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European test symposium; proceedings.


European test symposium; proceedings.

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, New York, A membership organization that includes engineers, scientists and students in electronics and allied fields.  European Test Symposium (13th: 2008: Verbania, Italy)

Computer Society Press


205 pages




A May 2008 symposium discussed trends, emerging results, hot topics, and practical applications in the area of electronic-based circuit and systems testing. Papers from the symposium are presented here, in sections on testing and monitoring for high-quality requirements, SoC infrastructure and testing, advances in RF testing, safe test generation and design validation, memory test, industrial applications, simulation and test generation of delay faults, on-chip resources for mixed-signal devices, solutions for yield enhancement, on-line checking, and soft error mitigation MITIGATION. To make less rigorous or penal.
     2. Crimes are frequently committed under circumstances which are not justifiable nor excusable, yet they show that the offender has been greatly tempted; as, for example, when a starving man steals bread to satisfy
. Some specific areas described are bridge defect diagnosis for multiple-voltage design, bypassing blocking bugs during post-silicon validation, accelerated shift registers for x-tolerant test data compaction (1) Using encoding methods to reduce the amount of data that is stored and transmitted; for example, converting country names into two-character country codes. Eliminating redundancy is another data compaction method.

(2) Another term for data compression.
, and jitter A flicker or fluctuation in a transmission signal or display image. The term is used in several ways, but it always refers to some offset of time and space from the norm. For example, in a network transmission, jitter would be a bit arriving either ahead or behind a standard clock cycle  decomposition decomposition /de·com·po·si·tion/ (de-kom?pah-zish´un) the separation of compound bodies into their constituent principles.

 in high-speed communication systems. There is no subject index.

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