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Executive Director's column.

This ATEA Journal will be getting to you a little later than we had planned. We hoped to have it mailed by May 1, but it is looking more like mid-May. I apologize to those of you who will not receive it before you leave for the summer. We had a few unforeseen circumstances slow things down.

Let me start out by saying what a great conference we had in St. Paul, March 30--April 1, 2011. Rich Wagner and his staff at Dunwoody College of Technology are to be commended. A special thank you to Rich's assistant, Katie Malone. The speakers were dynamic, the sessions were well attended, and even the weather cooperated! I heard nothing by positive comments. This Journal contains information about the award winners and other conference highlights.

We had a surprise guest at the conference. Odin Stutrud, Executive Director Emeritus of ATEA attended the awards banquet. Odin Stutrud was the executive director of ATEA from 1973 until 1984. He did much for the organization; the ATEA Newsletter became the ATEA Journal and then became a refereed Journal also. It was great to see Odin and he did share a few thoughts with us.

Dr. Ed Mann, Department of Technology Education, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Miss. was honored for serving as the Editor of the ATEA Journal from 2002 to 2010. It takes a dedicated person to do the job and Ed served ATEA well. Dr. Sandra Coyner, University of Akron, Akron, Ohio is our new Editor and the transition went very smoothly.

This conference was James King's last official meeting as ATEA's National President. I can't thank him enough for his last three years of leadership to the association. James worked tirelessly for the good of the organization and technical education. I really enjoyed working with James and appreciate his willingness to remain active as the Immediate Past President for the next two years.

I hope you all have a nice summer!



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Author:Krump, Betty
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Date:Mar 22, 2011
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