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As I prepare to begin my term as chair of the Board, I am mindful of all those who have preceded me in this role. The leadership of our organization has been exceptional and I only hope I am able to continue the fine tradition of those before me. After a year of serving as an apprentice in the chair-elect position, I marvel at the breadth of issues and constituencies the Society serves. Under the tutelage TUTELAGE. State of guardianship; the condition of one who is subject to the control of a guardian.  of Chair Jay Moeller and Past Chair Jim Haubrock, I gained valuable insight into the role of the chair and operations of the Society, for which I am very thankful.

Our Society boasts four generations of members with different views on issues and different service needs from the organization. However, we all have one common and uniting characteristic--the CPA (Computer Press Association, Landing, NJ) An earlier membership organization founded in 1983 that promoted excellence in computer journalism. Its annual awards honored outstanding examples in print, broadcast and electronic media. The CPA disbanded in 2000.  designation.

There are many threats and challenges to the CPA brand:

* Registration of tax preparers

* Sales tax sales tax, levy on the sale of goods or services, generally calculated as a percentage of the selling price, and sometimes called a purchase tax. It is usually collected in the form of an extra charge by the retailer, who remits the tax to the government.  on services

* Proposed additional regulatory requirements Regulatory requirements are part of the process of drug discovery and drug development. Regulatory requirements describe what is necessary for a new drug to be approved for marketing in any particular country.  resulting from the financial frauds

* Changes to the Accountancy Board of Ohio

These and other issues affect all of our members. Be encouraged and take comfort in the fact that your Society is well equipped to address them all. Through the efforts of numerous volunteer members and the excellent and dedicated staff of the Society, you are constantly being supported. As a key component of our strategic plan, I hope to continue programs to enhance the CPA brand and insure that we have your back.

EXPERIENCE OSCPA OSCPA Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants
OSCPA Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants
 AT WWW WWW or W3: see World Wide Web.

(World Wide Web) The common host name for a Web server. The "www-dot" prefix on Web addresses is widely used to provide a recognizable way of identifying a Web site.
.OHIOSCPA.COM (1) (Computer Output Microfilm) Creating microfilm or microfiche from the computer. A COM machine receives print-image output from the computer either online or via tape or disk and creates a film image of each page.  

A visit to reveals a plethora of information and opportunities for members of all segments, whether public, industry, academia or government, baby boomer baby boomer also ba·by-boom·er
A member of a baby-boom generation.

Noun 1. baby boomer - a member of the baby boom generation in the 1950s; "they expanded the schools for a generation of baby boomers"
 or millennial. I encourage you to make this site a daily visit with your morning coffee or Mt. Dew (for the millennial group). The Latest News section will keep you informed of the most recent efforts of the Society on your behalf, such as the new Per Diem per diem adj. or n. Latin for "per day," it is short for payment of daily expenses and/or fees of an employee or an agent.  Job Board. This site is indicative of your Society's attention to current events. The Per Diem Job Board allows members to post their profile at no charge for contract work and exposure to many Ohio employers while in job transition. The Issue Monitoring section keeps you informed and up to date on the most recent matters of concern to CPAs, such as the IFRS IFRS International Financial Reporting Standard(s)
IFRS Inter Frame Relay Service
IFRS Indiana Facilities Registry System
 conversion, current legislation affecting CPAs and more.

EXPERIENCE OSCPA THROUGH ITS ACTIVE GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS EFFORTS. Through our advocacy program, OSCPA promotes the interests of our profession by monitoring and advancing issues of interest and concern to members. This effort works locally on issues such as municipal tax reform, statewide on issues such as testimonial privilege legislation and even nationally by visiting Congressional offices.

EXPERIENCE OSCPA THROUGH ITS MANY EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES. In recognition of members' many ways of learning, your Society has responded with a diverse menu of learning opportunities. From new methods of delivery such as webinars, podcasts and the Online Library, to the traditional in-person seminars, your Society continues to be a leader in CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) Communications equipment that resides on the customer's premises.

CPE - Customer Premises Equipment
 and should be your sponsor of choice. I encourage you to attend the extremely informative Professional Issues Update in your area to hear from Clarke Price about the most recent developments affecting your profession and share your concerns. Plus it's free and provides you with four hours of CPE credit!

EXPERIENCE OSCPA THROUGH ITS MANY MEMBER BENEFITS. Whether you are considering starting a practice or are looking to reduce Workers Compensation costs, your Society has a program to address your needs. I encourage you to become familiar with the many products, services and programs available to you as an OSCPA member.

EXPERIENCE OSCPA BY BECOMING MORE INVOLVED. Giving back to your profession can make a difference and prove professionally and personally rewarding. We need your time and talents to continue the many efforts of your Society and keep it the premier professional organization in Ohio and the country. I can truly report Ohio is a respected national leader among other state CPA societies. Seize one of the many opportunities available to get more involved in your Society this year.

I am looking forward to serving you this coming year and hope to meet and talk with many of you at the Annual Meeting or at one of many Society events. Remember, it is your Society. Your involvement will insure a prosperous and successful organization.


J. Matthew Yuskewich, CPA, PFS PFS,
n post facilitation stretch; therapeutic approach utilized during proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation in which the patient begins the stretch midway between the fully relaxed and fully stretched position and uses maximum level of effort to

Chair of the Board

J. Matthew Yuskewich, CPA, PFS

2009-1- Chair of the Board

The Ohio Society of CPAs
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Title Annotation:Message FROM THE CHAIR
Author:Yuskewich, J. Matthew
Publication:Catalyst (Dublin, Ohio)
Date:Jul 1, 2009
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