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SACRED HEART MEDICAL CENTER Sacred Heart Medical Center may refer to:

In the United States:
  • Sacred Heart Medical Center — Eugene, Oregon
  • Sacred Heart Medical Center — Spokane, Washington
See also
  • Sacred Heart Hospital (disambiguation)


April 24, 2003

Goin-Gignac - Selina Goin of Springfield, and Gregory Gignac, of Eugene, a son.

May 5, 2003

Jordon-Wells - Delonda Jordon and Ian Wells, of Eugene, a son.

Warwick - Ruth and David Warwick David Warwick is a British actor, popular in the 1970s, best known for his recurring role in BBC television sitcom, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin.

He also appeared in an episode of Yes Minister; and had guest roles in the Doctor Who
, of Eugene, a son.

May 6, 2003

Hubbard - Karin and Eric Hubbard, of Eugene, a son.

Merwin - Carmen Carmen

throws over lover for another. [Fr. Lit.: Carmen; Fr. Opera: Bizet, Carmen, Westerman, 189–190]

See : Faithlessness


the cards repeatedly spell her death. [Fr.
 Young-Merwin and Phil Merwin, of Eugene, a son.

Wood - Melissa and Larry Wood, of Springfield, a son.

May 7, 2003

Cloe-Thayer - Chelsie Cloe and Michael Thayer, of Junction City Junction City, city (1990 pop. 20,604), seat of Geary co., NE Kans., at the confluence of the Republican and Smoky Hill rivers; inc. 1859. The rail, trade, and processing center of an agricultural and dairy area, it grew as the supply point for nearby Fort Riley, , a son.

Hanson - Melissa Hanson, of Springfield, a son.

Johnson - Lindsay and Josh Johnson This article is about Josh Johnson the American baseball player. For Josh Johnson the watchmaker, see Joseph Johnson (watch maker).

Joshua Michael Johnson
, of Harrisburg, a daughter.

Morrill - Kristen and Clint Morrill, of Springfield, a daughter.

Stoddard - Kari Stoddard, of Walterville, a daughter.

White - Shiara and Adam White Adam White (April 29, 1817 – January 4, 1879) was a Scottish zoologist. Biography
White was born in Edinburgh. He became acquainted with John Edward Gray, Keeper of Zoology at the British Museum.
, of Springfield, a daughter.

May 8, 2003

Benedict-Coleman - Meadow Benedict, of Springfield, and Rolland Coleman, of Eugene, a son.

Brooks - Visnja and Lance Brooks, of Eugene, a son.

Christopherson - Autumn and Tyler Christopherson, of Eugene, a daughter.

Leone - Lynette Leone and Robert Knudtson, of Eugene, a son.

Machado - Anna and Luis Machado, of Cottage Grove Cottage Grove, village (1990 pop. 22,935), Washington co., SE Minn., near the St. Croix River; inc. 1965. There is farming (cattle, sheep, corn, and soybeans) and manufacturing (chemicals and machinery). , a daughter.

Martin - Lillie and Ernie Martin, of Cottage Grove, a daughter.

Robinson-Ramirez - Tammy Robinson and Luis Ramirez
This article is about a murderer. For the NASCAR driver, see Jose Luis Ramirez (NASCAR).
For the boxer, see José Luis Ramírez.

Luis Ramirez
, of Springfield, a daughter.

Skolnick - Sally and Benjamin Skolnick, of Eugene, a son.

Skortman - Sarah and Nathan Skortman, of Eugene, a son.

May 10, 2003

Foppe - Julie and Stacey Foppe, of Springfield, a son.

Mota - Beth and Dionisio Mota, of Springfield, a son.

Palmer - Genevieve and Joseph Palmer Joseph Palmer (1716-1788) was a General during the Revolutionary War.

He was born in England and emigrated to Massachusetts in 1746 with his brother-in-law. In 1752 they built a glassworks in Germantown, now a part of Quincy, Massachusetts.
, of Creswell, a daughter.



May 5, 2003

Palmer-Yeoman - Brittany Palmer and Jason Yeoman yeoman (yō`mən), class in English society. The term has always been ill-defined, but generally it means a freeholder of a lower status than gentleman who cultivates his own land. , of Eugene, a son.



May 7, 2003

Bolton - Tanya Bolton and Gerald Bolton Jr., of Florence, a daughter.


Carter - Pattricia F. "Patt" Carter, 64, of Bend, formerly of Springfield, died May 8. Visitation will be 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday at Springfield Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home. The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the funeral home. Burial will be at Springfield Memorial Gardens.

Delozier - William Delozier, 73, of Eugene, died May 10. England's Eugene Memorial Chapel in charge of arrangements.

Ewing - Gayla Marie Ewing, 47, of Eugene, died May 9. Visitation will be 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. today at Lane Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home, Eugene. The funeral will be at 1 p.m. Wednesday at the funeral home. Burial will be at Lane Memorial Gardens.

Henderson - Dorothy M. Henderson, 80, of Eugene, died May 10. Visitation will be 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday at Chapel of Memories Funeral Home, Eugene. A celebration of life will be at 11 a.m. Thursday at Bethel Bethel, in the Bible
Bethel (bĕth`əl) [Heb.,=house of God].

1 Ancient city of central Palestine, the modern Baytin, the West Bank, N of Jerusalem.
 Assembly of God Church, Springfield. Burial will be at Lane Memorial Gardens.

Holloway - Gary Holloway, 55, of Eugene, died April 28. A memorial service will be at 2 p.m. Sunday at Harvest Community Church, 2700 Gilham Road, Eugene.

Johnson - Beulah Agnes Johnson, 84, of Junction City, died May 12. Visitation will be noon to 5 p.m. Wednesday at Murphy-Musgrove Funeral Home, Junction City. The funeral will be at 11 a.m. Thursday at the First Baptist Church First Baptist Church may refer to many churches: Canada
  • First Baptist Church of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
United States
  • First Baptist Church (Bay Minette, Alabama)
  • First Baptist Church (Greenville, Alabama)
, Junction City. Burial will follow the service at Rest Lawn Memorial Park, Junction City.

Jozwiak - Wilma Jozwiak, 90, of Springfield, died May 11. Buell Funeral Chapel, Springfield, in charge of arrangements.

Malkasian - Alice M. Malkasian, 83, of Eugene, died May 12. Private inurnment will be at Sunset Hills Memorial Gardens, Eugene. England's Eugene Memorial Chapel in charge of arrangements.

Phillips - Carol Moore Carol Moore (b. 1948) is an ethicist and systems theorist best known for her theories of secession and her analysis of Mahatma Gandhi's methods as an "intuitive systems theorist".  Phillips, 47, of Reedsport, died May 6. A memorial service will be at 1 p.m. Saturday at 1860 Monroe St., Eugene. Dunes Memorial Chapel, Reedsport, in charge of arrangements.

Prociw - Delores Prociw, 79, of Eugene, died May 10. Buell Funeral Chapel, Springfield, in charge of arrangements.

Sisler - Nan Sisler, 95, of Creswell, died May 11. Buell Funeral Chapel, Springfield, in charge of arrangements.

Sonneman - Nicky Leigh "Nick" Sonneman, 59, of Eugene, died May 10. A celebration of life will be at 3 p.m. Saturday at the Church of the Harvest, Eugene. Poole-Larsen Funeral Home, Eugene, in charge of arrangements.

Marriage license applications

May 9, 2003

Brandon M. Carignan, 28, and Paula K. Mead, 37, both of Florence.

Scott M. Charters, 33, of Albany, and Lisa M. Eagen, 32, of Eugene.

Julian Gutierrez, 25, and Stephanie L. Banegas, 25, both of Springfield.

William L. Hubler, 57, and Andrea G. Walport, 54, both of Veneta.

Jerry L. Kalina, 50, of Junction City, and Lauryn M. Anderson, 41, of Eugene.

James C. Lewis, 41, and Chandra K. Gross, 39, both of Eugene.

Bronze F. Lucett, 23, and Amber E. Burson, 25, both of Harrisburg.

John W. Melcher, 34, and Pauncia M. Winningham, 27, both of McKenzie Bridge.

Norinn Men, 46, and Vanna Lim, 46, both of Eugene.

Christopher D. Noffsinger, 47, and Karen S. Douglass, 40, both of Cottage Grove.

Edward N. Powell, 34, and Michelle J. Page, 31, both of Creswell.

Dissolutions of marriage

May 6, 2003

Thomas J. and Sarah R. Brandt.

May 7, 2003

Kellee M. and David J David J. Haskins (b. April 24, 1957, in Northampton, England) is a British alternative rock musician. He was the bassist for the seminal gothic rock band Bauhaus. Life and work . Willey; Jerry A. and Marlana A. Warde; Michael C. and Debra K. Reavis.

May 8, 2003

Kevin M. and Kirsta S. McCord; Darrell G. and Kathleen M. Church; Robert W. and Gina M. Osborne.

Circuit Court complaints filed

May 7, 2003

Direct Merchants Credit Card Bank vs. Jackie J. Holderbein. Plaintiff alleges breach of contract. Suit seeks $13,840.

May 8, 2003

CTC CTC - Cornell Theory Center  Escrow Co., doing business as Cascade Escrow, vs. Salcha Enterprises Inc., doing business as Fox Fire Restaurant & Bar, and Tansy tansy (tăn`zē), perennial herb (Tanacetum vulgare) of the family Asteraceae (aster family), native to Europe but naturalized in North America.  Inc. Suit seeks an order discharging plaintiff from this action and from further liability for any claims to the escrow funds Noun 1. escrow funds - funds held in escrow
cash in hand, finances, funds, monetary resource, pecuniary resource - assets in the form of money
 deposited with the court.

Stuart Markwell and Kris Markwell vs. Mor-Than Homes Inc. Plaintiff alleges breach of contract. Suit seeks $149,371.

Terry David, Colin MacGregor and Craig Noblitt vs. A. Scott Thomas and City of Eugene. Plaintiffs allege conversion and violation of civil rights. Suit seeks return of property and damages to be determined at trial.

Thomas Von Flatern and Cathy Von Flatern, formerly known as Cathy Ellis, vs. Evona Monroe. Plaintiffs allege defendant's negligence caused a traffic accident resulting in their personal injury. Suit seeks economic damages not to exceed $55,375 and noneconomic damages of $140,000.

Sharon Young vs. Anita Chambers and Joan Westphall. Plaintiff alleges conversion of property. Suit seeks $10,000.

American Express American Express (NYSE: AXP), sometimes known as "AmEx" or "Amex", is a diversified global financial services company, headquartered in New York City. The company is best known for its credit card, charge card and traveler's cheque businesses.  Centurion Bank Centurion Bank is a wholly submerged atoll structure in the Southwest of the Chagos Archipelago. It is the southermost feature of the archipelago. It is about almost 10 km long northwest-southeast, and more than 3 km wide. The reef area is about 25 km².  vs. James G. Nelson. Plaintiff alleges breach of contract. Suit seeks $29,099.

Maureen P. Eldridge and Scott A. Eldridge vs. Michael J. Nyberg. Plaintiffs allege defendant's negligence caused a traffic accident resulting in their personal injury. Suit seeks noneconomic damages of $50,000 and economic damages of $4,120.

Floyd Baker Floyd Wilson Baker (October 10, 1916 – November 17, 2004) was a third baseman in Major League Baseball who played for the St. Louis Browns (1943-1944), Chicago White Sox (1945-1951), Washington Senators, (1952-1953), Boston Red Sox (1953-1954) and Philadelphia Phillies  and Bette Baker vs. Jakie L. Mann and Does 1-5. Plaintiffs allege fraud, negligence and breach of contract. Suit seeks damages to be determined at trial.

Misty D. Watkins vs. Angela Britt. Plaintiff alleges defendant's negligence caused a traffic accident resulting in her personal injury. Suit seeks damages of $5,500.



(From 9 p.m. Sunday

to 9 p.m. Monday)

8:57 p.m. Monday - 1888 Franklin Blvd., Eugene, trash fire, $300 damage.
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