra tribute)

q Barkisland, Fleece Inn OBSCURITY KNOCKS

q Hebden Bridge, Marshals Bar "open mic night"

q Hebden Bridge, Picture House GEOFF SMITH (performing live soundtrack to 'Haxan')

q Sowerby Bridge, Puzzle Hall Inn BRUZE

q Sowerby Bridge, The Works "acoustic singer/songwriter night"

q Sheffield, Corporation THE WILDHEARTS + GU Medicine

q Manchester, Academy 2/3 THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA

q Manchester, Academy 2/3 TIGER ARMY DEADLINE

q Manchester, Bridgewater Hall THE WATERBOYS

q Manchester, Ritz NORTHSIDE + Domino Bones (feauturing Bez)

q Leeds, Cockpit MUMMRA + Ripchord + Dead!Dead!Dead!

q Leeds, Faversham 4HERO

q Leeds, Holy Trinity Church Holy Trinity Church, or variations on the name, may refer to: Churches
In Australia:
  • Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide
In Bulgaria:
  • Church of the Holy Trinity, Svishtov
In Canada:
  • Church of the Holy Trinity, Toronto
 COLLEEN + Triosk + Bracken

q Wakefield, Escobar MC DEVVO & SHADY PIEZ + Micky P Kerr + Intergalactic Urungatang

q Huddersfield, Gasworks gas·works  
pl.n. (used with a sing. verb)
A factory where gas for heating and lighting is produced. Also called gashouse.


a factory in which coal gas is made

 SEATLLE JAM (Grunge tribute)

q Huddersfield, Lockwood KINGPIN

q Huddersfield, The Parish, P2 THE SCARAMANGA SIX + Mother Vulpine

q Brighouse, Barge SOLD OUT

q Brighouse, Ritz Ballroom LENNEROCKERS

q Holmfirth, Picturedrome "May Day Weekend Freebie" feat. NORTHERN BEATS

q Halifax, Bar 15 THE VOODOOS

q Halifax, Royal Oak "The Doghouse" feat. HEADS WE DANCE + The Vectors + The Hoover Dams

q Halifax, The Shay SPUNKSTERS

q Halifax, Square Chapel MUGENKYO TAIKO
The unrelated word Taikō (太閤) is a title given to a retired Kampaku regent in Japan. In a narrow sense, taikō would refer to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a more common usage.

q Hebden Bridge, Trades Club PAMA PAMA Professional Aviation Maintenance Association
PAMA Performing Arts Medicine Association
PAMA Pulse-Address Multiple Access
PAMA Power Aware Multiprocessor Architecture
PAMA Pediatric, Adolescent, and Maternal AIDS branch (US NIH) 

q Ripponden, Golden Lion Hotel SHRINE OF THE MONKEY

q Barnsley, Arches "BOM Night" feat. THE HEADLINERS + Andy Shades with 3 Wise Men + The Dendrites + Latte

q Manchester, Academy 2/3 THE WILDHEARTS

q Manchester, Academy 2/3 POLYTECHNIC

q Leeds, Brudenell Social Club HOLLY GOLIGHTY & THE BROKEOFFS

q Leeds, Cockpit THE COMPLETE STONE ROSES (tribute)

q Leeds, Mixing Tin THE VECTORS + Zetlands + The Debut + Vague

q Bradford, Love Apple "All Togerther Now! Antifascist fundraiser" feat. ANALOG BOMBS + 6 Fingered Man + Groovement + Aviator Ray + Sol Ray + United Voices Gospel Choir + Imani Hekima + M62 Goddam god´dam

adj. 1. A more intense and vulgar form of darned; - often taken as profane and offensive.

Adj. 1. goddam
! + Working With Kenzi + Edgey The Busker + Nick Toczek

q Huddersfield, Gasworks 3MILEHIGH + Marrizon

q Huddersfield, Irish Centre BELT OF THE CELTS The following pages provide lists of nations or people of Celtic origin, arranged by branch of Celtic ethnicity or language grouping:

Goidelic Celts
  • list of Irish people
  • list of Scots
  • list of Manx people
Brythonic Celts

q Huddersfield, Lockwood COLD FLAME

q Huddersfield, The West "WestStock Westival" feat. MR SHIRAZ + Pinpim + Pretty Machine + Uprooters + The Skunx + Chindits + Evil Eye

q Batley, Frontier THE UPPATONES

q Brighouse, Barge BACCHANALIANS

q Brighouse, George GRUMPY OLD MEN

q Brighouse, Ritz Ballroom PENTAGON

q Lindley, Bay Horse FRIENDS OF DAVE A file sharing program from Thursby Software Systems, Inc., Arlington, TX ( that allows a Macintosh to share files with a PC. Designed specifically for and needing installation only on the Mac, DAVE works with Microsoft's native SMB/CIFS file sharing protocols and uses  

q Marsden, New Inn MURDOCH

q Halifax, The Shay TRUE BRIT

q Sowerby Bridge, Puzzle Hall Inn (from 4pm) "The Annual Puzzle Peoples Music Festival" feat. FALKCONETTI + Rob Holden + Instant Species + Martin & Ruth + Edward Molby

q Barnsley, Carter's Old Number 7 "Cherry Bomb Disco" feat. MOTHER AND THE ADDICTS + The Real Dolls + The Cubical cu·bi·cal  
1. Cubic.

2. Of or relating to volume.

cubi·cal·ly adv.

q Manchester, Academy 3 LOU RHODES

q Leeds, Cockpit (6pm) "Slam Dunk & Party House Records" present ZEBRAHEAD + Fandangle + Mr Shiraz + Make It Better Later

q Leeds, Josephs Well THE MEN THEY COULDN'T HANG

q Leeds, Metropolitan University RISE AGAINST

q Huddersfield, Horseshoe (6pm) DANCIN' FLY + "Jam session" with VICTOR BROX

q Huddersfield, Station Tavern (aft) KING BZ

q Huddersfield, The West "WestStock Westival" feat. ROBOCHRIST + Evisceration evisceration /evis·cer·a·tion/ (e-vis?er-a´shun)
1. removal of the abdominal viscera.

2. removal of the contents of the eyeball, leaving the sclera.

 + Silent Massacre + Blacklisted + Crawe + Taurus + Tetsuo Project

q Huddersfield, Yates's SNOW BYRDS BYRDS Boise Young Rider Development Squad (Idaho)  

q Hepworth, Butchers Arms STILL NO NAME

q Halifax, Fagins "open mic"

q Halifax, Square Chapel DUE VOCI AND FRIENDS

q Hebden Bridge, Nelson's "open mic"

q Ogden, Causeway Foot Inn "folk session"

q Sowerby Bridge, Puzzle Hall Inn (from 4pm) "The Annual Puzzle Peoples Music Festival" feat. BABY LONG LEGS + Ian Alveston Little Band + The Scaramanga Six + Gina Dootson + Little Chief

q Sowerby Bridge, The Wharf (aft) "jam session"

q Manchester, Academy 2 THE MACCABEES
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