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SACRED HEART MEDICAL CENTER Sacred Heart Medical Center may refer to:

In the United States:
  • Sacred Heart Medical Center — Eugene, Oregon
  • Sacred Heart Medical Center — Spokane, Washington
See also
  • Sacred Heart Hospital (disambiguation)


April 4, 2005

Ross - Lisa and Phillip Ross, of Bend, twin daughters.

April 5, 2005

Baxley - Monica Shovlin and Christian Baxley, of Eugene, a son.

April 6, 2005

Fitzpatrick - Jessica and Michael Fitzpatrick Michael Fitzpatrick may refer to:
  • Michael J. Fitzpatrick, a member of the New York State Assembly
  • Mike Fitzpatrick, a Republican U.S. Politician from from Pennsylvania
  • Mike Fitzpatrick (footballer), Australian rules footballer, administrator and businessman
, of Eugene, a daughter.

Lemley - Jessica and Mark Lemley Jr., of Springfield, a son.

Love - Maria and Scott Love, of Eugene, a son.

April 7, 2005

Fowler - Christy and Jeffery Fowler, of Eugene, a son.

Robbins - Carrie and Richard Robbins, of Eugene, a daughter.

Sedano Joye - Sally Joye and Cesar Sedano, of Springfield, a daughter.

Wallace - Ezrah Wallace, of Eugene, a son.

Wikoff - Shawna Solomon, of Creswell, and Jarrett Wikoff, of Lowell, a daughter.

April 8, 2005

Cordell - Emily Urcivoli and Joshua Cordell, of Veneta, a daughter.

Hartvigson - Julee and Matt Hartvigson, of Eugene, a daughter.

Hoke hoke  
tr.v. hoked, hok·ing, hokes Slang
To give an impressive but artificial, false, or deceptive quality to: hoked up some phony allegations.
 - Virginia and Trevor Hoke, of Eugene, a daughter.

Murphy - Karie and Martin Murphy Martin Murphy (1832- ? ) was a Canadian civil engineer. He was born in County Wexford, Ireland, was educated at his public schools and privately, and began engineering work in 1852 on the Midland Great Western Railway. , of Springfield, a son.

Roybal - Karen and Steven Roybal, of Springfield, a son.

Sickles - Nicole and Steven Sickles, of Eugene, a son.

Smith - Sandra and Roy Smith Roy Smith (born August 6, 1944 in Victoria, British Columbia - died February 26, 2004) is a former NASCAR driver. His career lasted 13 years, although he only was involved in 26 races. He had 4 top 10 finishes and no wins. , of Springfield, a son.

Tracer - Michele and Brandon Tracer, of Junction City Junction City, city (1990 pop. 20,604), seat of Geary co., NE Kans., at the confluence of the Republican and Smoky Hill rivers; inc. 1859. The rail, trade, and processing center of an agricultural and dairy area, it grew as the supply point for nearby Fort Riley, , a son.

Hardman - Mandy and Raymond Hardman, of Eugene, a daughter.

April 9, 2005

Baxter - Tanya and Eric Baxter, of Westfir, a daughter.

Gallardo Gomez - Hortencia Gomez Marin and Isidro Gallardo Salgado, of Springfield, a son.

Shannon - Rachel and Jason Shannon, of Eugene, a daughter.

Thomas - Josey and Jeff Thomas, of Eugene, a son.

April 10, 2005

Barger - Deanne and Devan Barger, of Eugene, a daughter.

Bigelow - Shanette Mendiola and Ryan Bigelow, of Eugene, a son.

Feighery - Gyna Redmond and Timothy Feighery, of Eugene, a daughter.

Manicke - Rhiannon and Eric Manicke, of Reedsport, a son.

Robbins - Heather and Michael Robbins Michael Robbins (November 14 1930 - December 11 1992) was a British actor known for his television work. Formerly a bank clerk, he became an actor after appearing in amateur dramatic performances in Hitchin in Hertfordshire, where he lived at the time. , of Springfield, a son.

Wilson - Billie and Stephen Wilson, of Cottage Grove Cottage Grove, village (1990 pop. 22,935), Washington co., SE Minn., near the St. Croix River; inc. 1965. There is farming (cattle, sheep, corn, and soybeans) and manufacturing (chemicals and machinery). , a daughter.

April 11, 2005

Atkerson - Elizabeth and Jason Atkerson, of Springfield, a son.

Hallmark - Mindy and Albert Hallmark, of Oakridge, a daughter.

Reigles - Wendy Bost and Michael Reigles, of Eugene, a daughter.

Tucker - Stacy and Justin Tucker, of Eugene, a son.

April 12, 2005

Jones - Debra Smith, of Creswell, a daughter.


Adams - Lee R. Adams, 53, of Springfield, died April 6. Poole-Larsen Funeral Home, Eugene, in charge of arrangements.

Aitken - William G. Aitken, 84, of Eugene, died April 14. Andreason's Cremation cremation, disposal of a corpse by fire. It is an ancient and widespread practice, second only to burial. It has been found among the chiefdoms of the Pacific Northwest, among Northern Athapascan bands in Alaska, and among Canadian cultural groups.  & Burial Service The religious service performed at the interment of the dead; a funeral service.
That portion of a liturgy which is read at an interment; as, the English burial service s>.

See also: Burial Burial
, Eugene, in charge of arrangements.

Bracy - Clay R. Bracy, 80, of Oakridge, died April 14. Buell Funeral Chapel, Springfield, in charge of arrangements.

Cowles - Jason L. Cowles, 81, of Eugene, died April 14. No service is planned. England's Eugene Memorial Chapel in charge of arrangements.

Crites - Jonathan Lee Crites, 35, of Veneta, died April 10. The graveside grave·side  
The area beside a grave.
 funeral will be at 11 a.m. Monday at Lane Memorial Gardens. Musgrove Family Mortuary, Eugene, in charge of arrangements.

Greene - Pauline H. Greene, 95, of Eugene, died April 15. Poole-Larsen Funeral Home, Eugene, in charge of arrangements.

Hagen - Arthur "Ted" Hagen Jr., 85, of Springfield, died April 12. Visitation will be from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 24 at Springfield Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home. The funeral will be at 2 p.m. April 24 at the funeral home, with burial on April 25 at Springfield Memorial Gardens.

Holloway - Ella Jane Holloway, 89, of Junction City, died April 14. The funeral will be at 1 p.m. Tuesday at Murphy-Musgrove Funeral Home, Junction City.

Hooton - E.W. "Gene" Hooton, 84, of Creswell, died Feb. 6, and his wife, Rhea rhea, in zoology
rhea (rē`ə), common name for a South American bird of the family Rheidae, which is related to the ostrich. Weighing from 44 to 55 lb (20–25 kg) and standing up to 60 in.
 Hooton, 87, died Dec. 2, 2004. A celebration of life will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday at Emerald Valley Golf Club, Creswell.

Pimentel - Carl D. Pimentel, 72, of Harrisburg, died April 13. Visitation will be from 9 a.m. to noon Monday at Murphy-Musgrove Funeral Home, Junction City. The funeral will be at 1 p.m. Monday at the First Christian Church First Christian Church can refer to:
  • First Christian Church, Winfield, Kansas Website
  • First Christian Church, Athens, Alabama
  • First Christian Church, Little Rock, Arkansas
  • First Christian Church, Lonoke, Arkansas
, 1250 Nyssa St., Junction City, with burial to follow at Franklin Cemetery.

Marriage license applications

April 14, 2005

Rodolfo M. Guerrero, 32, and Angela J. Barnhart, 33, both of Eugene.

Ivan Joaquin, 22, of Springfield, and Tabitha R. Mercado, 19, of Eugene.

Daniel R. Kelly, 44, and Rebecca L. Hamilton, 48, both of Vida.

Robert S. Luke, 38, and Barbara J. Olson, 28, both of Eugene.

James B. Pitney, 84, and Betty L. Pipes, 80, both of Junction City.

Robert L. South, 20, and Jennifer L. Koroush, 20, both of Harrisburg.

Johnathan W.G. Warfield, 21, and Crystal J. Busch, 20, both of Eugene.

Ladd P. Weiland, 39, of Palmer, Alaska Palmer is a city in and the borough seat of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough in the U.S. state of Alaska. As of the 2000 census, the population of the city was 4,533. 2005 Census Bureau estimates give the city a population of 6,920. , and Jolyne R. Bennett, 49, of Seattle.

Dissolutions of marriage

April 7, 2005

Patricia P.S. and Timothy W. Adal; Sharon L. and Garlan C. Burman; Sabrina L. and Andrew D. Tanner; Donnal L. and John A. Wilcox.

April 8, 2005

Jane E. and Bryan D. Gaston; William E. and Ina L. Kasper; Patricia A. and Donald G. McLane; Rodney A. and Shannon M. Nissen.

April 11, 2005

Tracy and Manuel Venegas Reyes; Charlene M. and Lon Rhoads Sr.; Jane A. Rittenhouse and Andrew M. Philliips; Ana D. Castellanos Salas and Ubaldo A. Castellanos Carrasco.

April 12, 2005

David R. and Michele G. Hansen; Cori L. and Ryan S. Kelley; Denise B. and Tracy A. Romans.

April 14, 2005

David R. Lechnyr and Michelle K. Jensen.

Circuit Court complaints filed

April 12, 2005

Consolidated Credit Services Inc. vs. Brandon A. Crump and Cara M. Crump, also known as Cara M. Lawson. Plaintiff alleges breach of contract. Suit seeks $6,836.

April 13, 2005

Commerce and Industry Insurance Co., a member company of American International Group
"AIG" redirects here. For other uses, see AIG (disambiguation).

American International Group, Inc. (AIG) (NYSE: AIG; TYO: 8685 ) is a major American insurance corporation based in New York City.
 Inc., vs. Edward C. Hanson. Plaintiff alleges breach of contract. Suit seeks $29,052.

Green Tree Servicing LLC (Logical Link Control) See "LANs" under data link protocol.

LLC - Logical Link Control
, formerly known as Green Tree Acceptance Inc. Servicer, vs. Steve P. Nastasiuk and Mary Ann Nastasiuk. Plaintiff alleges breach of contract. Suit seeks $17,236 and foreclosure.

April 14, 2005

Leslie Walter Roberts Walter Roberts (born February 15, 1942 in Texarkana, Texas) was an American football wide receiver in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns, the New Orleans Saints, and the Washington Redskins. He played college football for San Jose State University.  vs. American Title Group Inc., Stewart Title Guaranty As a verb, to agree to be responsible for the payment of another's debt or the performance of another's duty, liability, or obligation if that person does not perform as he or she is legally obligated to do; to assume the responsibility of a guarantor; to warrant.  Co., and Stewart Title Insurance Co. of Oregon, and Does 1 through 4. Plaintiff alleges breach of contract and negligence. Suit seeks $100,000.

Gary Marshall vs. Herb Lemon; Jon Tronrud; and Jaytee Co., doing business as Valley Investment Properties. Plaintiff alleges breach of contract. Suit seeks $5,500.

Man-Data Inc., doing business as Pacific Coast Credit, vs. Paul Welburn. Plaintiff alleges breach of contract. Suit seeks $5,487.

Kimberly Kettler and Michael Kettler vs. PeaceHealth, doing business as PeaceHealth Medical Group. Plaintiff alleges defendant's negligence resulted in personal injury. Suit seeks economic damages of $444,791 and noneconomic damages of $50,000.
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