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FIANCE'S DEATH LED TO MY KILLER GAS MISSION; Tragic Louise's warning on carbon monoxide.

Byline: By NICK COLIGAN Political Reporter

A CITY councillor whose fiance died from carbon monoxide poisoning is spearheading a campaign against the deadly gas.

Cllr Louise Baldock lost her partner Michael Price in January 1999 when a blocked chimney sent invisible fumes into his living room.

After days of suffering flu-like symptoms, the 45-year-old's body was found by his parents at his Shropshire home.

Cllr Baldock spoke publicly of Mr Price's death for the first time after the launch of a pounds 7,500 scheme to install carbon monoxide detectors in her Kensington and Fairfield ward.

She also echoed the words of the Ogston family, of Little Nes ton, who survived a carbon monoxide leak and now want to raise awareness of the lethal substance.

Cllr Baldock, 41, of Waver-tree, said: "Michael stayed with me over Christmas and New Year, and then went back to Ludlow

"Unknown to him, some bricks had dislodged and blocked his chimney while he was away.

"The flue was blocked, but because he used smokeless fuel, he did not realise fumes were coming back into the room.

"He woke up feeling very poorly and realised he had been asleep more than 24 hours. He thought he must have flu.

"Being a typical man, he thought the best place to be was on the settee with a duvet, but unfortunately that meant he was back in the room with the stove.

"I was speaking to him frequently over the phone, but he said he did not want me to come down and look after him, which was just as well or I would probably have died as well.

"On Thursday, he did not answer the phone and I started to worry. By Friday, I knew something was wrong so rang his mother. His parents went around and found him dead on the settee.

"At first, we did not know what had killed him and it was a good few days before the post mortem revealed it was carbon monoxide poisoning."

Cllr Baldock is now campaigning to raise awareness of carbon monoxide and its causes.

She said: "People think it only comes from gas boilers, as happened to the Ogston family.

"But anything that creates carbon when it burns can cause carbon monoxide."

"I regularly ask my friends and family to make sure they have an alarm and have their chimney swept and appliances checked regularly."


VICTIM: Michael Price; SCHEME: Louise Baldock
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 2, 2007
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