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Everyman and its Dutch original, Elckerlijc.


Everyman and its Dutch original, Elckerlijc.

Ed. by Clifford Davidson et al.

Medieval Institute Pub.


104 pages



Middle English Middle English

Vernacular spoken and written in England c. 1100–1500, the descendant of Old English and the ancestor of Modern English. It can be divided into three periods: Early, Central, and Late.
 texts series


The anonymous 15th-century English morality play morality play, form of medieval drama that developed in the late 14th cent. and flourished through the 16th cent. The characters in the morality were personifications of good and evil usually involved in a struggle for a man's soul.  is considered the best of its genre, which formed a bridge between the medieval mysteries and secular Renaissance drama. It turns out it was not original, however, but was translated from a Dutch play that had been being performed for some time in the Low Countries. Here the two are presented on facing pages, with explanatory ex·plan·a·to·ry  
Serving or intended to explain: an explanatory paragraph.

 notes and textual tex·tu·al  
Of, relating to, or conforming to a text.

textu·al·ly adv.
 to Everyman.

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