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Arts reviews: Nostalgia was never an option; The Who NEC. Nov 1, 2000 346
Inside the court of the Virgin King; Branson. By Tom Bower (4th Estate, pounds 17.99). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Oct 28, 2000 484
POP CD OF THE WEEK. Oct 28, 2000 1058
MUSIC maketh this man; Robert Wyatt tells Simon Evans how his joy in a new tribute album and touring show have lightened a particularly difficult period in his life. Oct 25, 2000 1320
CD reviews. Oct 14, 2000 1251
Rock history: The Beatles - We still love them YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!; In the week of what would have been John Lennon's 60th birthday, Simon Evans looks at the enduring appeal of The Beatles. Oct 14, 2000 1061
Caravan get their show on the road; Simon Evans talks to the 70s rock heroes getting together again on stage Caravan became known for the 'Canterbury sound' back in their 70s heyday and still try to do an album every year Bringing in new players was inevitably going to change the band and its influences Pye Hastings. Oct 12, 2000 1005
The Great divide; Simon Evans reviews a crop of books highlighting the growing divisions with New Labour. Oct 7, 2000 1154
Pop: Love and AFFECTION; Joan Armatrading tells Simon Evans why she's never felt more relaxed performing live - and about her encounters with Nelson Mandela. Oct 7, 2000 1455
CD reviews: Rock and Pop. Oct 7, 2000 1124
Tricky Dicky's sorry legacy; The Arrogance of Power: The Secret World of Richard Nixon. By Anthony Summers (Gollancz, pounds 20). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Sep 23, 2000 463
Music: Blur - From art school to POP life; Simon Evans looks back on the career of the band who were at the centre of Britpop - Blur - as they release their greatest hits collection. Sep 23, 2000 984
Bright lights beckon as Pram keep on pushing it; Plaudits pour in but this is still a local band for local people, says Simon Evans. Sep 20, 2000 775
Dispelling the myth of the legend of Lennon; Nowhere Man: the Final Days of John Lennon. By Robert Rosen (Soft Skull, pounds 14.99); Lennon In America. By Geoffrey Guilano (Robson, pounds 16.95). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Sep 16, 2000 456
The life of Tarzan; Life In the Jungle. By Michael Heseltine (Hodder and Stoughton, pounds 20). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Sep 16, 2000 1054
CD reviews: Rock and pop. Sep 16, 2000 1156
Rock: Paul Simon - Enduring the test of time; Innovation has been the key in Paul Simon's long career, but it has not always been a success writes Simon Evans. Sep 16, 2000 1259
When the moralists order our lives; Bound and Gagged: A Secret History of Obscenity in Britain. By Alan Travis (Profile, pounds 16.99). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Sep 9, 2000 1095
Train of thought off the rails; Platform Souls: The Trainspotter As 20th-century Hero. By Nicholas Whittaker (Indigo, pounds 7.99). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Sep 9, 2000 284
Rock/Pop CD Reviews. Aug 26, 2000 469
No laments for Lamont; In Office. By Norman Lamont (Little Brown pounds 20). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Aug 19, 2000 998
ROCK MUSIC MERCURY LEVEL DROPS; Previous years' Mercury Music Prize nominees have included such big names as Oasis, Blur, M People, Pulp and Primal Scream, 2000's list features the likes of Death In Vegas and Coldplay - and those are the more familiar ones, finds Simon Evans. Aug 12, 2000 1543
A partnership that just was not going to die; Legendary music man Walter Becker talks to Simon Evans. Aug 10, 2000 1387
When the common man dares to be different; Nightmare! The Race To Become London's Mayor. By Mark D'Arcy and Rory MacLean (Politicos, pounds 12.99). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Aug 5, 2000 433
Memories of a working class hero; The John Lennon Encyclopedia. By Bill Harry (Virgin, pounds 16.99). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Aug 5, 2000 206
What's On: Cropredy capers; Simon Evans reprises some happy memories of one of the best-loved fixtures in the festival calendar. Aug 5, 2000 404
CD REVIEWS. Aug 5, 2000 891
A love for the most comic of art forms; Comics Between The Panels. By Steve Duin and Mike Richardson (Dark Horse, pounds 35). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Jul 29, 2000 181
Folk's maid of constant sorrow. Jul 29, 2000 378
Satire's wry revolution; That Was Satire That Was. By Humphrey Carpenter (Gollancz, pounds 20). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Jul 22, 2000 1166
AT THE MOVIES - CAN COMICS CUT IT ON SCREEN?; With the $75 million X-Men tipped as one of the hits of the summer Simon Evans looks at the often uneasy relationship between comic book heroes and the big screen. Jul 22, 2000 791
CD reviews: ROOTS CDS. Jul 22, 2000 356
CD reviews: COMPILATIONS. Jul 22, 2000 348
CD reviews. Jul 22, 2000 1116
Arts & Entertainment: Overwhelmed with offers and you'll just adora them; Staying true to their roots is important to Birmingham band King Adora, they tell Simon Evans. Jul 20, 2000 604
Tales of a tourist booking in at Canterbury; Simon Evans enjoys a literary weekend in deepest Kent. Jul 15, 2000 695
CD Reviews: Rock/Pop CDs. Jul 15, 2000 886
Will a movie push the Thomas bandwagon off the rails?; From a vicarage in Kings Norton to Hollywood and beyond. Simon Evans looks at the selling of Thomas The Tank Engine. Jul 14, 2000 765
Prince and the pauper head on. Jul 11, 2000 292
They're them and we're us; Bandit Country: The IRA and South Armagh. By Toby Harnden (Coronet pounds 6.99); The IRA. By Tim Pat Coogan (HarperCollins pounds 9.99), Reviewed by Simon Evans. Jul 8, 2000 915
CD REVIEWS: EASY CDS. Jul 8, 2000 297
A Glastonbury romance. Jun 24, 2000 523
VIDEO VIEW. Jun 24, 2000 487
Rock /pop: CD Reviews. Jun 24, 2000 1328
VIDEO VIEW. Jun 17, 2000 531
CD REVIEWS: FOLK CDS. Jun 17, 2000 277
CD REVIEWS: TRIBUTE CD. Jun 17, 2000 198
Electric guitar with attitude; Simon Evans talks to talented musician Joe Satriani about performing live. Jun 16, 2000 481
CINEMA DVD VIEW. Jun 10, 2000 521
Great music - it was all in their jeans. Jun 10, 2000 359
Dodgy end sees a fresh start for Nigel. Jun 6, 2000 1033
Books: The meandering musical journey of a true poet; Song and Dance Man III: The Art of Bob Dylan. By Michael Gray (Cassell, pounds 29.95). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Jun 3, 2000 998
Books: Day the Olympic ideal died. May 27, 2000 518
Dance CD reviews. May 27, 2000 446
Viewing Virgin Queen's vital role; Last night. May 25, 2000 320
Anti-icons hate again; Simon Evans looks at the background to a new film about the infamous Sex Pistols. May 20, 2000 816
Arts & Entertainment: Feeling relaxed about being mellow; Paul Carrack is enjoying himself in the studio, he tells Simon Evans. May 19, 2000 594
Books: Lads' retort to soccer's knockers. May 13, 2000 379
The Changing Man returns to music with style; Paul Weller Aston Villa Leisure Centre, Birmingham. May 11, 2000 251
PICK OF THE DAY. Apr 29, 2000 147
PICK OF THE DAY. Apr 29, 2000 175
DANCE. Apr 29, 2000 164
[5] PICK OF THE DAY. Apr 29, 2000 185
Books: Elvis fan who gave peace a chance; Trimble. By Henry McDonald (Bloomsbury, pounds 16.99). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Apr 22, 2000 833
Television: Cheeky chap gets the juices flowing. Apr 20, 2000 292
Book review: Ageing of a man-eater; Germaine Greer: Untamed Shrew. By Christine Wallace (RCB, pounds 7.99). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Apr 15, 2000 288
Book review: Playing safe with a legend. Apr 15, 2000 801
Book review: Talkin' bout a revolution; Nobrow. By John Seabrook (Methuen pounds 9.99)/No Logo. By Naomi Klein (Flamingo pounds 14.99) . Reviewed by Simon Evans. Apr 15, 2000 626
PICK OF THE DAY. Apr 15, 2000 171
[2] PICK OF THE DAY. Apr 15, 2000 161
THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED; It is 30 years ago that The Beatles, arguably the best pop group ever produced, split up. Rock Correspondent Simon Evans looks back at the events which led to each of the Fab Four going their own way. Apr 8, 2000 1439
Musical success arrives at a Cale's pace; John Cale is finally being acknowledged as the influential musician he is, says Simon Evans. Apr 6, 2000 1109
Video View. Mar 25, 2000 503
Profile: A Sting in the tale; Simon Evans takes a look at the man behind the music. Mar 25, 2000 872
Books: Marx with an inhuman face; For Marx. By Louis Althusser (Verso pounds 6.99)/Reading Capital. By Louis Althusser and Etienne Balibar (Verso pounds 6.99)). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Mar 25, 2000 312
Books: A fighter who still remains in our hearts standing in here. Mar 25, 2000 293
Books: A life-long search for a higher state of consciousness; Author and former Angry Young Man Colin Wilson talks to Simon Evans. Mar 25, 2000 1372
Gong stay bang up to date in a new era; Gong guru Daevid Allen tells Simon Evans about flying teapots, radio gnome and a new era for his happy band. Mar 22, 2000 813
Opening the door to a most secret society; The Temple and the Lodge. By Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh (Arrow, pounds 6.99). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Mar 18, 2000 187
Enigma we hate to love; The Unruly Life of Woody Allen. By Marion Meade (Weidenfeld and Nicolson, pounds 20). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Mar 18, 2000 926
PICK OF THE DAY. Mar 18, 2000 148
DANCE CD OF THE WEEK. Mar 18, 2000 202
Arts & Entertainment: Why it's still worth watching the Byrdie; Simon Evans talks to ex-Byrd and country innovator Gene Parsons. Mar 15, 2000 1188
POP: VIRTUAL ELVIS; As the Elvis 2000 show reaches Birmingham Simon Evans looks at a legend that will not die. Mar 11, 2000 1236
Swedes flavoured by New York; Simon Evans talks to Pars Wlksten of The Wannadies. Mar 10, 2000 636
Books: Comic tales of mistaken identity; Barcelona Plates. By Alexei Sayle (Sceptre, pounds 12). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Mar 4, 2000 651
Books: An age defined by its sitcoms; Mrs Slocombe's Pussy: Growing Up In Front Of The Telly. By Stuart Jeffries (Flamingo pounds 12.99). Reviewed by Simon Evans. Feb 19, 2000 550
Arts & Entertainment: Back on the old Brumbeat; The Fortunes, of 60s hits fame, make a rare visit to Birmingham. Singer Rod Allen talks to Simon Evans. Feb 14, 2000 639
Lennon's Imagine sessions. Feb 9, 2000 256
Arts & Entertainment: A new start for rock's great survivors; Simon Evans settles down for a dose of Therapy? Feb 7, 2000 798
Post Reviews: In a jam with cool-headed Jools; Jools Holland and the Rhythm and Blues Orchestra The Jamhouse. Feb 3, 2000 255
New twist to a never ending folk story; Chris Leslie talks to Simon Evans about being the new kid on the block in Fairport Convention. Feb 2, 2000 975
CD Reviews. Jan 22, 2000 594
Brothers in arms; Simon Evans looks forward to the long-awaited album from Oasis. Jan 22, 2000 848
Singing the modern day blues; Simon Evans talks to Sandy Dillon. Jan 21, 2000 864
FEATURE; Brothers in arms. Jan 15, 2000 872
The band that likes to say Yes. . . and Yes again. Jan 14, 2000 927

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