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Even at 60, Sachin will be every woman's favourite son

I vividly remember one occasion. We were working on a commercial for a soft-drink company where he was hitting the ball with a fly-swatter. It was raining cricket balls all over the city and he was hitting them with ease with the swatter. It came out well and Sachin too was fine but wanted to once see it. The next morning, he called me up to change the shot. I told him that it can't be changed as it would cost a huge bill and logistically it would be difficult.

He was adamant and said that he would give whatever time required. I asked him why and he said the connotation con·no·ta·tion  
1. The act or process of connoting.

a. An idea or meaning suggested by or associated with a word or thing:
 of that shot in Hindi and English would differ. In Hindi it would mean that I am a makkhimaar, people who just do nothing and also otherwise it makes me look bigger than the game. He said I can't ever be bigger than the game and that was it. I decided that we will re-shot the ad. We did that with a wicket in his hand.

He also is a very private person. Not many people know how much charity he does. He doesn't tell people and feels there is no need to say this. I see so many bald headed children coming to our building. I realise that they all come to meet him. He entertains them, meets them over lunch. But no one knows about it. Even when I ask him he never tells me about all this. He never talks about it.

Sachin is a phenomenon not only as a cricketer but also as a person. He has his a set of friends with whom he has grown up. He still meets them. He hasn't changed himself. All his best friends are from his school and he laughs with them when he talks to them in Marathi. You can change your status but not your values. Very few remember that. Sachin is one among them.

He still loves bombil, varan bhaat. For every women regardless of what her age may be, he is the favourite son of the country. Even when he is 60 years old he will still be the favourite son.

(The writer is an ad guru guru (g`r, gr`  who stays in the same building where the Maestro (1) (Maestro NT) An earlier name for scheduling software for Windows NT from Tivoli Systems, Inc. When IBM acquired Tivoli in 1996, the program was renamed IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler.  resides. He has worked with Sachin Tendulkar “Tendulkar” redirects here. For the Marathi writer, see Vijay Tendulkar.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar pronunciation  
 on many commercials. He spoke to Gautam Sheth)

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Author:Gautam Sheth
Publication:DNA - Daily News and Analysis
Date:Nov 15, 2009
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