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European-sponsored DLM Forum releases MoReq2010.

The DLM Forum, a European Commission-sponsored community interested in archive, records, document, and information lifecycle management throughout Europe, recently announced the publication of the core services and plug-in modules for the Modular Requirements for Record Systems (MoReq2010) specification for electronic records management systems (ERMS).

This comes after two public consultations that garnered more than 500 comments and contributions from individuals, suppliers, industry associations, and the European Commission Experts' Review Group, according to the DLM Forum.

MoReq2010 is a modular approach that helps governments and businesses value, create, use, store, reuse, and destroy information appropriately to ensure that lack of information governance does not result in corporate liability. The DLM Forum said it expects most European countries will adopt MoReq2010 as a harmonized approach to information management, with the support of all the leading vendors.

"The MoReq2010 project team has reviewed and taken account of the considerable amount of input received from academic, government and commercial sources," said Jon Garde, author of MoReq2010. "The modular approach has refined the requirements and its underlying information model. An innovative service-based architecture provides the platform for the core requirements, which include interoperability and federation capabilities. These enable organizations to connect archives together, to 'future-proof their investment as technology develops. Therefore MoReq2010 can form the basis of successful purchasing and implementations."

Developers said they focused on embracing and extending key international standards. By the end of 2011, they said, users and vendors will see the new extension modules, training programs in the United States and Europe, and the beginning of the first testing systems for the core services.

The MoReq2010 code services specification can be downloaded from

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