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Exhibiting excellence in a key, high pressure industry.

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WITH the oil and gas industry worth billions to the world economy, reliability and efficiency is imperative.

Unexpected shutdowns can lead to millions of dollars being wasted per day, and the tiniest leak can cause incredible danger and risk. Platform operators need to ensure they select the most appropriate products for each individual operation to ensure maximum production efficiency is achieved. All elements of a system need to work together and valves are no exception; they are integral to any offshore pipeline system and their reliability is crucial to the successful running of a platform. Leading UK valves manufacturer, Oliver Valves, offers a wide range of valves to cater for a variety of requirements within the oil and gas industry. Over the past 30 years Oliver Valves has become a leader in its field by continuously investing in new product development to maintain its position in the market place. The company supplies its valves to oil and gas operations across the globe; its customers include some of the world's leading companies such as BP, Shell, British Gas, Exxon and Chevron. The Oliver portfolio produces needle valves, ball valves, severe service valves, manifolds, instrument accessories and double block and bleed valves under three different companies -- Oliver Valves, Oliver Valvetek and Oliver Twinsafe Valves. Oliver Valves is the original company that was set up 30 years ago when it first built its reputation for innovative design and technical excellence. The key products within this company include an unrivalled range of instrument accessories, needle valves and manifolds suitable for high pressure and low temperature gases and liquids. The company boasts the most unique needle valve on the market today, which solves the two typical leakage problems that occur with alternative needle valves; leaking across the seat and leakage from the spindle seal. The Oliver needle valve has a distinctive non-rotating plug tip closure, which eliminates galling between the spindle tip and the seat of the valve. A range of interchangeable tips is also offered to ensure a complete family of instrument valves is available to cater for the very different requirements of gas, oil, sour gas and metering fluids. Leakage from the spindle seal is also prevented by the dynamic self-adjusting spindle seal which ensures that, as the pressure on the seal increases, the seal grip also increases in direct proportion, guaranteeing a solid seal over the lifetime of the product. Important components of the Oliver needle valve include a 316 stainless steel tee bar for maximum corrosion resistance, which is fastened to the spindle with an anti-vibration bolt. With safety of paramount importance on oil and gas platforms, the heart of the valve is the anti-blowout spindle; all threads are rolled and lubricated which eliminates galling, the stem of the spindle is anti-blowout and non-removable which reassures customers that if any problems occur it will not damage any other parts of the system. In 1995, Oliver Valvetek was formed after an opportunity was identified for a range of valves specifically designed for the sub-sea industry. Oliver Valvetek is one of only a few companies supplying products to this specialist market; it has built its reputation to become a market leader in supplying valves for international sub-sea applications. Within this market failure or faults with products are simply not an option as repair and replacement would be evermore costly. The cost of sending a diver or remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to recover the faulty product and then the cost of the repair or replacement would run into millions of dollars, before accounting for the loss of revenue from the system downtime. Oliver Valvetek offers a complete range of highly engineered products including deepwater hydraulically actuated valves, manually actuated gate valves, needle valves, check valves and position indicators. The wide portfolio of sub-sea products offers valves up to 2 inches in size with a maximum pressure rating of 15,000 psi and high performance levels in depths up to 10,000 ft. All products within the Valvetek family are manufactured to internationally recognised standards and use the in house hyperbaric test chambers which enable all valves and components to go through rigorous testing sessions using simulated pressure and depth tests. This ensures customers have complete confidence that the valve will perform over the 25 to 30 years it will be on the sea bed. Corrosion resistance is a big issue within the sub-sea sector as the products are constantly exposed to the corrosive sea water. Unexpected failure due to severe corrosion would cost Aumillions so preventative measures should be considered at the specification stage. Oliver Valvetek sub-sea valves are available in a variety of inconel materials to offer the highest level of corrosion resistance, ensuring operational performance for up to 30 years. Oliver Twinsafe Valves was established in 2000 and has become a leading pipeline valves manufacturer supplying to blue chip end users and contractors. This company was created in response to greater demands for safety; the company developed patented, groundbreaking technology, which is the basis for the double block and bleed ball valves produced by Oliver Twinsafe Valves. Double block and bleed valves have become increasingly popular as the industry strives to achieve the highest safety levels; they offer secondary isolation so if the first fails, the isolation is still achieved. Oliver Twinsafe Valves offers a range of valves in sizes from 1 inch to 12 inches that can directly replace a single isolation valve with one that offers double block and bleed facilities to the same length, reducing weight, space and cost. Some competitors simply link two valves together, making the valve twice the size, which is a costly option when both fitting a new system and replacing existing isolation valves. Oliver Twinsafe Valves provides a cost effective alternative by providing a one piece construction which incorporates the proven double block and bleed mechanic within one valve body, which is ASME B16.10 length. This means it can simply replace a single isolate valve at any time, without the need for modification to the pipework system. Savings can also be made on the cost of the initial parts and installation of the valve utilising one valve body eliminates the need and cost of joining two valves. There is also a weight saving to be gained from using a one piece construction as almost half of the weight is taken out; a one piece double block and bleed valve weighs just 284 kg, offering a weight saving of 35 per cent compared with alternatives. In addition, Oliver Twinsafe Valves completely eliminates any potential leakage points as there are no joints needed that could possibly cause a leak, as there are when joining two valves together. As well as the portfolio of products, all three Oliver Valves companies can offer clients bespoke products to meet customers' individual requirements. With a strong reputation for producing high quality and reliable valves, the company has seen many expansions and company developments since supplying its first valve, as Mike Oliver explains: "When I set up the company nearly 30 years ago I had no idea it would grow into the internationally renowned name it is today, operating in 50 countries worldwide. I've gone from producing small instrument valves to our recent five tonne double block and bleed valve." This year has seen the achievement of some fantastic milestones within the company as eight highly valued members of staff celebrate their 20 year anniversary with the company. When the loyal staff first joined the company there was only one factory and 11 shop floor staff; now Oliver Valves has six purpose built factories, employing over 250 people and operating in 50 countries worldwide. Having such experience within the Oliver Valves team enables the company to provide the highest quality support and knowledge to suppliers and customers. Oliver Valves boasts longstanding clients of over 20 years that continue to use its products, due to their proven reliability and high performance. The company will continue to invest in product development to ensure it can offer a wide range of products that meet the changing requirements of today's oil and gas industry.

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Date:Sep 22, 2008
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