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Experts on Italian wine honored.

The Italian Trade Commission inducted eight Distinguished Service Awards honorees into its Hall of Fame. Members of this octet An eight-bit storage unit. In the international community, octet is often used instead of byte.

(jargon, networking) octet - Eight bits. This term is used in networking, in preference to byte, because some systems use the term "byte" for things that are not 8 bits long.
 were recognized for their lifelong dedication to the appreciation, education and marketing of Italian wines Italy is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. Etruscans and Greek settlers produced wine in the country long before the Romans started developing their own vineyards in the second century BC.  in the U.S.


Hall of Fame inductees were Burton Anderson, author of The Wines of Italy; Darrell Cotti, co-owner of Cotti Brothers; Victor Hazan, author of Italian Wine; Leonardo lo Cascio, President CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board.  and founder of Winebow; Dr. John Mariani, Jr., chairman emeritus e·mer·i·tus  
Retired but retaining an honorary title corresponding to that held immediately before retirement: a professor emeritus.

n. pl.
, Banfi Vintners and Castello Banfi; Huber Opici, chairman of the board, Opici wineGroup; Piero Selvaggio, Proprietor, Valentino Ristorante; and Anthony Terlato, chairman, Terlato Wine Group.
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Title Annotation:DRINK CULTURE
Date:Mar 1, 2009
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