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Everything's Eventual: 5 Dark Tales.

Stephen King <noinclude></noinclude>

For other people named Stephen King, see Stephen King (disambiguation).

Stephen Edwin King (born September 21, 1947) is an American author of over 200 stories including over 50 bestselling horror and
. 2002. Read by Boyd Gaines, Judith Ivey, Justin Long, Oliver Platt, Jay Sanders. 6 tapes. 7.5 hrs. Simon & Schuster Simon & Schuster

U.S. publishing company. It was founded in 1924 by Richard L. Simon (1899–1960) and M. Lincoln Schuster (1897–1970), whose initial project, the original crossword-puzzle book, was a best-seller.
 Audio. 0-7435-2588-4. $35.00. Cardboard, plastic; content notes. SA *

This package contains five of the 14 "dark tales" from the book of the same name. Each story illustrates King's ability to draw out and play upon some of our deepest fears. Consider the following: In the story from which the book gets its title, you meet Dinky Earnshaw Dinky Earnshaw is a fictional character appearing in Stephen King's Dark Tower series and short story "Everything's Eventual". Dinky is a powerful psychic, also known as a Breaker. His ability manifests itself in the powerful form of psychic suggestion. , a 19-year-old pizza delivery “Pizza box” redirects here. For the computer form factor, see Pizza box form factor.

Pizza delivery is the service of delivering a pizza to a customer. Pizza delivery presents hazards such as robbery and murder.
 boy. Dinky makes a deal with a mysterious stranger. In exchange for a lifetime of modest security, he makes liberal use of a deadly talent ... until he wants out. But is there an escape clause? Long sounds perfectly 19ish and reads like the story was written for him. "Autopsy autopsy: see post-mortem examination.
 or necropsy or postmortem

Dissection and examination of a dead body to determine cause of death and learn about disease processes in ways that are not possible with the living.
 Room Four" finds Howard Cottrell lying on the autopsy table, waiting to be dissected dis·sect·ed  
1. Botany Divided into many deep, narrow segments: dissected leaves.

2. Geology Cut by irregular valleys and hills.

Adj. 1.
. He can smell, he can hear, he can see and he can feel, but he can't speak or move. Platt reads this with the gut-panic feeling of somebody dying to communicate. Gaines, ever the consummate professional, reads "The Little Sisters of Eluria," from the Dark Tower series. Are the sisters life-saving nuns or quite the opposite? Ivy reads "Lucky Quarter," treating the listener to a story about fate and fantasy and a "lucky" quarter that's left as a tip for a chambermaid in a casino. Sanders reads "The Road Virus Heads North," about a frightening painting that keeps changing, eventually seeking out the man who bought it at a yard sale. Miles Klein, Frisco, TX
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Author:Klein, Miles
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 1, 2002
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