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European Food Trades Directory: 1989-90.

European Food Trades Directory

In every industry there is a well known reference book and this is the one for use in the food industry. This time it carries a slightly different title to reflect the gradual integration of Europe. Basically, it is divided into two sections; the major portion, running to 1208 pages, is all about the food industry and business whilst the remainder deals with suppliers to this vast industry.

The contents ensure that the average purchaser has a ready reference to organizations and suppliers in the industry. It lists trade associations and professional bodies, food research establishments, consultants and educational establishments for the industry. A large section then provides information about food suppliers in the UK. In this part one can find who supplies food products or ingredients and it also includes a brand names index and a list of the large food groups. There is then a section on the British food authorities before the directory turns to suppliers and producers overseas. Long lists of names and addresses are given for suppliers and producers both in the UK and overseas. Another important section relates to outlets and here one finds lists of caterers, wholesalers, canteens, retailers, be they multiples, department stores, etc. There follow lists of European retailers then lists of health authorities, local authorities, hotels, etc. The text also gives information on services that are available.

The second part of the book carries the title Food Industry Directory wherein one will find names and addresses of suppliers of equipment and packaging machinery, hygiene requirements, packaging materials and indeed a list UK agencies where companies supply European processing or packaging equipment in the UK.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Oct 1, 1989
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