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President of Tourism authority launches Post-Umrah Program. Apr 24, 2016 364
Paid services reacted with ha ~rostec russian industry and trade ministry, the ministry of defense of russia and other federal bodies of executive power. Mar 26, 2016 170
Our View: Lifting immunity is justified as MPs are not above the law. Jan 8, 2016 448
Presidential particularism in disaster declarations and military base closures. Kriner, Douglas L.; Reeves, Andrew Report Nov 20, 2015 11060
Public opinion toward presidential power. Reeves, Andrew; Rogowski, Jon C. Report Nov 20, 2015 8117
Barack Obama and the clemency power: real reform on the way? Crouch, Jeffrey Report Nov 20, 2015 8476
TURKEY - Nov 5 - Erdogan Pushes For Executive Powers. Nov 7, 2015 733
Erdogan pushes for executive powers. Nov 5, 2015 773
The president and immigration law redux. Cox, Adam B.; Rodriguez, Cristina M. Oct 1, 2015 9465
The president and immigration law redux. Cox, Adam B.; Rodriguez, Cristina M. Oct 1, 2015 9827
Interbranch removal and the Court of Federal Claims: "agencies in drag". Flynn, James Anglin Oct 1, 2015 5452
A constitutional theory of imperative participation: delegated rulemaking, citizens' participation and the separation of powers doctrine. Steiger, Dominik Sep 22, 2015 21959
A constitutional theory of imperative participation: delegated rulemaking, citizens' participation and the separation of powers doctrine. Steiger, Dominik Sep 22, 2015 8348
Constitutional faith, or constitutional stealth? The puzzling resurgence of American monarchism. Hoffman, Daniel N. Sep 22, 2015 10371
GE-l: 2007 referendum changed election process of president, not authority. Sep 18, 2015 592
Powering down the presidency: the rise and fall of recess appointments. Ostrander, Ian Report Aug 29, 2015 7367
Competing conceptions of the separation of powers: Washington's request for an advisory opinion in the crisis of 1793. Starr, Nicholas C. Report Aug 29, 2015 8758
Maintenance of software systems automate the budgeting process for the Ministry of Finance of the Kaliningrad region and other bodies of executive power and local self-government of the Kaliningrad re. Aug 28, 2015 146
North Carolina Senate President Phil Berger (R) and Speaker Tim Moore squared off against Governor Pat McCrory and two former governors, Jim Martin and Jim Hunt, at the state Supreme Court in what has been called a landmark case on the constitutional separation of powers in the Tar Heel State. Aug 26, 2015 161
Aoun: Government exceeds powers of president Constitution. Jul 2, 2015 166
Political constraints on unilateral executive action. Christenson, Dino P.; Krine, Douglas L. Jun 22, 2015 15349
The curious case of the pompous postmaster: Myers v. United States. Entin, Jonathan L. Jun 22, 2015 10277
Presidential control of adjudication within the executive branch. Krent, Harold J. Jun 22, 2015 14592
Politics of nonenforcement. Price, Zachary S. Jun 22, 2015 13026
The President and the Constitution. Strauss, Peter L. Jun 22, 2015 10077
Jimmy Carter's and James Miller's revenge: the reasons and the consequences for presidential and congressional power of measures to ban congressional "earmarks". White, Joseph Jun 22, 2015 10664
A taxonomy of discretion: refining the legality debate about Obama's executive actions on immigration. Kagan, Michael Jun 1, 2015 7012
Taking matters into their own hands: presidents' personality traits and the use of executive orders. Gallagher, Maryann E.; Blackstone, Bethany Report May 27, 2015 11634
Opening the black box: cabinet authorship of legislative proposals in a multiparty presidential system. Gaylord, Sylvia; Renno, Lucio Report May 27, 2015 10846
Unilateral orders as constituency outreach: executive orders, proclamations, and the public presidency. Rottinghaus, Brandon; Warber, Adam L. Report May 27, 2015 10139
White House equities: the new executive privilege. Rozell, Mark J.; Epstein, Daniel Z. Report May 27, 2015 6660
Islamic Party: granted the parliament its constitutional full legislation powers will end the overlap with the executive powers. Apr 17, 2015 112
Advising the president: the growing scope of executive power to protect America. Gonzales, Alberto R. Mar 22, 2015 7090
Advising the president: the growing scope of executive power to protect America. Gonzales, Alberto R. Mar 22, 2015 14177
The argument for a new and flexible authorization for the use of military force. Castle, William S. Mar 22, 2015 15076
Shifting currents: Dwight Eisenhower and the dynamic of presidential opportunity structure. Polsky, Andrew J. Essay Mar 1, 2015 10104
Jefferson and the Burr conspiracy: executive power against the law. Fisher, Louis Essay Mar 1, 2015 8781
New head of Court of Appeals: "Separation of Powers is sine qua non for us". Feb 10, 2015 237
Partisan balance requirements in the age of new formalism. Krotoszynski, Ronald J., Jr.; Hodge, Johnjerica; Wintermyer, Wesley W. Feb 1, 2015 10403
Partisan balance requirements in the age of new formalism. Krotoszynski, Ronald J., Jr.; Hodge, Johnjerica; Wintermyer, Wesley W. Feb 1, 2015 28018
Taking cues from Congress: judicial review, congressional authorization, and the expansion of presidential power. Moore, David H. Feb 1, 2015 17143
Senators question president's authority to alter U.S. Cuba policy. Jan 26, 2015 345
TURKEY - Jan 19 - Erdogan Chairs Turkey Cabinet For First Time As President. Jan 24, 2015 643
Vice President of Civil Aviation Authority and Director General of Saudi Arabian Airlines visit Historic Jeddah Festival. Jan 21, 2015 119
Obama hides executive abuses by calling decrees "Memoranda". Jan 19, 2015 336
The Obama administration's unprecedented lawlessness. Cruz, Ted Jan 1, 2015 6300
The Obama administration's unprecedented lawlessness. Cruz, Ted Jan 1, 2015 13674
A presidential remedy under administrative control - why section 337(j) should be repealed. Bressers, Nicolaas T. Jan 1, 2015 7411
Erdoy-an contradicts himself about scope of president's authority. Dec 30, 2014 804
Immigration: does Obama see himself as an elected dictator? Dec 22, 2014 772
The separation of powers and the federal and state executive duty to review the law. Pryor, William H., Jr. Dec 22, 2014 7624
Min. opens Awqaf Forum, highlights stability of legislative, executive powers. Dec 21, 2014 482
Hadi chairs meeting of National Authority's Presidency for Monitoring NDC Outcomes. Dec 2, 2014 110
Immigration separation of powers and the president's power to preempt. Kim, Catherine F. Dec 1, 2014 20993
Beyond pivotal politics: constituencies, electoral incentives, and veto override attempts in the house. Hickey, Patrick T. Report Nov 19, 2014 11318
Signing statements, gridlock, and presidential strategy. Kennedy, Joshua B. Report Nov 19, 2014 9287
After the orders: presidential memoranda and unilateral action. Lowande, Kenneth S. Report Nov 12, 2014 8497
Gov't-backed list win at HSYK imperils separation of powers. Oct 14, 2014 957
Gov't-backed list win at HSYK imperils separation of powers. Oct 13, 2014 963
Self-help and the separation of powers. Pozen, David E. Oct 1, 2014 10218
Ministers barred from exercising executive powers. Oct 1, 2014 129
Is there a confidence convention in consensus government? Brock, David M.; Cash, Alan Report Sep 22, 2014 4134
Executive decision-making: challenges, strategies, and resources. Moscoe, Adam Report Sep 22, 2014 3908
For a brief few hours, South Carolina interim Lt. Governor Yancey McGill (D) took on the mantle of executive power while Governor Nikki Haley had outpatient arm surgery. Sep 1, 2014 152
The law: Jerusalem passport case: judicial error and the expansion of the president's recognition power. Adler, David Gray Report Aug 16, 2014 9057
Imperiously undermining the rule of law. Hoar, William P. Jul 28, 2014 1817
Debate on executive powers could get ugly. Jun 2, 2014 686
Separation of powers: where is it? May 25, 2014 455
Qualifications or philosophy? The use of blue slips in a polarized era. Black, Ryan C.; Madonna, Anthony J.; Owens, Ryan J. Essay May 15, 2014 8817
Executive branch legal analysis for national security policy: who controls access to legal memos? Kassop, Nancy Essay May 15, 2014 13067
Increase of effectiveness of the activity of state executive power bodies based on spatial aspects of labor potential development. Poltarykhin, Andrei Leonidovich; Vinnikova, Aleksandra Borisovna; Vazhenina, Tatiana Yurievna; Marus May 1, 2014 4380
US looks to Turkey to uphold checks and balances. Apr 15, 2014 425
ARAB EUROPEAN RELATIONS - APR 7 - Assad "Says Fighting Largely Over By End Of Year". Apr 12, 2014 501
The power to threaten war. Waxman, Matthew C. Apr 1, 2014 9860
The power to threaten war. Waxman, Matthew C. Apr 1, 2014 18083
Take care now: stare decisis and the president's duty to defend acts of Congress. Levey, Curt A.; Klukowski, Kenneth A. Mar 22, 2014 20524
Detainment power: the limits of the president's power to suspend habeas corpus during military conflicts. Howe, Zach Mar 22, 2014 6146
"I will make the treaty": breaking the executive branch's monopoly over foreign policy through constructive use of dissent. Gross, Elad Mar 22, 2014 12362
Erdoy-an 'does not grasp' separation of powers, MEP says. Mar 11, 2014 1609
Erdoy-an 'does not grasp' separation of powers, MEP says. Mar 10, 2014 1432
Time-varying stochastic frontier model approach for measuring female parliamentarian efficiency of selected countries in Asia. Khan, Najeebullah; Baten, Azizul; Khan, Mohammad Muqtada Ali; Rahman, Shafiqur Report Mar 1, 2014 5375
Rethinking Presidential Studies through historical research: introduction. Miroff, Bruce; Skowronek, Stephen Feb 14, 2014 2050
The constitutional ambitions of James Madison's presidency. Kleinerman, Benjamin A. Feb 14, 2014 11568
Making sense of presidential restraint: foundational arrangements and executive decision making before the Civil War. Selinger, Jeffrey S. Feb 14, 2014 11721
Opposition to the theory of presidential representation: federalists, whigs, and republicans. Bailey, Jeremy D. Feb 14, 2014 11616
The law: connecting presidential power to public law. Fisher, Louis Feb 12, 2014 7784
EU calls on Turkey to respect rule of law, separation of powers. Jan 22, 2014 1012
Arab League chief reiterates transitional body with executive powers. Jan 22, 2014 208
The origins and meaning of "vacancies that may happen during the recess" in the constitution's recess appointments clause. Natelson, Robert G. Jan 1, 2014 18500
Presidential authority over EPA rulemaking under the Clean Air Act. Ahlers, Christopher D. Author abstract Jan 1, 2014 21527
Turkish president stresses importance of clear separation of powers. Dec 31, 2013 454
Blow to separation of powers. Dec 24, 2013 419
The Crown's powers of command-in-chief: interpreting section 15 of Canada's Constitution Act, 1867. Lagasse, Philippe Dec 1, 2013 14207
President Obama's signing statements and the expansion of executive power. Crouch, Jeffrey; Rozell, Mark J.; Sollenberger, Mitchel A. Report Dec 1, 2013 8115
The appointment and removal of William J. Marbury and when an office vests. Prakash, Saikrishna Bangalore Nov 1, 2013 8368
The appointment and removal of William J. Marbury and when an office vests. Prakash, Saikrishna Bangalore Nov 1, 2013 18767
A basic cause of America's fiscal crisis is the separation of powers. Oct 11, 2013 943
Full Executive Powers In Syria... And In Lebanon. Oct 11, 2013 965
State-Building Working Group discusses executive power under new constitution. Oct 1, 2013 263
IAA President affirms the Authority's readiness to host 1st GCC Media Forum. Sep 15, 2013 421
10 things you need to know about Washington: part 1 of 2. Sanger, David E. Sep 2, 2013 2260
President of Civil Aviation Authority Chairs "Saudia" Board Meeting. Jul 30, 2013 243
Court-packing and compromise. Cushman, Barry Jun 22, 2013 14233
Assessing the rhetorical side of presidential signing statements. Kelley, Christopher S.; Marshall, Bryan W.; Watts, Deanna J. Jun 1, 2013 12194
Unilateral presidential policy making and the impact of crises. Young, Laura Jun 1, 2013 12828
UPDATE: South Sudan's Kiir withdraws delegated executive powers from VP Machar. Apr 16, 2013 1364
Seminole Rock and the separation of powers. Kovvali, Aneil Mar 22, 2013 10304
Balancing the separation of powers and right-remedy principles in Minneci v. Pollard. Howe, Zach Mar 22, 2013 4297
The con law professor with judicial appointment power. Beiner, Theresa M. Mar 22, 2013 4700
Greenberg Traurig News Advisory - Fifth Circuit Upholds Constitutionality of Mississippi's Statutory Cap on Noneconomic Damages Against Right to Jury Trial and Separation of Powers Challenges. Mar 2, 2013 1172
What's so sinister about presidential signing statements? Ostrander, Ian; Sievert, Joel Essay Mar 1, 2013 10386
The historical presidency: the development of unilateral power and the problem of the power to warn: Washington through McKinley. Bailey, Jeremy D.; Rottinghaus, Brandon Essay Mar 1, 2013 9323
NCA ends general debate on legislative and executive powers. Feb 25, 2013 148
Cooperation of Legislative, executive powers "vital" for development -- Min. Dashti. Feb 6, 2013 123
y-yimaya says proposal not aimed to limit president's authority. Jan 18, 2013 505
Removal as a political question. Huq, Aziz Z. Jan 1, 2013 10265
Removal as a political question. Huq, Aziz Z. Jan 1, 2013 27763
American executive power in historical perspective. Cuellar, Mariano-Florentino Jan 1, 2013 3347
The defenseless marriage act: the legitimacy of President Obama's refusal to defend DOMA s. 3. Pepper, Stacy Jan 1, 2013 17021
Reconsidering the modern Hanoverian king. Levinson, Sanford Victor Jan 1, 2013 3446
President Obama and the framers' presidency. Yoo, John C. Jan 1, 2013 4201
Can the President appoint principal executive officers without a Senate confirmation vote? Stephenson, Matthew C. Jan 1, 2013 19553
Less authority for president can ensure less conflict. Dec 30, 2012 1352
Separation of Powers Basis of Democracy, Turkish President Says. Dec 21, 2012 220
Two top leaders disagree on separation of powers. Dec 21, 2012 1235
Senator Says Looking at All Options on NFIP Borrowing Authority; PIA Supports President's Request. Dec 11, 2012 469
Presidential budgetary duties. Fisher, Louis Report Dec 1, 2012 19286
The law: Barack Obama and civil liberties. Pyle, Christopher H. Dec 1, 2012 7040
EGYPT - Nov 22 - Egypt's President Gives Himself New Powers. Nov 24, 2012 484
Judicial review of constitutional transitions: war and peace and other sundry matters. Weill, Rivka Nov 1, 2012 9691
Judicial review of constitutional transitions: war and peace and other sundry matters. Weill, Rivka Nov 1, 2012 20937
Who needs a president? Kauffman, Bill Nov 1, 2012 771
Israel : NICE to Present Latest Trends in Real-Time Customer Interaction Management for Optimal Business Outcome at an Executive Power Lunch Series. Oct 25, 2012 294
NICE to Present Latest Trends in Real-Time Customer Interaction Management for Optimal Business Outcome at an Executive Power Lunch Series. Oct 24, 2012 943
The Expanding Power of the Presidency. Cost, Jay Book review Oct 1, 2012 2564
Cyprus : Meeting of the President of the Republic with the President of the Palestinian National Authority. Sep 26, 2012 184
Power and constraint: national security law after the 2012 election. Goldsmith, Jack Sep 22, 2012 5043
The War Powers Resolution at 40: still an unconstitutional, unnecessary, and unwise fraud that contributed directly to the 9/11 attacks. Turner, Robert F. Sep 22, 2012 14915
Climate change, presidential power, and leadership: "we can't wait". Wold, Chris Sep 22, 2012 3917
Climate change, presidential power, and leadership: "we can't wait". Wold, Chris Sep 22, 2012 20485
The president and international financial regulation. Zaring, David Sep 22, 2012 2721
Comparing the approaches of the presidential candidates. Discussion Sep 22, 2012 8693
Thoughts on Medellin v. Texas. Monson, Kristofer Sep 22, 2012 5315
A tragi-comedy of errors erodes self-execution of treaties: Medellin v. Texas and beyond. Quigley, John Sep 22, 2012 13568
Rebellious state crimmigration enforcement and the foreign affairs power. Fan, Mary Sep 1, 2012 18760
Ukraine : It has been held the first meeting of the Council of representatives of Community Boards under the Cabinet. Brief article Aug 31, 2012 286
Yemen needs clear presidential authority. Aug 16, 2012 346
The law: can the president recess appoint a vice president? Brownell, Roy E., II Report Aug 16, 2012 7439
The historical presidency: growing executive power: the strange case of the "protective return" pocket veto. Spitzer, Robert J. Report Aug 16, 2012 10173
Yemen needs clear presidential authority. Aug 14, 2012 351
Morsi makes dramatic demonstration of presidential authority. Aug 13, 2012 349
Romanian President May Be Impeached, But Unfair Process Angers EU. Jul 6, 2012 250
Executive Power Shift: How Obama Is Remaking His Presidency To Ignore Congressional Gridlock. Jun 23, 2012 2455
Reflections on the atrophying pardon power. Rosenzweig, Paul Jun 22, 2012 8722
Immigration showdown; Balance of power at issue. Editorial Jun 19, 2012 371
Parliamentary and judicial ambivalence toward executive prerogative powers in Canada. Lagasse, Philippe Report Jun 1, 2012 10392
PM emphasises separation of powers. May 22, 2012 158
Circumventing adversity: executive orders and divided government. Fine, Jeffrey A.; Warber, Adam L. Essay May 18, 2012 9641
Presidential leverage and the politics of policy formulation. Ponder, Daniel E. Essay May 18, 2012 11867
Signing statements as bargaining outcomes: evidence from the administration of George W. Bush. Whitford, Andrew B. Essay May 18, 2012 9757
The framers and executive prerogative: a constitutional and historical rebuke. Adler, David Gray Essay May 18, 2012 7504
Looking before Watergate: foundations in the development of the constitutional challenges within signing statements, FDR-Nixon. Evans, Kevin A. Essay May 18, 2012 7839
Cybersecurity and executive power. Opderbeck, David W. May 1, 2012 19636
Avoiding independent agency Armageddon. Barnett, Kent H. Apr 1, 2012 25003
The nondelegation doctrine and the federal income tax: may Congress grant the President the authority to set the income tax rates? Smith, Andre L. Mar 22, 2012 9682
Presidents and the political economy: the coalitional foundations of presidential power. Hacker, Jacob S.; Pierson, Paul Essay Mar 1, 2012 15864
The contemporary presidency: executive orders and presidential unilateralism. Rudalevige, Andrew Essay Mar 1, 2012 11458
The law: military operations in Libya: no war? No hostilities? Fisher, Louis Mar 1, 2012 6937
The historical presidency: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the destroyer deal: normalizing prerogative power. Pious, Richard M. Essay Mar 1, 2012 7895
BRT Renews Call for Presidential Authority to Reorganize Government. Feb 28, 2012 432
Who is the attorney general's client? Dailey, William R. Feb 1, 2012 29606
Power grab; Obama invokes recess power without a recess. Editorial Jan 6, 2012 363
Confusion at the top: does the Obama administration even understand the constitution--or the bill of rights--when it comes to executive power and the War on Terror? Mukasey, Michael Jan 1, 2012 3131
Deference to the executive in the United States after September 11: Congress, the courts, and the Office of Legal Counsel. Posner, Eric A. Jan 1, 2012 12343
What would Hamilton do? McConnell, Michael W. Jan 1, 2012 8982
Executive kill switch: should the president have the power to kill anyone he considers an enemy? Sullum, Jacob Column Dec 22, 2011 650
Morocco''s Islamists poise to charge of executive powers. Nov 26, 2011 167
The contemporary presidency: the presidential authority problem and the political power trap. Schier, Steven E. Nov 11, 2011 8018
Prerogative power and executive branch czars: President Obama's signing statement. Sollenberger, Mitchel A.; Rozell, Mark J. Nov 11, 2011 8127
Due process rights and the targeted killing of suspected terrorists: the unconstitutional scope of executive killing power. McKelvey, Benjamin Nov 1, 2011 13378
The anti-federalists and presidential war powers. Kistler, Cameron O. Nov 1, 2011 4318
Yoo favored broad powers; Bush lawyer, war adviser. Oct 20, 2011 523
Iranian president congratulates Palestinian Authority on prisoner swap. Oct 18, 2011 138
Eastern Region Governor receives GCC Interconnection Authority Executive President. Oct 10, 2011 135
Samantar and executive power. Rutledge, Peter B. Oct 1, 2011 12020
Power or posturing? Policy availability and congressional influence on U.S. presidential decisions to use force. Marshall, Bryan W.; Prins, Brandon C. Essay Aug 27, 2011 11464
The Harbinger of the unitary executive? An analysis of presidential signing statements from Truman to Carter. Conley, Richard S. Essay Aug 27, 2011 11213
Assessing congressional responses to growing presidential powers: the case of recess appointments. Black, Ryan C.; Lynch, Michael S.; Madonna, Anthony J.; Owens, Ryan J. Essay Aug 27, 2011 9588
Political theater or bargaining failure: why presidents veto. Gilmour, John B. Essay Aug 24, 2011 8257
The law: Barack Obama and budget deficits: signs of a neo-whig presidency? Farrier, Jasmine Essay Aug 23, 2011 8768
4 candidates for judges of Constitutional Chamber believe that President exceeds her authority by conducting interviews. Aug 22, 2011 470
Statement by Paul Nunziato, President Port Authority Police Benevolent Association. Aug 9, 2011 271
IAA President chairs authority's Excellence Team at arbitration committee programme. Jul 4, 2011 346
Executive orders and gubernatorial authority to reorganize state government. Benjamin, Gerald; Keck, Zachary Jun 22, 2011 8901
Politics - Mitri highlights obligation to separate legislative, executive powers. Jun 1, 2011 169
The Lockean Constitution: separation of powers and the limits of prerogative. Jenkins, David Apr 1, 2011 21133
Great Powers: America and the World After Bush. Aboul-Enein, Youssef Apr 1, 2011 455
elcommerce Addresses Separation of Powers Violations in an Amicus Brief Filed in the Microsoft v. i4i U.S. Supreme Court Case. Mar 29, 2011 464
SAUDI ARABIA : Crown Prince Receives Minister of Housing and President of Civil Aviation Authority. Mar 29, 2011 139
Crown Prince Receives Minister of Housing and President of Civil Aviation Authority. Mar 28, 2011 188
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Receives President of National Anti-Corruption Commission, President of General Authority of Civil Aviation. Mar 21, 2011 182
Executive powers, not transferable under Constitution: Babar. Mar 13, 2011 646
Allocating power within agencies. Magill, Elizabeth; Vermeule, Adrian Mar 1, 2011 20899
The law: John Yoo and the Republic. Fisher, Louis Feb 23, 2011 7670
President wields no authority to remit sentence awarded to Aasia Masih: JUI-F. Dec 30, 2010 340
The political branches and the law of nations. Bellia, Anthony J., Jr.; Clark, Bradford R. Dec 1, 2010 11838
Lahore High Court (LHC) restrains President Zardari from pardoning Aasia. Nov 29, 2010 285
Lahore High Court (LHC) restrains President Zardari from pardoning Aasia. Nov 29, 2010 285
Lahore High Court restrains President Zardari from pardoning Aasia. Nov 29, 2010 285
Statements of power: presidential use of statements of administration policy and signing statements in the legislative process. Rice, Laurie L. Essay Nov 4, 2010 10777
The policy-driven leadership of James K. Polk: making the most of a weak presidency. Greenstein, Fred I. Essay Nov 4, 2010 4000
The war on terror and the growth of executive power?; a comparative analysis. Book review Nov 1, 2010 191
Americans' Image of "Federal Government" Mostly Negative; More than 7 in 10 describe government in negative terms. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Oct 11, 2010 543
Al-Bihani, not so charming. Walsh, Cara Maureen Oct 1, 2010 11140
Report: President Urged to Use Executive Authority to Create 'Good Jobs' With Living Wages, Revitalize Middle Class. Report Aug 18, 2010 973
President has authority to grant pardon, rules SC. Aug 12, 2010 591
Separation of powers. Aug 6, 2010 205
Presidential power and foreign affairs in the Bush administration: the use and abuse of Alexander Hamilton. Adler, David Gray Essay Aug 6, 2010 7175
President-clarification Presidency has authority to requisition special aircraft; Spokesperson. Jul 2, 2010 157
"A new era of openness?": Disclosing intelligence to Congress under Obama. Clark, Kathleen Jun 22, 2010 9813
Presidents, preemption, and the states. Gilman, Michele E. Jun 22, 2010 18668
National security and the article II shell game. Kitrosser, Heidi Jun 22, 2010 16278
Ratcheting back: international law as a constraint on executive power. Pearlstein, Deborah N. Jun 22, 2010 12145
Bush and Obama fight terrorists outside Justice Jackson's twilight zone. Radsan, Afsheen John Jun 22, 2010 12549
Obama's equivocal defense of agency independence. Stack, Kevin M. Jun 22, 2010 7151
The unreviewable executive: Kiyemba, Maqaleh, and the Obama administration. Vladeck, Stephen I. Jun 22, 2010 8953
Statutory qualifications on appointments: Congressional and constitutional choices. Sollenberger, Mitchel A. Report Jun 22, 2010 9257
Separation of powers and federal land management: enforcing the direction of the president under the Antiquities Act. Fanizzo, Kelly Y. Jun 22, 2010 36889
Silent no more: the Logan Act as a constitutionally enforceable tool in foreign policy. Tedford, Drew Jun 22, 2010 12430
Bill Clinton's parting pardon party. Alschuler, Albert W. Jun 22, 2010 17311
The twilight of the pardon power. Love, Margaret Colgate Jun 22, 2010 22395
The 9/14 presidency: Barack Obama, like George W. Bush, is operating with war powers granted three days after the 9/11 attacks. Lake, Eli Essay May 13, 2010 2844
Connections Magazine Quotes Hollister Creative President as Authority on Marketing with Email Newsletters. Apr 27, 2010 409
Justiciability of socio-economic rights: comparative powers, roles, and practices in the Philippines and South Africa. Desierto, Diane A. Apr 1, 2010 18551
Hail to the chiefs: when the president does it, it isn't illegal. Yoo, John Apr 1, 2010 917
Obama's Constitution: the passive virtues writ large. Epstein, Richard A. Mar 22, 2010 4551
Skelos v. Paterson: the surprisingly strong case for the governor's surprising power to appoint a lieutenant governor. Briffault, Richard Mar 22, 2010 11113
SHAMELESS; Expenses accused: We are not above the law but MPs should not be judged by a court. Mar 12, 2010 598
John Yoo defends Torture: John Yoo's Crisis and Command argues that a correct interpretation of the Constitution allows Presidents unlimited powers in times of emergency. He is in grave error. Eddlem, Thomas R. Mar 1, 2010 1958
Beyond Medellin: reconsidering federalism limits on the treaty power. Beiter, Benjamin Mar 1, 2010 14462
Presidential fitness and presidential lies: the historical record and a proposal for reform. Dallek, Robert Report Feb 25, 2010 7388
Constitutional character: virtues and vices in presidential leadership. Thompson, Dennis F. Report Feb 25, 2010 7570
Cheney, vice presidential power, and the war on terror. Goldstein, Joel K. Report Feb 25, 2010 19022
Outside the law; emergency and executive power. Book review Feb 1, 2010 168
American czars: as the United States proudly foists American-style "democracy" on much of the world, presidentially appointed "czars" control large swaths of the U.S. economy, without oversight. Kenny, Jack Cover story Jan 4, 2010 3880
The case for promoting democracy through export control. Hathaway, Oona A. Jan 1, 2010 2167
Defending U.S. sovereignty, separation of powers, and federalism in Medellin v. Texas. Cruz, Ted Jan 1, 2010 4412
Judicial appointments: checks and balances in practice. Brand, Rachel Jan 1, 2010 2371
Unlimited power: why the President's (warrantless) surveillance program is unconstitutional. Ku, Raymond Shih Ray Jan 1, 2010 11983
Burying the Constitution under a TARP. Lawson, Gary Jan 1, 2010 7555
Legislative delegation, the unitary executive, and the legitimacy of the administrative state. Shane, Peter M. Jan 1, 2010 2737
The war power. Paulsen, Michael Stokes Jan 1, 2010 10004
Clear statement rules and executive war powers. Bradley, Curtis A. Jan 1, 2010 3786
The puzzle of Hamilton's Federalist No. 77. Tillman, Seth Barrett Jan 1, 2010 9934
The traditional view of Hamilton's Federalist No. 77 and an unexpected challenge: a response to Seth Barrett Tillman. Bailey, Jeremy D. Jan 1, 2010 6237
Abdelrazik: tort liability for exercise of prerogative powers? Chamberlain, Erika Jan 1, 2010 6397
White House invokes separation of powers clause to protect Obama's social secretary. Dec 3, 2009 229
Government in opposition. Fontana, David Dec 1, 2009 33778
Checking presidential detention power in the war on terror: what should we expect from the judiciary? Wheeler, Darren A. Report Dec 1, 2009 12528
The revolution in presidential studies. Moe, Terry M. Report Dec 1, 2009 12220
Alternative futures: comment on Terry Moe's "The Revolution in Presidential Studies". Cohen, Jeffrey E. Critical essay Dec 1, 2009 5621
We all want a revolution: Neustadt, new institutionalism, and the future of presidency research. Dickinson, Matthew J. Report Dec 1, 2009 17735
Thoughts on "The Revolution in Presidential Studies". Mayer, Kenneth R. Critical essay Dec 1, 2009 2092
Does the revolution in presidential studies mean "off with the president's head"? Rockman, Bert A. Report Dec 1, 2009 4986
Mission accomplished. Skowronek, Stephen Report Dec 1, 2009 4885
Pontificating about Moe's pontifications. Wood, B. Dan Critical essay Dec 1, 2009 6759
The contemporary presidency: the political utility of empathy in presidential leadership. Shogan, Colleen J. Report Dec 1, 2009 9217
The law: Bush, Cheney, and the separation of powers: a lasting legal legacy? Silverstein, Gordon Report Dec 1, 2009 9137
The rhetorical presidency today: how does it stand up? Laracey, Mel Report Dec 1, 2009 11526
The Rhetorical Presidency: still standing tall. Crockett, David A. Critical essay Dec 1, 2009 4096
The case for Congress; separation of powers and the War on Terror. Book review Nov 1, 2009 153
Popular Presidents: before President Obama, there have been other widely popular Presidents with grand agendas. Some were termed "great" Presidents, but what did they actually accomplish? Kenny, Jack Oct 26, 2009 3307
Obama Approval Holding Steady in Low 50s; Averaging 52% approval in September. Jones, Jeffrey M. Sep 24, 2009 535
Research and Markets: The Case for Congress: Separation of Powers and the War on Terror Offer Specific and Useful Recommendations for Legislative Measures. Sep 2, 2009 547
Continuity, competence, and the succession of senate-confirmed agency appointees, 1989-2009. Dull, Matthew; Roberts, Patrick S. Essay Sep 1, 2009 10423
Neither parliament nor presidency has full authority in Pak: Gilani. Jul 12, 2009 227
Any parliamentarian guilty of scam is not above the law: Governor Punjab. Jul 12, 2009 138
Freedom and progress: America's separation of powers was compelled by a strong distrust of government. Now, however, many Americans believe "government does it better"--though history warns otherwise. Scaliger, Charles Cover story Jul 6, 2009 3548
Boumediene's quiet theory: access to courts and the separation of powers. Vladeck, Stephen I. Jul 1, 2009 19738
Standing doctrine, judicial technique, and the gradual shift from rights-based constitutionalism to executive-centered constitutionalism. Cisneros, Laura A. Jun 22, 2009 33010
Medellin and the future of international delegation. McGinnis, John O. Jun 1, 2009 21066
The constitutional power to interpret international law. Paulsen, Michael Stokes Jun 1, 2009 36449
"The American system": Herbert Hoover, the associative state, and broadcast commercialism. Dempsey, John Mark; Gruver, Eric Jun 1, 2009 9597
The National Security Advisor and staff: transition challenges. Burke, John P. Jun 1, 2009 19922
Presidential power in national security: a guide to the president-elect. Fisher, Louis Jun 1, 2009 7338
Decision making in the Bush White House. Pfiffner, James P. Jun 1, 2009 11466
Kyrgyzstan discusses the rule of law and the principle of separation of powers. Conference notes May 28, 2009 671
Obama's double-talk: while the president talks sobriety, his policies take America on an economic bender. Welch, Matt May 1, 2009 1298
President of everything: much as he complained about his predecessor's imperial reach, from cars to companies nothing eludes Barack Obama's grasp. Doherty, Brian Cover story Apr 20, 2009 2268
Supreme decisions: criminal evidence, voting rights, and presidential authority: three critical issues on the Supreme Court's docket this term. Liptak, Adam Apr 6, 2009 1574
A presidency fit for a king: President Barack Obama is the latest in a long line of presidents who is all too happy to wield expansive presidential power that would have horrified the Founding Fathers. Krey, Patrick Mar 30, 2009 3291
Democracy, legitimacy and UK foreign policy: ruling Britannia and waiving the rules. Blick, Andrew; Weir, Stuart Essay Mar 22, 2009 4861
Treaties, execution, and originalism in Medellin v. Texas. Geslison, Ben Mar 22, 2009 6973
View of powers Bush sought after 9/11 made public. Mar 3, 2009 295
Who may be tried under the Military Commissions Act of 2006? Montano, Michael Mar 1, 2009 26973
Festus Mogae--pure diamond of a leader; The second Africa Prize awarded by the Mo Ibrahim foundation went to the former president of Botswana, Festus Mogae. This is the largest cash award in the world and it is awarded to an African leader who has shown outstanding qualities during his tenure as head of state. Sayila, Alfred Mar 1, 2009 877
Our enemy, the president: the greatest threat to the Republic comes from the Oval Office. McCarthy, Daniel Feb 23, 2009 2460
Bush's midnight regulations: the 43rd president may set yet another dubious record. de Rugy, Veronique Column Feb 1, 2009 1145
Laws made, amended and broken. Buttu, Diana Jan 1, 2009 1205

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