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LEGENDARY bookie Freddie Williams Freddie Williams could refer to one of these individuals:
  • Frederic Calland Williams Engineer (26 June 1911. Stockport – 11 August 1977. Manchester)
  • Freddie Williams (speedway rider) speedway World Champion
  • Freddie Williams II, comics artist
 left a staggering pounds 8million in his estate.

The fortune is the subject of a bitter battle between his widow Sheila and lover Margaret Gribben.

TV regular Freddie earned the nickname Fearless by taking huge bets from high-rollers from across Europe. He lost pounds 1million in one day to racing tycoon JP McManus.

TV presenter Jim Delahunt Jim Delahunt is a sports television presenter currently with Setanta Sports. He joined Setanta Sports in August 2006 after more than eight years as anchorman of STV's Scotsport, the longest running sports programme in the world. , a close friend, said: "I'm not surprised he did so well. He worked all hours of the day and reaped the rewards."

Another pal added: "Freddie had various business interests but built this fortune at the tracks. He was at his pitch until the day before he died."

Freddie passed away in June aged 65 after suffering a heart attack.

His daughter Julie was appointed executor of his estate as he did not leave a will.

But Margaret, 56, has launched a claim on his fortune on the grounds she was his common-law wife.

Freddie's estate includes 50,000 shares - worth pounds 4.5million - in the Caledonian bottling plant Noun 1. bottling plant - a plant where beverages are put into bottles with caps
industrial plant, plant, works - buildings for carrying on industrial labor; "they built a large plant to manufacture automobiles"
 in his home town of Cumnock, Ayrshire.

His bookie shops and 11 racecourse pitches, at tracks including Ayr and Cheltenham, are worth pounds 2.4million.

He also had pounds 830,000 in reserve cash in a commercial bank account.

Freddie's Cumnock home is valued at pounds 300,000, with other personal property worth pounds 82,000.

He also left a pounds 20,000 racehorse racehorse

refers usually to thoroughbred but may also include standardbred, trotter.
, a pounds 53,500 Mercedes SL convertible, a MercedesCLK240 Avantgarde worth pounds 10,575 and pounds 3000 Citroen C3 Desire.

But Freddie's 50,000 shares and director's loan account in Glasgow's upmarket up·mar·ket  
Appealing to or designed for high-income consumers; upscale: "He turned up in well-cut clothes . . . and upmarket felt hats" New Yorker.
 78 St Vincent Street restaurant are worthless. The venue has gone into liquidation and closed.

Julie has served awrit laying claim to the pounds 3000 Citroen, which is driven by Freddie's lover's daughter, also Margaret.

She also wants to sell his home, where he lived with Margaret after divorcing Sheila in 2006. The division of the estate will be decided by the courts.

A spokesman for the Williams family said: "Freddie began life in humble circumstances and this inventory is testament to his hard work and professionalism.

"His daughters are still grieving the loss of their father and are unavailable for comment."

A source close to Margaret said: "She has the right to make a claim and intends to pursue it all the way."

Last week it was announced a race would be named after Freddie at next week's Cheltenham festival The Cheltenham Festival is the most prestigious meeting in the National Hunt racing calendar in the United Kingdom and has race prize money second only to the Grand National. .

Julie said: "This is a special honour for a very special man."


Accumulator: Freddie raked in millions of pounds by "fearlessly" accepting bets from high-rollers; Fight: Sheila, left, and Julie are out to protect Freddie's legacy
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Date:Mar 1, 2009
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