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 JANESVILLE, Wis., April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Old newspapers, the original packaging material, are making a comeback in a new form.
 High-volume commercial shippers, which abandoned crumpled newspapers years ago in favor of plastic filler peanuts, soon may be returning to paper -- actually paper peanuts made from 100 percent recycled newsprint.
 The new paper peanuts, marketed under the Registered Trademark "Pulpnuts" by Pulptech Corporation of Janesville, Wis., provide an environmentally acceptable alternative to expanded polystyrene materials. Unlike petroleum-based plastics, Pulpnuts are made from a renewable resource, and are completely recyclable and biodegradable.
 "With more than 13 million tons of newsprint being used in the U.S. each year, we shouldn't have a shortage of raw material," said Joseph T. Pregont, president of Pulptech, which invented Pulpnuts. "With more and more states and municipalities banning paper products from landfills, there's a real need for post-consumer uses such as Pulpnuts."
 "With the rapid growth in mail-order shopping, consumers have been accumulating large volumes of plastic peanuts and have no simple and easy way to dispose of them," he said. "Pulpnuts can simply be recycled with their newspapers or composted with yard waste."
 Pulpnuts are static free and flow freely, so they are easy to use with existing packaging machinery. "With a weight of less than 12 ounces per cubic foot, they provide excellent cushioning properties, but are not as heavy or labor intensive as shredded paper," Pregont pointed out.
 Unlike cornstarch-based packaging materials, Pulpnuts do not immediately dissolve in liquids. They do not break up like popcorn, attract rodents, become rancid or leave stains on products being shipped.
 "Pulpnuts meet federal specifications for package cushioning materials," added Pregont, "and they are competitively price, compared with other environmentally friendly loose-fill packaging material.
 -0- 4/21/93
 /CONTACT: Joseph T. Pregont of Pulptech Corporation, 608-754-9211/

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Date:Apr 21, 1993

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