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Europa takes on key supply chain role in the food sector. (News & Installations).

Europa Europa, in astronomy
Europa (yrō`pə), in astronomy, one of the 39 known moons, or natural satellites, of Jupiter.
 Worldwide Services, the global logistics express company reports it is now operating as principal supply chain partner to a growing number of businesses in the food and groceries gro·cer·y  
n. pl. gro·cer·ies
1. A store selling foodstuffs and various household supplies.

2. groceries Commodities sold by a grocer.

The company have an ongoing investment programme to install totally computerised operations throughout the whole company. When fully operational, this will offers customers on-line booking services, within a management inventory control system, including instant track and trace facilities. This investment also covers new depots in Dublin and Brussels and expanded warehouse capacity throughout the UK.

Historically, Europa has served a wide customer base in the food sector, including Basmati Rice bas·ma·ti rice  
An aromatic long-grain rice from India.

[Hindi bsmat
 UK, G. Costa, Elsenham Quality Foods, Pure Food Products, Walkers Shortbread Walkers Shortbread is a Scottish manufacturer of shortbread, biscuits, cookies and crackers. The company is Scotland's biggest exporter of food. [1]

The company's signature pure butter shortbread is baked in the Moray village of Aberlour, Speyside, to an original
, Stilletto Foods and Marcantonio Foods, for whom it provides a wide range of mainstream and support logistic lo·gis·tic   also lo·gis·ti·cal
1. Of or relating to symbolic logic.

2. Of or relating to logistics.

[Medieval Latin logisticus, of calculation
 services, beyond international freight and distribution. These include warehousing and storage facilities, unpacking, pick and pack and full documentation services.

Europa Worldwide Services, winners of the 'Express Operator of the Year' Award in 2001, specialise Verb 1. specialise - devote oneself to a special area of work; "She specializes in honey bees"; "This baker specializes in French bread"
 in next-day express and courier A monospaced typeface originating from the typewriter that is commonly used for letters. It is still considered by many to be the "appropriate" typeface for business correspondence.  services to and from Eire, France, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. A 48-hour service also operates to and from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy and Switzerland with a weekly service operating to and from Portugal and Greece. Distribution by road is the company's principal mode of transportation, while Europa's wider services around the world are provided on fast air and sea freight routes to and from all major destinations.

As part of the Palletline network, Europa guarantees next-day delivery throughout the UK for all palletised consignments. This facility opens up new options for business to offer their customers a next-day and two-day service throughout the UK. They could not achieve this themselves because of limited transport resources. Europa has wholly-owned offices, franchises and agents all over the world with some 1000 employees in the UK alone at eleven UK offices.

Contact: Europa Worldwide Services, tel :020 8311 5000 or e-mail
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Article Type:Brief Article
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Feb 1, 2002
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