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 MENLO PARK, Calif., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Fakespace Inc. today announced shipments of the BOOM3C field-sequential, full-color immersive display to two customer sites: the NASA Ames Research Center and the Naval Research Laboratory. The BOOM3C is a binocular-like display, mounted on a counterbalanced and articulated arm, for viewing high-resolution, three-dimensional scientific visualization and virtual environment graphics created on Silicon Graphics workstations.
 The BOOM3C is the latest in a family of display products designed for high-resolution visualization applications. These displays are particularly useful in application environments requiring ease of access by multiple individuals, such as scientific research laboratories, collaborative engineering workgroups and concurrent manufacturing design centers. Groups of people can share a single BOOM to view data, without the need to "suit-up" or isolate themselves from their normal workplace. Highly accurate opto-mechanical tracking allows the user to change viewing perspective by moving the BOOM, allowing travel through a virtual environment.
 The BOOM3C shipped to NASA Ames (Moffet Field, Calif.) replaces an earlier model used in development of the Research Center's Virtual Wind Tunnel Project. The Virtual Wind Tunnel simulates air flow patterns using computer models of aerodynamic shapes and computational fluid dynamics software.
 "Color mapping of scalar date, such as temperature and pressure, is a critical component of effective simulation and visualization tools," said Steve Bryson, principal investigator in the Virtual Wind Tunnel Project. "For example, it allows visualization of air flows and their temperature gradients simultaneously, which is useful in evaluating the effects of engine placement on a jet aircraft. The availability of a full-color, three-dimensional display for viewing these simulations makes the Wind Tunnel a truly effective tool that we will soon make available to researchers outside of the NASA community."
 The BOOM3C display shipped to the Naval Research Laboratory (Washington, D.C.) is being used in the organization's Effectiveness of Naval Electronic Warfare Systems (ENEWS) effort. This project is focused on developing virtual environment simulations for the interpretation of military engagement data. The prototype system combines information from multiple electronic information sources and converts it into a three-dimensional image, enhancing intuitive understanding of the complex information.
 "With their combination of high-resolution and ease-of-access for one or more users, BOOM displays have been adopted as powerful tools for day-to-day scientific research and visualization applications," said Mark Bolas, president of Fakespace. "The full-color BOOM3C expands the range and effectiveness of these applications and we expect to see many of the development projects that use the BOOM advance into general use during 1994."
 BOOM Functionality
 BOOM displays are now available in monochrome, two-color and full-color versions. Each use two miniature, high-resolution monochrome CRTs, one for each eye, to generate a very high quality, stereoscopic image. The CRTs provide crispness, levels of shading and faster image updates than other display technologies. Interchangeable graphics options allow the user to specify the field-of-view, from 30 to 140 degrees, most suitable for their application.
 In the BOOM3C, three separate color filters are placed in front of the CRTs. The filters are synchronized to the red, green and blue color field output of the Silicon Graphics Reality Engine(TM) graphics video output. In flicker-free interlaced mode, this generates a 1280 x 960 pixel color image at each eye, avoiding the granularity of shadow mask and LCD displays.
 Mechanically, the BOOM display's CRTs and related graphics hardware are supported by a counterweighted, six degree of freedom (x, y, z, roll, pitch, yaw) arm. Optical encoders at each of the six joints provide high-speed, high precision information regarding position and orientation of the display as the viewpoint changes with user movement. Each BOOM is available in configurations for two-handed or single-hand operation as an adjunct to a computer workstation.
 Single-unit pricing for the BOOM3C is $95,000, with volume discounts available. Upgrades from earlier BOOM models are 50 percent of the single unit price, allowing the installed base of users to economically move their applications to full-color.
 NOTE: Fakespace Inc. designs and manufactures products for markets requiring high-quality, three-dimensional imaging, including image transmission from remote sites and displays of "virtual" environments created by computer simulation. Headquartered in Menlo Park, Fakespace is the leading supplier of immersive visualization systems used by individuals and groups in scientific and commercial research, development and engineering. The company's products include hardware systems, software for integrating applications into 3D visualization systems and consulting services for applications development.
 BOOM and BOOM3C are trademarks of Fakespace Inc.
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